Glaseado Mountain

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Glaseado Mountain ナッペ山
Mount Napper
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description:
Location: North Province
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
Glaseado Gym - Paldea Gym #8
specialist Gym
Ice Badge
Ice Badge
Location of Glaseado Mountain in Paldea.
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Glaseado Mountain (Japanese: ナッペ山 Mount Napper) is the tallest mountain in the Paldea region, located in the region's North Province. The Glaseado Gym and the town of Montenevera are located here.

Because of the Gym's specialized type, the people of this area tend to walk around accompanied by Ice-type Pokémon. Interestingly, the people of Montenevera are often accompanied by the same.


Glaseado Mountain is large and has a cold climate. It contains two of the Ten Sights of Paldea: Paldea's Highest Peak, the peak of Glaseado Mountain; and Glaseado's Grasp, a cliff named as such because it resembles a grasping hand.

Glaseado Mountain contains the town of Montenevera, as well as two Gyms: the Montenevera Gym and the Glaseado Gym. The Snow Slope Run, which is part of the Glaseado Gym Test, is done here.

Places of Interest

Poké Mart



Random Encounters (Level 34-40)
Pokémon Biome Rarity Time Games
Magneton Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Magneton Snow Very Rare Any S/V
Haunter Mountain Common Any S/V
Haunter Snow Common Any S/V
Haunter Ruins Common Any S/V
Sneasel Snow Common Any S/V
Sneasel Mountain Common Any S/V
Ursaring Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Delibird Snow Uncommon Any S/V
Delibird Town Common Any S/V
Kirlia Town Common Morning, Noon, Evening S/V
Gardevoir Snow Rare Morning, Noon, Evening S/V
Vigoroth Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Grumpig Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Grumpig Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Banette Town Common Night S/V
Snorunt Snow Uncommon Any S/V
Snorunt Mountain Rare Any S/V
Snover Snow Common Any S/V
Snover Town Common Any S/V
Abomasnow Snow Uncommon Any S/V
Gothita Town Common Any S/V
Deerling (Winter Form) Mountain Common Any S/V
Sawsbuck (Winter Form) Snow Common Any S/V
Sawsbuck (Winter Form) Mountain Common Any S/V
Axew Mountain Common Any S/V
Axew River Uncommon Any S/V
Fraxure Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Cubchoo Snow Common Any S/V
Cubchoo Mountain Rare Any S/V
Cryogonal Snow Common Any S/V
Pyroar Rocky Common Any S/V
Pyroar Mountain Common Any S/V
Bergmite Snow Common Any S/V
Bergmite Ocean Common Any S/V
Avalugg Snow Uncommon Any S/V
Avalugg Ocean Uncommon Any S/V
Crabominable Snow Rare Any S/V
Fomantis Flower Common Any S/V
Lurantis Flower Common Any S/V
Mimikyu Ruins Rare Any S/V
Snom Snow Common Any S/V
Snom Mountain Common Any S/V
Greavard Ruins Common Any S/V
Greavard Mountain Common Any S/V
Greavard Snow Common Any S/V
Revavroom Rocky Uncommon Any S/V
Cetoddle Snow Common Any S/V
Cetoddle Mountain Common Any S/V
Frigibax Snow Very Rare Any S/V
Tinkatuff Mountain Rare Any S/V
Murkrow Town Common Evening, Night S/V
Drifblim Town Uncommon Evening, Night S
Klefki Town Common Any S/V
Chansey Mountain Very Rare Any S/V
Flareon Mountain Very Rare Any S/V
Misdreavus Mountain Uncommon Night V
Gallade Mountain Very Rare Morning, Noon, Evening S/V
Honchkrow Mountain Uncommon Evening, Night S/V
Rufflet Mountain Common Any S/V
Gogoat Mountain Common Any S/V
Lycanroc (Midday Form) Mountain Uncommon Morning, Noon S/V
Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Mountain Uncommon Night S/V
Mudbray Mountain Common Any S/V
Mudsdale Mountain Rare Any S/V
Greedent Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Lokix Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Flittle Mountain Common Any S/V
Espathra Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Scovillain Mountain Rare Any S/V
Pawmo Mountain Uncommon Any S/V
Bronzong Snow Uncommon Any S/V
Glaceon Snow Very Rare Any S/V
Froslass Snow Very Rare Any S/V
Beartic Snow Uncommon Any S/V
Crabrawler Snow Very Rare Any S/V
Psyduck Lake Common Any S/V
Golduck Lake Common Any S/V
Magikarp Lake Common Any S/V
Vaporeon Lake Very Rare Any S/V
Misdreavus Lake Common Night V
Dunsparce Lake Rare Any S/V
Altaria Lake Uncommon Any S/V
Whiscash Lake Rare Any S/V
Mismagius Lake Very Rare Any S/V
Basculin (Red Stripe) Lake Common Any S/V
Basculin (Blue Stripe) Lake Common Any S/V
Goomy Lake Common Any S/V
Drednaw Lake Rare Any S/V
Hattrem Lake Common Any S/V
Dreepy Lake Uncommon Any V
