ペパー Pepper
Violet Arven.png
Artwork from Violet
Gender Male
Eye color Teal
Hair color Blonde and brown
Hometown Poco Path
Region Paldea
Relatives Professor Sada (mother), unnamed fatherS
Professor Turo (father), unnamed motherV
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet

Arven (Japanese: ペパー Pepper) is a character in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. He is the son of Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV. He is the player's primary partner for the Path of Legends storyline of Scarlet and Violet, where he seeks out the Herba Mystica.

In the core series games

Arven is an upperclassman at the Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV. He is skilled at cooking, and is a researcher of healthy recipes to make Pokémon feel better.[1] He always carries a copy of the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV with him.[2] He is enrolled in the humanities track of the Academy, with his homeroom teacher being Salvatore.

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Arven is the son of Professor Sada/Turo and their unknown colleague. Due to the professor's devoutness to their research and the Tera Project, Arven mostly grew up alone in the lighthouse laboratory on Poco Path. The strained relationship led Arven to devote most of his time to his companion Mabosstiff (originally a Maschiff) as well as learning to cook and clean. He enjoys picnics, especially their outdoor settings and the Sandwiches made. At some point, the professor succeeded in creating a working time machine, bringing Paradox Pokémon to the present time. One such Pokémon was KoraidonS/MiraidonV, which the professor brought to the lighthouse for safekeeping, instructing Arven to keep it a secret. However, multiple people ended up witnessing the Legendary Pokémon attacking several wild Pokémon, and the professor was forced to bring the Pokémon back to the Zero Lab. Arven would end up not seeing his parent again until the ending events of the game, causing him to blame and loathe the Legendary Pokémon for taking his parent away from him. Eventually, he and Mabosstiff visited Area Zero in an attempt to find his parent, only for Mabosstiff to be attacked by a creature Arven describes as either "rampaging"S or "metallic, machine"V. After taking a Flying Taxi out of the Great Crater of Paldea, he tried to heal Mabosstiff using a Pokémon Center and Potions, only to have failures due to his injuries being a special case. In desperation, he skipped his classes to research and attempt almost every cure available, yet he was not successful. At some point, he sifted through the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV and learned of the legendary Herba Mystica, and - seeing his chance at revitalizing Mabosstiff - began to research them.

The player and Nemona first meet Arven on Poco Path, after meeting and being rescued by KoraidonS/MiraidonV. Arven was searching his old home, the lighthouse lab, where he found a book previously owned by the professor, the mysterious Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV. When Nemona recognizes him as their son, he becomes angry and tells her that his parentage doesn't matter. Still, he is surprised to see the Legendary Pokémon outside of Area Zero, and the weakened state that it is in. After he learns the truth of what actually happened, he challenges the player to a battle with his newly caught Skwovet to test whether or not they can control the Paradox Pokémon. In defeat, he lets the player take the Legendary off of his hands and gives them Koraidon's Poké BallS/Miraidon's Poké BallV and runs down Poco Path on his way to the Academy, while Nemona yells at him to answer her questions.

Path of Legends

After the player's first class, Arven is waiting for them at the Cafeteria. Already knowing their name due to them becoming a school celebrity, he asks the player to help make his dream a reality: to help him defeat five Titan Pokémon so he can create recipes with the Herba Mystica, special herbs that heal any Pokémon that eats them. From his research in the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV, the Titans are incredibly strong, but because he isn't proficient at Pokémon battles, he requires the help of a strong trainer, hoping the player would assist them. He asks them to think it over, and registers the locations of the titans on their Rotom Phone's map.

After attending the Academy's opening ceremony for the annual "Treasure Hunt," he finds the player and Nemona in the center of Mesagoza, below the steps to the Academy, conversing about Pokémon Gyms. He scolds Nemona for suggesting that the player would attempt to reach Champion Rank instead of assisting him in acquiring the Herba Mystica, much to her surprise and disapproval. When the player receives a sudden call from the mysterious character Cassiopeia regarding disbanding Team Star through defeating the bosses, he once again criticizes the idea, but is surprised when the stranger mentions him by name. After Nemona assures the player that they are free to follow whichever path they choose, Arven almost reveals his true intentions in his quest, but quickly changes the subject, mentioning how he plans to create the world's greatest sandwiches with the Herba Mystica. At this mention of sandwiches, KoraidonS/MiraidonV exits their Poké Ball, angering Arven. The player mounts the Legendary, and he tells them that the best start on their search for the Titans will be past the east gate of the city. Afterwards, he leaves in frustration when Nemona recommends the opposite west gate for the path towards the Gyms, informing the player that he will see them soon.

Over the course of the game, the player participates in the Path of Legends storyline, joining Arven in defeating Titan Pokémon and creating various sandwiches using the Herba Mystica to both cure Mabosstiff and restore KoraidonS/MiraidonV's power. Fortunately, the power of all five sandwiches restores the Legendary Pokémon to full strength, as well as bringing Mabosstiff's health back completely, making Arven ecstatic.


The player battles Arven as their first opponent in the first Academy Ace Tournament. He can be battled as a random opponent in subsequent Academy Ace Tournaments.


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

First battle

Titan Multi Battle partner

Arven joins the player as a Multi Battle partner against five different Titan Pokémon in no set order.

Against Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan:

Against Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan:

Against Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan:

Against Great TuskS/Iron TreadsV, the Quaking Earth Titan:

Against Dondozo and Tatsugiri, the False Dragon Titan:

Second battle

Arven will Terastallize his Mabosstiff at the first opportunity.

Area Zero Multi Battle partner

Arven uses this team as a Multi Battle partner against an aggressive Great TuskS/Iron TreadsV, and later against an escaping Flutter ManeS/Iron JugulisV:

Academy Ace Tournament

Arven will Terastallize his Mabosstiff at the first opportunity.


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In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Arven in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Arven's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Mabosstiff         Violet ex   088/078
Other Related Cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Arven Su       Violet ex   076/078
      Violet ex   099/078
      Violet ex   104/078
      SV-P Promotional cards   030/SV-P


  • Arven is shown with a Maschiff in Battle Studies classes, despite his Mabosstiff already being evolved in the story and not being shown to own a different Maschiff anywhere else in the game.
  • Excluding Mabosstiff, all of Arven's Pokémon are related to food or cooking; Cloyster represents oysters, Toedscruel represents mushrooms, Garganacl represents salt, Scovillain represents peppers and spices, and Greedent is known to collect and store Berries.
  • A version of the framed photograph in Arven's dorm room can be seen in the Zero Lab, with a younger Arven fully in frame with his Maschiff.
  • Arven's Rotom Phone uses a Flabébé Flower Case.
  • All of the Pokémon Arven uses against the Titan Pokémon have type advantages against the Titan Pokémon, with the exception of Greedent.
  • There is a possibility for Arven's Pokémon to appear as a Shiny during the Multi Battles against the Titans. However, they will not remain Shiny in any further battles.
  • Arven was awarded the 2022 Famitsu Award for Best Character. It was later explained that his character was based on Pokémon Game Director Shigeru Ohmori's personal experience of parent loss.[3]


Language Name Origin
Japanese ペパー Pepper From peppermint
English, Brazilian
Arven From Mentha arvensis (scientific name of corn mint)
German, French Pepper From his Japanese name
Spanish Damián From lamiáceas (mint family)
Italian Pepe From peppermint
Korean 페퍼 Pepper Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 派帕 Pàipà Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 派帕 Paaipaak
Indonesian Arvin Similar to his English name

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