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A Flying Taxi Corviknight seen in Wyndon

The Flying Taxi (Japanese: そらとぶタクシー Flying Taxi) is a form of public transportation service in Galar provided by the Galar Taxi (Japanese: ガラル交通 Galar Transport) company. These taxis are carriages pulled by Corviknight and piloted by a Cabbie. After attending the opening ceremony for the Gym Challenge in Motostoke Stadium, the player is granted access to them by a League Staff member. After this, the player can access the Taxi from the Town Map or Habitat screen of the Pokédex, free of charge.

In addition to the Flying Taxi the player regularly uses, there is a local Flying Taxi in Wyndon located in front of the Rose of the Ronderlands Hotel and Wyndon Stadium. This taxi will take the player to and from the two aforementioned locations, the Monorail Station, and after becoming Champion, the Battle Tower as well.



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Like Fly and its other counterparts, the Flying Taxi typically takes the player to that given area's Pokémon Center. Some larger cities, like Motostoke and Hammerlocke, have several Pokémon Centers, some which the player does not have access to until they have progressed to a certain point in the story.

Location Destination Prerequisite
Postwick The player's house Unlocked from the start
Wedgehurst Pokémon Center Unlocked from the start
Route 2 Professor Magnolia and Sonia's house Unlocked from the start
Meetup Spot In front of the Wild Area station Unlocked from the start
East Lake Axewell In front of the entrance to Motostoke Unlocked from the start
Motostoke Southern Pokémon Center Unlocked from the start
Eastern Pokémon Center
Route 3 In front of Becca's Pokémon Camp
Route 4 In front of Molly's Pokémon Camp
Turffield Pokémon Center
Route 5 In front of Harrison's Pokémon Camp
In front of the Pokémon Nursery
Hulbury Pokémon Center
Bridge Field In front of the Pokémon Nursery
Hammerlocke Hills In front of the entrance to Hammerlocke
Hammerlocke Central Pokémon Center
Eastern Pokémon Center
Western Pokémon Center
Route 6 In front of Cam's Pokémon Camp, near Cara Liss
Stow-on-Side Pokémon Center
Ballonlea Pokémon Center
Route 7 In front of Renee's Pokémon Camp
Route 8 In front of Lisa's Pokémon Camp
Circhester Pokémon Center
Route 9 In front of Stephan's Pokémon Camp
In front of the main entrance to Spikemuth
Route 10 In front of Tristan's Pokémon Camp
Wyndon Central Pokémon Center
Eastern Pokémon Center, near Wyndon Stadium
Rose Tower/Battle Tower

In the anime

The Flying Taxi in Pokémon: Twilight Wings

In Pokémon: Twilight Wings

The Flying Taxi service appeared in Letter, where Chairman Rose and Oleana used it to travel from Wyndon Stadium to a children's hospital.

In other languages

Flying Taxi

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 飛翔計程車 Fēichèuhng Gaichìhngchē
Mandarin 飛翔計程車 Fēixiáng Jìchéngchē *
飞翔出租车 Fēixiáng Chūzūchē *
France Flag.png French Taxi volant
Germany Flag.png German Flugtaxi
Italy Flag.png Italian Volotaxi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 공중날기택시 Gongjungnalgi Taxi
Russia Flag.png Russian Летающее Такси Letayushcheye Taksi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Taxi volador

Galar Taxi

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 伽勒爾車隊 Gālahkyíh Chēdéui
Mandarin 伽勒爾車隊 / 伽勒尔车队 Jiālè'ěr Chēduì
France Flag.png French Taxis Galar
Germany Flag.png German Galar-Taxi
Italy Flag.png Italian Galar Trasporti
South Korea Flag.png Korean 가라르교통 Galar Gyotong
Russia Flag.png Russian Такси Галар Taksi Galar
Spain Flag.png Spanish Aerotaxis Galar

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