Yellow (Adventures)

イエロー Yellow
Yellow Adventures.png
Yellow in the FireRed & LeafGreen arc
Age 15 (as of the Emerald arc)
Gender Female
Birthday March 3
Blood type A
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Viridian City (Viridian Forest)
Region Kanto
Relatives Wilton (uncle)
Trainer class Trainer

Yellow (Japanese: イエロー Yellow), or Amarillo del Bosque Verde (Japanese: イエロー・デ・トキワグローブ Yellow de Tokiwa Grove) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Yellow is quite naïve and acts very much like a little child. She hates it when Pokémon are injured, hers or her opponent's, and has developed a style of battle in which neither her nor her opponent's Pokémon are hurt unless it is absolutely necessary. Despite her childlike nature, she can be very serious when people and places she cares about are threatened, as shown in A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, when she became enraged after Team Rocket's Sird and Orm staged a battle between Silver and her in Viridian Forest that resulted in the forest being damaged.

Yellow's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon healing and she is called the "Healer" (癒やす者 Healer). She received psychic abilities from Viridian Forest, which include the ability to read the emotions of Pokémon and heal their wounds. Yellow is physically small compared to the rest of the characters, causing some of the taller yet younger Pokédex holders to react in surprise when they learned her age.


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Red, Green & Blue arc

Yellow in the Red, Green & Blue arc

As an unnamed character, Yellow makes her first appearance in Drat That Dratini!, towards the end of the first arc, when Red saves her from a rampaging Dratini. Red then helps Yellow catch her first Pokémon, a Rattata, and leaves a strong impression on her with his words about raising Pokémon with a kind and gentle heart and his actions to save Viridian Forest from the menace of Team Rocket.

Yellow makes a later appearance after Red's battle with Giovanni, after he falls unconscious. Yellow had found Red at the edge of the forest, and healed Red to good health.

Prior to Yellow arc

Green sent Yellow on a quest to find Red and disguised her as a boy, also bugging her hat so she could track her location and hear her talking, which was later revealed in the Yellow arc. Green also placed the Silver Wing and Rainbow Wing (a pair of feathers) on Yellow's hat, whose true nature was revealed later in the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.

Yellow arc

Yellow in the Yellow arc

Two years later, when Red mysteriously goes missing after receiving a battle invitation from Bruno of the Elite Four, Yellow just as mysteriously shows up in Professor Oak's lab, disguised as a boy. She takes Red's Pikachu, Pika, and promises to find Red. Oak doesn't trust her and he makes her battle his Spearow with her Doduo. She defeats him and doesn't even injure either Pokémon, allowing her to gain Oak's trust. She is then fishing in Viridian Forest when Pika wanders off and sees Bill drowning. Pika runs back to Yellow and she reads his mind and rescues Bill from a Seadra which she catches and releases after healing it.

Bill then stays with her for a while, and the two of them run into Lorelei of the Elite Four, who explains everything to them, which Yellow seemed to already know. They escaped from her and her Dewgong, but she later found them in a cave and attacked them with her Cloyster. She was attempting to bury them alive in that cave by combining Dewgong's and Cloyster's attacks to form an Ice Spike Cannon. Yellow then had Pika act as a decoy for a bit by throwing his Poké Ball out through a small crack and then got him back in. She read his mind and got out of the cave by using the same tactic except with a fake Poké Ball as a decoy. They are chased by Lorelei and when they jump into a lake she freezes it over, and starts to ask questions about Yellow's ability. While she was asking these questions, Ratty was biting through the iceberg and they were freed and before Lorelei could once again call out her Pokémon to stop them, Green appeared and knocked her Poké Ball away. Lorelei then contacted Agatha and told her about Yellow's ability, proclaiming her to become a potential threat and that she is now a target of the Elite Four as well.

She then is found by Erika, who hears about her from Misty and wants to put Pika under her care. After hearing about a Red look-a-like Pika rushes off. The look-a-like turns out to be a Super Nerd who was hired by Agatha to kidnap Pika. After chasing him for a while the super nerd uses his Persian to Scratch on the walls to hurt Yellows ears and make her lose her focus, he then uses his Marowak's Bonemerang laced with spores from his Paras in order to incapacitate her Pokémon. She later recalled her Pokémon and healed them, taking a Bonemerang to the ribs because of it. She then had her Pokémon execute a plan that she thought of before she was knocked out. She had Dody and Ratty dig up pieces of metal and had Pika zap them, and since the Super Nerd was in an electric proof suit, they hit him. Before the good Gym Leaders of Kanto can fully examine him a Gastly appears and tries to whisk him away. When Blaine tries to have his Growlithe use Fire Blast to take it out it almost hits a Caterpie which Yellow manages to save. Blue appears and defeats Gastly, telling the Gym Leaders that it belonged to Agatha of the Elite Four. Yellow then asks to train with him, which he allows, but before she leaves, Misty gives her Omny and Brock gives her Gravvy.

When training with Blue, she then finds out that the Caterpie she had saved followed her all the way to their training area. After Blue tells her to catch that Caterpie, it becomes clear that Yellow doesn't actually know the basics of Pokémon. She didn't know what Ratty's attacks were, she didn't know what Evolution was and cried when Ratty evolved, and all of the Pokémon she owned she obtained other than through battle. She then decided to have her new Caterpie which she named Kitty get to know Pika while she got Vermilion Flowers, which are supposed to be a Caterpie's favorite food, only to find that the two of them were asleep after Pika saved it from death multiple times (from a cliff, several cacti, and three Pidgeotto). After training Dody and Ratty for about a week she then attempts to train the Pokémon she gained from the Gym Leaders but without their respective leaders they were confused and refused to listen to Yellow. A pack of Mankey then appeared because they were hungry and planned on eating Yellow and Blue, but Blue instructed Yellow to defeat the Primeape leader while he took out the front lines. When it became clear that she couldn't he used his Porygon to defeat it and the pack ran away. Yellow then healed the Primeape and told Blue that she would continue to train on her own.

