Montenevera フリッジタウン
Fridge Town
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Montenevera Gym - Paldea Gym #6
specialist Gym
Ghost Badge
Ghost Badge
Montenevera Gym - Paldea Gym #6
specialist Gym
Ghost Badge
Ghost Badge
Montenevera Gym - Paldea Gym #6
specialist Gym
Ghost Badge
Ghost Badge
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Glaseado Mountain
Glaseado Mountain
Glaseado Mountain
Glaseado Mountain
Paldea Montenevera Map.png
Location of Montenevera in Paldea.

Montenevera (Japanese: フリッジタウン Fridge Town) is a town located on Glaseado Mountain in the Paldea region. It is the only settlement in Paldea's North Province.

Like many other settlements in the Pokémon world, Montenevera has a Pokémon Gym, headed by Ryme, who specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon and hands out the Ghost Badge to students who defeat her. It is one of two gyms on Glaseado Mountain, the other being the Glaseado Gym located next to a nearby ski slope.

Places of interest

Montenevera Gym

Main article: Montenevera Gym

The Montenevera Gym is the official Gym of Montenevera. The Gym Leader is Ryme, who specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon. Montenevera's battle court is located just outside of the Gym building, and doubles as a stage where Ryme holds her concerts.

Hyper Trainer

Next to the Pokémon Center, a man with an Abomasnow can Hyper Train the player's Pokémon (if they are above level 50) in exchange for a Bottle Cap or Gold Bottle Cap. This will max out that Pokémon's chosen IV (if using a Bottle Cap) or all of the chosen Pokémon's IVs (if using a Gold Bottle Cap).


  • Chansey Supply (Japanese: ラッキーズ Lucky's)
  • Deli Cioso (Japanese: オーラオーラ Olla Olla)
  • Every Wich Way (Japanese: まいど・さんど Maido・Sando)
  • Sushi High Roller
  • Chic Kebab


Item Location Games
  Dusk Stone Behind the Gym building  S  V 
  TM95 (Leech Life) Underneath a tree in the northwest  S  V 
  Exp. Candy M ×2
  • On top a snow heap near the Hyper Trainer
  • Next to a tree near the southern entrance to the town
 S  V 
  Covert Cloak Under a tree and behind a restaurant in the northwest  S  V 
  Hyper Potion Under a tree in the north of the town  S  V 


  • Out of all of the cities and towns in Paldea that contain a Gym, Montenevera is the only one where people are not seen standing or walking around with Pokémon of the type specialized in said Gym (in this case, Ghost-type Pokémon). Instead, they're accompanied by Ice-type Pokémon. Ghost-type Pokémon can only be found in the Gym building.
  • The entrance arches to Montenevera resemble Lampent.
    • Additionally, the many candles scattered throughout the town reference Litwick or Greavard.


Montenevera seems to have many of its buildings take on the appearance of baserri, traditional half-timbered farmhouses found in the Basque Country. It may be geographically inspired by cities such as Burgos and Valladolid, as well as Ezcaray, a town that shares similar buildings to Montenevera, and is known for its mountains and a ski resort.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese フリッジタウン Fridge Town From fridge
English Montenevera From monte (Spanish and Portuguese for mountain) and nevera (Spanish for refrigerator)
German Frigomonta From frigorífico (Spanish and Portuguese for refrigerator) and montaña (Spanish for mountain)
Spanish Pueblo Hozkailu From hozkailu (Basque for refrigerator)
French Frigao From frigorífico (Spanish and Portuguese for refrigerator) or frigo (French slang for refrigerator) and possibly Bilbao
Italian Neveria From nevera (Spanish for refrigerator)
Korean 프리지마을 Fridge Maeul From its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 冰櫃鎮 / 冰柜镇 Bīngguì Zhèn From 冰櫃 / 冰柜 bīngguì / bīnggwaih (freezer)
Chinese (Cantonese) 冰櫃鎮 Bīnggwaih Jan

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