West Province (Area One)

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West Province (Area One) 西1番エリア
West - Area One
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Western Paldea
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
Paldea West Province (Area One) Map.png
Location of West Province (Area One) in Paldea.
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West Province (Area One) (Japanese: 西1番エリア West - Area One) is a grassy region in the West Province of the Paldea region. It connects to the Asado Desert in the north, West Province (Area Three) in the northeast, South Province (Area Two) and South Province (Area Four) in the southeast, and South Province (Area Six) in the south. The western side of the region borders the West Paldean Sea. Segin Squad's Base, the headquarters of Team Star's Dark Squad, is located within the region. It is home to the Titan Pokémon Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan.

Places of interest

Icerend Shrine

Main article: Icerend Shrine

The Icerend Shrine is a mysterious, orange door that is located at the far west edge of the province, against a cliffside. Collecting all of the orange stakes allows access to the shrine, where Chien-Pao can be released and battled.

Segin Squad's Base

Main article: Segin Squad's Base

Segin Squad's Base, the base of operations of Team Star's Dark Squad led by Giacomo, is located in the northeast corner of the area. It has two entrances.

West Province (Area One) - North Pokémon Center

A Pokémon Center is located just south of the Asado Desert. A Pokémon League representative here asks the player to defeat nine Pokémon Trainers in West Province (Area One) for an item reward.

West Province (Area One) Watchtower

A watchtower is located to the east of the West Province (Area One) - North Pokémon Center, within some ruins. A Chest Form Gimmighoul can be found and battled here.

Poké Mart

Poké Mart Cashier



Item Location Games
  Clear Amulet West Province (Area One) - North Pokémon Center; from the Pokémon League representative after defeating nine Trainers in West Province (Area One)  S  V 

Mountain biome

Item Location Games
  Potion (20.0%)  S  V 
  Super Potion (7.5%)  S  V 
  Poké Ball (17.5%)  S  V 
  Great Ball (7.5%)  S  V 
  Hard Stone (5.0%)  S  V 
  Pretty Feather (15.0%)  S  V 
  Rare Bone (5.0%)  S  V 
  Energy Root (7.5%)  S  V 
  Mankey Fur (7.5%)  S  V 
  Phanpy Nail (7.5%)  S  V 

Riverside biome

Item Location Games
  Pretty Feather (20.0%)  S  V 
  Stardust (10.0%)  S  V 
  Everstone (10.0%)  S  V 
  Potion (20.0%)  S  V 
  Poké Ball (20.0%)  S  V 
  Hard Stone (5.0%)  S  V 
  Buizel Fur (5.0%)  S  V 
  Magikarp Scales (5.0%)  S  V 
  Chewtle Claw (5.0%)  S  V 

Special encounters

Raikou in West Province (Area One)
Terrakion in West Province (Area One)

After acquiring the corresponding Treat from Snacksworth, certain Legendary Pokémon will spawn in this area as a static encounter. If defeated, they can be battled again after the game has been rebooted, provided that over one hour has passed in Nintendo Switch's internal clock since their defeat. They are coded to never be Shiny.

Raikou Lv.70
Psychic Special
Electric Special
Psychic Status
Rain Dance
Water Status
Terrakion Lv.70
Sacred Sword
Fighting Physical
Swords Dance
Normal Status
Stone Edge
Rock Physical
Close Combat
Fighting Physical


Pokémon Games Terrain Levels Probability Weight Group Rate Group Pokémon
S V 15-19 20 40%
S V 13-20 0 0 0 50
S V 13-20 0 0 0 15
S V 13-20 20
S V 18-20 60
S V 18-20 70
S V 14-20 0 0 30 30 50%
S V 14-20 30 40%
S V 13-17 40
S V 13-17 2
S V 16-20 60
S V 14-20 30
S V 18-20 15 100%
S V 13-20 1
S V 15-20 30
S V 17-20 60
S V 19-20 10
S V 13-17 60
S V 13-17 20
S V 13-17 20
S V 15-17 60 70%
S V 15-17 60 70%
S V 13-17 10
S V 13-17 40
S V 13-17 50
S V 15-20 60
S V 13-20 60
S V 20 5
S V 15-20 30
S V 13-20 80
S V 15-20 60 70%
S V 13-20 20
S V 13-20 60
S V 14-20 60 60%
S V 19-20 40
S V 15-20 30 30%
Rocky Area
S V 13-20 30
S V 14-20 50 40%
S V 13-20 20
S V 20 30 100%
S V 13-20 60
S V 13-20 1
S V 13-16, 18-20 20
S V 15-16, 18-20 5
S V 16, 18-20 10
S V 13-16, 18-20 20
S V 15-16, 18-20 20
S V 16, 18-20 10
S V 13-16, 18-20 15
S V 13-16, 18-20 60
S V 20 30 100%
S V 13-16, 18-20 60 40%
S V 13-16, 18-20 1
S V 13-16 60
S V 13-16 20
S V 13-16 30
S V 13-16 60
S V 14-16 60 60%
S V 13-16 15
S V 14-20 40 90%
S V 14-15 1
S V 14-20 40 40%
S V 14-20 60 50%
S V 14-20 60 50%
S V 14-20 60 50%
S V 14-20 60 50%
S V 14-20 6 50%
S V 19-20 55 40%
S V 19-20 55 40%
S V 19-20 55 40%
S V 19-20 55 40%
S V 19-20 3 40%
S V 14-18 15 100%
S V 14-18 60
S V 14-18 40
S V 14-18 15
Special Pokémon
S V 20 Only one
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.
Probability weight indicates the likelihood that a Pokémon will spawn at a certain point in this location relative to others that can spawn there. A higher probability weight generally indicates that a Pokémon is more likely to spawn.
Pokémon with the highest or lowest level requirements may not spawn in every possible location within this area.
A bolded level range replaces the Pokémon's non-bolded level range after the player has completed The Way Home.

