Scarlet (Adventures)

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Scarlet Koito
スカーレット・コイト Scarlet Koito
Scarlet Adventures.png
Artwork from the Scarlet & Violet arc
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Purple
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Paldea
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Counterpart(s) Juliana
Debut PASV01

(Japanese: スカーレット・コイト Scarlet Koito) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures. She is a student at Uva Academy.


According to artist Satoshi Yamamoto, Scarlet's design was influenced by Wednesday Addams as she is depicted in the TV series Wednesday.[1] He would also use Jupiter from Pokémon Adventures as inspiration for her character.[2]



Scarlet after being taken in by Team Star

One year prior to the Scarlet & Violet arc, members of Team Star found Scarlet collapsed on the ground somewhere. They rescued Scarlet and allowed her to stay at one of their bases while she recovered. Despite this, Scarlet developed no personal attachment to her saviors and had no intention of repaying her debt to the ones who saved her life. Shortly before the events of the Scarlet and Violet arc, Scarlet stopped a group of Team Star Grunts attempting to forcibly recruit a girl named Penny into their ranks.

Some time afterward, Scarlet received a call from someone going by the name "Cassiopeia". The caller attempted to recruit Scarlet as a member of Operation Starfall, a plan to disband Team Star by taking down each of their five squad bosses. Scarlet refused, but agreed to listen to Cassiopeia on the condition they find a way to allow her to freely enter and leave Uva Academy. Accepting these terms, Cassiopeia hacked into the academy's systems, falsified a background for Scarlet, and enrolled her as a student. Despite this, Scarlet still refused Cassiopeia's request.

Scarlet & Violet arc

Scarlet while infiltrating Uva Academy

Scarlet debuted in PASV01. She was first seen participating in the opening ceremony for Uva Academy's Treasure Hunt while wearing a helmet to disguise her true identity. To Scarlet's surprise, she was selected by Director Clavell to have a demonstration battle with Nemona, the student council president. Their match was interrupted when a student named Violet barged into the courtyard and got into a race with some teachers. Later, at the library section of the entrance hall, Scarlet spoke to Cassiopeia, who congratulated her for successfully getting into Uva Academy. Nemona spotted Scarlet and tried asking for a rematch, only for her would-be opponent to flee before she could finish ascending the stairs.

In PASV05, Nemona was revealed to have uncovered Scarlet's identity after gathering information from the teaching staff. Nemona tracked Scarlet to the south Mesagoza Pokémon Center, where she asked to finish their demonstration battle, only to be refused. Revealing her true profession as a treasure hunter, Scarlet explained that she had no interest in Uva Academy's "make-believe" Treasure Hunt. In PASV06, fed up with Nemona's constant pestering, Scarlet fled and headed towards South Province (Area Two). At a nearby watchtower, she collected several Gimmighoul Coins from a wild Chest Form Gimmighoul. Cassiopeia called Scarlet to inform her that another student joined Operation Starfall and took down one of Team Star's bosses. Despite offering to help Scarlet with her treasure hunting, Scarlet bluntly turned Cassiopeia down and told them to leave her alone.

Days later, Nemona arrived at Cortondo, where she found Scarlet taking part in the Cortondo Gym's Olive Roll. Once she completed the Gym Test, Scarlet faced Katy, the Cortondo Gym Leader, in battle. Although she emerged victorious, Scarlet rejected the Gym Badge Katy offered her, stating she had no need for it. Instead, Scarlet revealed that she is looking for the treasures of ruin and requested that Katy provide her with any information she might have on them. Katy had no knowledge on the subject, but offered to let the Artazon Gym Leader Brassius know what Scarlet was searching for ahead of time. Scarlet and Nemona then left to find a watchtower located in South Province (Area Three).


On hand


Pikachu ↔ Terastallized Pikachu  
Pikachu is Scarlet's first known Pokémon. She was first used to battle against Nemona during the Uva Academy opening ceremonies. She is capable of Terastallizing into a Flying type.

None of Pikachu's moves are known.

Debut PASV01
Tarountula is Scarlet's second known Pokémon. Its thread is used by Scarlet for various purposes, such as storing collected coins or helping her move quickly by swinging on trees.

None of Tarountula's moves are known.

Debut PASV05
Sprigatito is Scarlet's third known Pokémon. It was first used to battle a wild Gimmighoul.

Sprigatito's known moves are Hone Claws, Scratch, Bite, and Leafage.

Debut PASV06

Traveling with

Rotom Phone


Artwork from Pocket Monsters Special Scarlet Violet volume 1 cover[3]


  • In the initial printing of the Scarlet & Violet arc, Scarlet was shown wearing the Naranja Academy uniform. This was changed in the volume release, which exclusively portrayed her as wearing the Uva Academy uniform.


Language Name Origin
Japanese スカーレット・コイト Scarlet Koito From Pokémon Scarlet and possibly 小糸 koito (little thread)


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