Scarlet & Violet arc
Sprint! Paldea's Prince of Speed!!
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 1 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Uva Academy

(Japanese: (しっ)(そう)!パルデアの最速(スピード)(おう)()!! Sprint! Paldea's Prince of Speed!!) is the first chapter of the Scarlet & Violet arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga. It was first published in the October 2023 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, released on August 21, 2023.[1][2] It is 25 pages long.

It is subtitled (Japanese: VSミライドン VS Miraidon).


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The chapter begins with Violet watching from afar as Clavell addresses the students of Uva Academy about the treasure hunt, encouraging them to go out and deepen their understand of the world, and to bring back their own treasure, whatever it may be. Clavell announces an exhibition match featuring Nemona, to show what she had achieved during last year's treasure hunt as motivation. During his speech, Violet discusses the futility in trying to locate a specific student without knowing what they look like.

From up on their vantage point, Violet sits with Miraidon and Rotōji, his Rotom Phone, as it reminds him not to get distracted by the battle. The battle between Nemona and another student begin, as they send out Pawmi and Pikachu respectively. Arven, laying against a nearby tree, expresses his irritation and hopes the match ends soon so the treasure hunt can begin.

In the school's staff room, Violet pulls up Arven's student file, taking note of his schedule as well as his photo for use in his facial recognition system. He begins to leave, until he finds himself unable to move. Jacq approaches, and has his Farigiraf undo its Confusion at Violet's agitated insistence, who believed him to be an intruder, and not a student. At Rotōji's request, Jacq installs the Pokédex app on it, happy to see the new student as they begin to head out. Jacq suddenly notices Arven's student file pulled up on the computer, but Violet speeds off on Miraidon before he can stop him.

Back in the schoolyard, Nemona Terastallizes her Pawmi into an Electric type. In response, her opponent Terastallizes their Pikachu into a Flying type. However, the battle is interrupted by Violet sliding into the middle of the battlefield. The instructors are unsure what to do until Jacq arrives, out of breath, and explains the situation. Dendra eagerly chases Violet around the field, only for him to be cut off by two staff members riding Cyclizar.

A race begins between Violet on Miraidon and the two Cyclizar riders. Arven ignores the race, choosing to read the Violet Book instead. Violet has his Fuecoco use Ember on the two Cyclizar, causing them to get heated up and run off the tracks, allowing him to pull ahead. However, Miraidon stops in its tracks when Arven stands in its path. Violet recognizes Arven, but before much can be said before it turns out that Dendra used the opportunity to win the race. Accepting his defeat, Violet introduces himself, only to be challenged to a battle by Nemona.

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