Static Encounters

Species Level Range Availability
 Buizel SV
 Torkoal SV
 Lokix SV
 Tinkatuff SV
 Rockruff SV
 Axew SV
 Altaria SV
 Jolteon SV


Trainer Pokémon
Esteban the Black Belt
ヒロカズ Hirokazu
Reward: $840
  Riolu Lv.14
No item
Jon the Black Belt
エイキチ Eikichi
Reward: $900
  Meditite Lv.15
No item
Ahmed the Courier
タカヒロ Takahiro
Reward: $1,656
  Wingull Lv.18
No item
Adam the Courier
ノブオ Nobuo
Reward: $1,472
  Cufant Lv.16
No item
Backpacker Asier
ユウタ Yuuta
Reward: $840
  Foongus Lv.14
No item
Backpacker Mateo
ユウダイ Yuudai
Reward: $900
  Eevee Lv.15
No item
Mireia the Musician
ケイコ Keiko
Reward: $1,500
  Meowth Lv.15
No item
Youngster Hernan
マサキ Masaki
Reward: $660
  Stunky Lv.15
No item
Youngster Tristan
タツヤ Tatsuya
Reward: $748
  Salandit Lv.17
No item
Backpacker Kevin
カナタ Kanata
Reward: $1,020
  Girafarig Lv.17
No item
Felipe the Scientist
アオト Aota
Reward: $1,564
  Gulpin Lv.17
No item
  Magnemite Lv.17
No item
Nicolas the Scientist
オウジロウ Oujirou
Reward: $1,564
  Ditto Lv.17
No item
Cabbie Oriol
ケイタロウ Keitarou
Reward: $3,200
  Corvisquire Lv.20
No item
  Squawkabilly Lv.20
No item
Alejandra the Dragon Tamer
アツコ Atsuko
Reward: $1,920
  Dreepy Lv.16
No item
Candina the Model
アンナ Anna
Reward: $3,200
  Oinkologne Lv.20
No item
  Luxio Lv.20
No item
Maren the Student
ヒロミ Hiromi
Reward: $748
  Pikachu Lv.17
No item
  Misdreavus Lv.17
No item
Yasmin the Student
クミ Kui
Reward: $512
  Teddiursa Lv.16
No item
  Tinkatink Lv.16
No item
Elena the Student
ノリカ Norika
Reward: $840
  Mareep Lv.14
No item
Aroa the Student
マリ Mari
Reward: $728
  Shuppet Lv.14
No item
Maya the Student
ミカ Mika
Reward: $616
  Fomantis Lv.14
No item
Nuria the Student
マコ Mako
Reward: $960
  Dunsparce Lv.16
No item
Isabel the Student
メグミ Megumi
Reward: $1,080
Phony Form
No item
Enrique the Student
Enrique the Student
ヨシタカ Tashitaka
Reward: $1,080
  Pineco Lv.15
No item
  Nymble Lv.15
No item
Alfredo the Student
Alfredo the Student
タカシ Takashi
Reward: $960
  Magikarp Lv.16
No item
  Arrokuda Lv.16
No item
Neizan the Student
Neizan the Student
ケイタ Keita
Reward: $448
  Venonat Lv.14
No item
Yeray the Student
Yeray the Student
ユウヤ Yuuya
Reward: $728
  Fletchling Lv.14
No item
Leo the Student
Leo the Student
コウタ Kouta
Reward: $748
  Pincurchin Lv.17
No item

Multi-Battle partners

Arven joins the player as a Multi Battle partner against the Open Sky Titan.

In the anime

Pokémon: Paldean Winds

West Province (Area One) in Pokémon: Paldean Winds

West Province (Area One) briefly appeared in Breathe Together.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 西第1區 Sāi Daih 1 Kēui
Mandarin 西第1區 / 西第1区 Xī Dì 1 Qū
  French Zone Ouest nº 1
  German Westliche Zone 1
  Italian Area 1 Ovest
  Korean 서부 에리어 1 Seobu Area 1
  Spanish Área 1 (Oeste)

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