Violet (Adventures)

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Violet Lang
バイオレット・ラング Violet Lang
Violet Adventures.png
Artwork from the Scarlet & Violet arc
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blond
Hometown Unknown
Region Paldea
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Counterpart(s) Florian
Debut PASV01

(Japanese: バイオレット・ラング Violet Lang) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures. He is a student at Uva Academy.


According to artist Satoshi Yamamoto, Violet was designed using his own customizable player character in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.[1] At first, he used the default hairstyle, but felt that it wouldn't be too distinguishable from Ortega. He showed the list of hairstyles in the game's strategy guide to members of his family, asking which one looked like a prince, and based Violet's design on their suggestions.[2]



Violet is heir to the prestigious Lang family. At the insistence of his parents, the butlers and maids serving the family always referred to Violet as "Prince", which led to him believing he was actually royalty. One butler that was especially close to Violet worried the boy's overly-pampered lifestyle would make it hard for him to integrate into regular society. The butler attempted to slowly convince Violet he wasn't actually a real prince, but passed away before he could accomplish this. To console their grieving son, Violet's parents commissioned a Rotom Phone containing an AI copy of the butler's personality onto it. This Rotom Phone was given the name Rotojī and a mustache to make it resemble its human counterpart.

Violet's parents later enrolled their son at Uva Academy in order to honor the butler's wishes. Shortly before attending school, Violet and Rotojī witnessed an injured Miraidon crash-landing on a beach near Cabo Poco. Violet went to check if Miraidon was alright, only for it to steal one of his sandwiches and begin following him around. Shortly afterward, Violet received a call from Professor Turo, who informed him that Miraidon's condition could be cured if it was fed the Herba Mystica. At Turo's suggestion, Violet set out to find Turo's son Arven, who had been doing research on the mysterious plants.

Scarlet & Violet arc

Violet debuted in the Scarlet & Violet arc. Shortly after arriving at Uva Academy, Violet and Rotojī began looking for Arven's whereabouts. Their search led to Violet crashing the school's opening ceremony and competing in a race against several teachers. All the commotion alerted Arven, who demanded to know how Violet came in contact with Miraidon. Violet ignored the question and instead dragged Arven along to assist in his quest to obtain the Herba Mystica.

Violet and Arven traveled to Asado Desert, home of Iron Treads, the Quaking Earth Titan. Violet challenged Iron Treads to battle, but was easily defeated, allowing the Titan to flee. Recognizing the difference in strength, Violet and Arven agreed to start training and catch more Pokémon. While battling wild Pokémon, Violet came across a pair of Team Star Grunts attempting to recruit a girl named Penny against her wishes. Violet used Fuecoco to defeat the Grunts and force them to retreat. Penny thanked Violet for helping her, only for him to react in confusion when she referred to him as "Prince" despite being a complete stranger.


On hand

Fuecoco is Violet's first known Pokémon. Violet received it from Director Clavell after he enrolled in Uva Academy.

Fuecoco's only known move is Ember.

Debut PASV01

Nymble ↔ Terastallized Nymble 
Nymble is Violet's second known Pokémon. It was first seen battling several other Pokémon during school training. During Violet's battle against Giacomo, it was the second Pokémon used in the battle against the opponent's Pawniard, after Fuecoco's defeat. After a brief battle, Nymble managed to defeat the Sharp Blade Pokémon and after Terastallizing, Nymble managed to make Giacomo's Revavroom retreat and Giacomo gave up the battle, thus giving victory to Violet and Nymble.

Nymble's known moves are Struggle Bug, Double Kick, and Bug Bite.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc
A Paldean Wooper is Violet's third known Pokémon.

Wooper's only known move is Mud Shot.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc
Smoliv is Violet's fourth known Pokémon. Arven temporarily traded his Mabosstiff in exchange for Violet's newly-caught Scovillain. Violet then traded Mabosstiff back and received Arven's newly-caught Smoliv.

Smoliv's only known move is Razor Leaf.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc

Ride Pokémon

Miraidon is a Pokémon that travels with Violet and serves as his method of traveling around Paldea. Violet encountered it after witnessing Miraidon crash-land onto a beach on Poco Path. After eating one of Violet's sandwiches, it took a liking towards him and began following the boy around.

Miraidon is currently weakened and can only take its Low-Power and Drive Modes. As such, Violet is seeking the Herba Mystica so it can regain its power and access its other forms.

None of Miraidon's moves are known.

Debut PASV01

Traded away

After being defeated by the Titan Iron Treads, Arven decided to add more Pokémon to his team so he could assist Violet in battle. Scovillain was caught by Violet and then traded away in exchange for Arven's Mabosstiff.

None of Scovillain's moves are known.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc
Mabosstiff is one of Arven's Pokémon. Arven temporarily traded it in exchange for Violet's Scovillain before Violet traded it back for a Smoliv.

None of Mabosstiff's moves are known.

Debut Scarlet & Violet arc

Traveling with



Artwork from Pocket Monsters Special Scarlet Violet volume 1 cover[3] Artwork from Pocket Monsters Special Scarlet Violet[4]


Language Name Origin
Japanese バイオレット・ラング Violet Lang From Pokémon Violet


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