Quark Drive (Ability)

Quark Drive クォークチャージ
Quark Charge
Flavor text
Generation IX
Boosts the Pokémon's most proficient stat on Electric Terrain or if the Pokémon is holding Booster Energy.

Quark Drive (Japanese: クォークチャージ Quark Charge) is an Ability introduced in Generation IX. It is the signature Ability of the futuristic Paradox Pokémon with the exception of Miraidon.


In battle

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When a Pokémon with Quark Drive is on the field and Electric Terrain is active, or the Pokémon is holding Booster Energy, its highest stat (other than HP and taking into account stat stages, but not held items) is increased by 30%, or 50% if Speed is the highest stat. Upon activation, a message tells which stat is increased to all the players. If multiple stats are tied for highest, Quark Drive breaks the tie by prioritizing Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed, in that order.

Quark Drive will activate even if the Pokémon is not grounded. Electric Terrain will activate Quark Drive before a held Booster Energy, so the Booster Energy will not be consumed if the Pokémon with Quark Drive is on Electric Terrain.

Skill Swap and Doodle will fail if either Pokémon has Quark Drive. Gastro Acid and Role Play will fail if the target has Quark Drive, however Simple Beam and Worry Seed will work. Quark Drive cannot be copied by Receiver, Trace and Power of Alchemy or replaced by Lingering Aroma. If a Pokémon obtains Quark Drive with Imposter or Transform, the Ability will not activate regardless of if the Pokémon is on Electric Terrain or holding a Booster Energy.

Outside of battle

Quark Drive has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Quark Drive

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0990   Iron Treads
Ground Steel Quark Drive None None
0991   Iron Bundle
Ice Water Quark Drive None None
0992   Iron Hands
Fighting Electric Quark Drive None None
0993   Iron Jugulis
Dark Flying Quark Drive None None
0994   Iron Moth
Fire Poison Quark Drive None None
0995   Iron Thorns
Rock Electric Quark Drive None None
1006   Iron Valiant
Fairy Fighting Quark Drive None None
1010   Iron Leaves
Grass Psychic Quark Drive None None
1022   Iron Boulder
Rock Psychic Quark Drive None None
1023   Iron Crown
Steel Psychic Quark Drive None None
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  • For Generation III and IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.


  • The greatest difference between a Pokémon’s individual base stats so that this Ability can activate for any stat without external stat changes is 72 points. This assumes that maximum effort values, 31 individual values and a helpful nature was applied to the lowest stat and 0 effort and individual values with a hindering nature to the highest stat.
  • Because of how the stat calculations work due to their base stats, the following Pokémon cannot have Quark Drive boost the following stat in battle without stat changes taking place. This accounts for with negative Nature and 0 individual and effort values applied to the stat that will be higher by default and a positive nature, 31 individual values and maximum effort values applied to the stat that cannot be increased.
    • Iron Bundle cannot increase Special Defense as its Speed will always be higher.
    • Iron Hands cannot increase Special Attack or Speed as its Attack will always be higher.
    • Iron Moth cannot increase Defense as its Special Attack will always be higher.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 夸克充能 Kwāhāk Chūngnàhng
Mandarin 夸克充能 Kuākè Chōngnéng
  French Charge Quantique
  German Quantenantrieb
  Italian Carica Quark
  Korean 쿼크차지 Quark Charge
  Spanish Carga Cuark

Variations of the Ability Protosynthesis
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