Flamigo Lake Rare Any S/V
Clodsire Lake Common Any S/V
Psyduck River Common Any S/V
Golduck River Common Any S/V
Magikarp River Uncommon Any S/V
Vaporeon River Very Rare Any S/V
Floatzel River Rare Any S/V
Basculin (Red Stripe) River Common Any S/V
Basculin (Blue Stripe) River Common Any S/V
Drednaw River Rare Any S/V
Barraskewda River Uncommon Any S/V
Dreepy River Rare Any V
Tadbulb River Common Any S/V
Bellibolt River Rare Any S/V
Flamigo River Rare Any S/V
Shellder Ocean Common Any S/V
Cloyster Ocean Rare Any S/V
Magikarp Ocean Common Any S/V
Gyarados Ocean Rare Any S/V
Qwilfish Ocean Common Any S/V
Floatzel Ocean Common Any S/V
Skrelp Ocean Common Any S
Clauncher Ocean Common Any V
Clawitzer Ocean Common Any V
Barraskewda Ocean Uncommon Any S/V
Finizen Ocean Common Any S/V
Kilowattrel Ocean Common Any S/V
Hariyama Rocky Uncommon Any S/V
Honchkrow Rocky Uncommon Evening, Night S/V
Gogoat Rocky Common Any S/V
Gumshoos Rocky Common Any S/V
Copperajah Rocky Uncommon Any S/V
Lokix Rocky Common Any S/V
Naclstack Rocky Common Any S/V
Chansey Flower Very Rare Any S/V
Jumpluff Flower Uncommon Any S/V
Sunflora Flower Common Morning, Noon, Evening S/V
Vespiquen Flower Uncommon Any S/V
Vivillon Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (Red Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (Yellow Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (Orange Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (Blue Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (White Flower) Flower Very Rare Any S/V
Dolliv Flower Rare Any S/V
Hypno Ruins Uncommon Any S/V
Bronzong Ruins Uncommon Any S/V
Tinkatuff Ruins Uncommon Any S/V
Pack Pokémon
Pokémon Pack Leader Chance Game
Gastly Haunter 100% S/V
Mareep Ampharos 100% S/V
Hoppip Jumpluff 100% S/V
Murkrow Murkrow 60% S/V
Sneasel Sneasel 80% S/V
Teddiursa Ursaring 100% S/V
Delibird Delibird 20% S/V
Phanpy Donphan 100% S/V
Ralts Gardevoir 100% S/V
Makuhita Hariyama 100% S/V
Spoink Grumpig 100% S/V
Swablu Altaria 100% S/V
Barboach Whiscash 100% S/V
Combee Vespiquen 100% S/V
Buizel Floatzel 100% S/V
Drifloon Drifblim 100% S/V
Misdreavus Mismagius 100% S/V
Murkrow Honchkrow 100% S/V
Gible Gabite 100% S/V
Snover Abomasnow 100% S/V
Basculin Basculin 70% S/V
Deerling Deerling 60% S/V
Deerling Sawsbuck 100% S/V
Axew Fraxure 100% S/V
Cubchoo Beartic 100% S/V
Rufflet Rufflet 40% S/V
Litleo Pyroar 100% S/V
Pyroar Pyroar 100% S/V
Floette Floette 40% S/V
Gogoat Gogoat 100% S/V
Bergmite Bergmite 50% S/V
Bergmite Avalugg 100% S/V
Yungoos Gumshoos 100% S/V
Mudbray Mudsdale 100% S/V
Fomantis Lurantis 100% S/V
Salandit Salandit 40% S/V
Salandit Salazzle 100% S/V
Skwovet Greedent 100% S/V
Chewtle Drednaw 100% S/V
Arrokuda Barraskewda 100% S/V
Hatenna Hattrem 100% S/V
Cufant Copperajah 100% S/V
Pawmi Pawmo 100% S/V
Smoliv Dolliv 100% S/V
Nacli Garganacl 100% S/V
Tadbulb Bellibolt 100% S/V
Kilowattrel Kilowattrel 40% S/V
Finizen Finizen 30% S/V
Varoom Revavroom 100% S/V
Cetoddle Cetitan 30% S/V
Wooper (Paldean form) Clodsire 100% S/V
Fixed Encounters
Pokémon Level Game
Sneasel 36 S/V
Sawsbuck 35 S/V
Weavile* 45 S/V
Frosmoth* 40 S/V
Bergmite 30 S/V
Beartic 43 S/V
Froslass 45 S/V
Cetitan* 40 S/V
Greavard 33-35 S/V
Houndstone 40 S/V
Glaceon 51 S/V
Frigibax 25-36 S/V
Cubchoo 41 S/V
Gardevoir 35 S/V
Magneton 34 S/V
Delibird 35 S/V
Arctibax* 49 S/V
Spiritomb* 49 S/V
Gimmighoul* 35 S/V
Terastalized Encounters
Pokémon Level Tera Type Game
Primeape* 50 Poison S/V
Frigibax 40 Dark S/V
Veluza* 49 Normal S/V
Revavroom 55 Fire S/V
Pincurchin* 55 Electric S/V
Avalugg 45 Rock S/V
  • An asterisk indicates that this Pokémon is unobtainable as a random encounter in this Area.
  • Glaseado Mountain has 106 unique encounters (excluding Pack Pokémon or alternate forms of the same Pokémon).



In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ナッペ山 Napper Yama From napper (French for "to coat with sauce or cream")
English Glaseado Mountain From glaseado (Spanish for icing)
German Montanata From montaña (Spanish for mountain), montanha (Portuguese for mountain), and nata (Spanish and Portuguese for cream)
Spanish, Italian Sierra Napada From napado (Spanish for "coated with sauce or cream") and possibly Sierra Nevada
French Mont Nappé From nappé (coated with sauce or cream)
Korean 나페산 Napper San From the Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 霜抹山 Shuāngmǒ Shān From 霜 shuāng / sēung (frost) or 糖霜 tángshuāng / tòhngsēung (icing), and 塗抹 túmǒ / tòuhmut (to apply [icing])
Chinese (Cantonese) 霜抹山 Sēungmut Sāan

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