Since she didn't have a Pokémon that could Surf, Blue told her to take the S.S. Anne where she ran into the Team Rocket Elite Trio. They exploded the S.S. Anne using a Slowpoke and Yellow takes them on wanting to see how much Blue's training has payed off. When all of the passengers fall off the boat as a result of the bomb she has Caterpie use String Shot to make buoys to ensure the passenger's safety. She then defeats the Rockets quite easily with the small help of the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman. The Chairman then learns of Red's kidnapping.

She then learns of the legendary Evolution stones that evolve Pokémon but do not disappear after use. She tries to get it only to be swarmed by a group of Tentacool. She then finds out the reason was that a baby Tentacool was stuck under a rock and she and Gravvy move it, almost dying but the baby Tentacool allowed her to breathe underwater out of gratitude. She then finds out that the only stone still there was the Leaf Stone and that Red must have taken them to evolve Vee (Blue previously made her memorize all of Red's entries so that was how she learned of Eevee).

It is later revealed that it was in fact Green who sent Yellow on this quest and disguised her as a boy, also bugging her hat so she could track her location and hear her talking.

When Yellow is trying to find a Pokémon that can Surf she hears of a Vermilion Surfing Contest with the prize being a Dragonair that could Surf for her. She borrows a Slowpoke from a swimmer but before the event starts, the Dragonair is revealed to belong to Lance and with one blast, he destroys Vermilion City, although since Vermilion Surfing Contest is such a big event he knew there would be few fatalities. After finding out that Yellow's Pikachu was Pika he attempts to take it simply to calm Agatha and Lorelei who were angry that it eluded both of them. After being tossed around Pikachu learned Surf by manipulating its Substitute and then Lance disappeared.

After sleeping in a forest of Exeggutor and Oddish she found that they were abnormally migrating from Professor Oak due to the attacks of the Elite Four destroying habitats and throwing the balance of nature out of balance. When she came back to Cinnabar Island she saw a man training his Arcanine and an unknown Pokémon (later revealed to be Mewtwo). The man then takes Yellow back to his Gym and reveals himself to be Blaine wearing a disguise. The two of them then learn that Brock had found something on Mt. Moon, an ice sculpture of Red frozen in ice. After learning from Blaine that the Elite Four HQ was on Cerise Island and that the respective cities of the good Gym Leaders of Kanto were under attack the two of them decided to attack Cerise Island but travel there via different routes. Once she reaches Cerise Island she meets up with Blue and they stealthily navigate the island by having Jigglypuff fly them across shrouded in Horsea's Smokescreen. Once the map Yellow obtained was eaten by a Slowbro they followed it to a cave and found Blaine, Blue, Koga, Sabrina, and Lt. Surge.

Yellow battling Lance
Yellow and Blaine with their Spoons of Destiny

In the final battle on Cerise Island, Sabrina's Spoons of Destiny choose Blaine as Yellow's partner. The two of them intrude on Bruno's battle with Lt. Surge and Bill, but they are blocked out by a barrier. When Electrode's Explosion goes off it sends up a tsunami that drenches Blaine and Yellow, washing off her hat and revealing her ponytail, revealing to all that she was actually a girl. The two of them find themselves facing Lance in a fierce and long battle. In the beginning Blaine had Yellow stay back and he battle Lance with Mewtwo single-handedly and almost defeated him until their emotional connection made them pass out. Although Blaine was aware that this may happen he decided to let Yellow finish off Lance's weakened Pokémon while Blaine went for Lance's Poké Balls so he couldn't call upon any other Pokémon. Although the Poké Balls were destroyed Lance revealed that he had already sent his Pokémon out of their Poké Balls before the battle even started. Lance then revealed that he was also a blessed Viridian Trainer like Yellow and had the same powers that she had. After dragging the battle to the top of Cerise Island which was a volcanic crater Lance was able to gain an advantage with bubbles that were invisible to light by coloring them red, blue, and green. Giovanni then comes to Yellow's assistance but that forces the final Badge that Lance needed to power his Badge Energy Amplifier, which he had enlarged to become Cerise Island. He used the Amplifier to summon Lugia, controlling it so it would help him wipe out humanity. Without a Pokédex to stop her team from evolving, she let her team completely evolve (including Kitty who evolved twice in a row, and Gravvy, who most often doesn't evolve except by trade). With all of her team's newfound power Yellow was able to channel all of their energy and have Pika use an attack known as Megavolt, an attack 10 times more powerful than a regular thunderbolt, defeating Lance and scaring Lugia away.

After it all ends, she returns Pika to Red, who is left the only main character unaware of Yellow's real gender.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Yellow in the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Yellow has become a normal citizen of Viridian City once more until her Uncle Wilton calls for her and suggests that she head to Johto to search for information about the mysterious being that appeared atop Cerise Island the year before. Yellow decides to go and heads out along with her new Pikachu, Chuchu, and Pika, whom she borrowed from Red when he left for Mt. Silver.

She arrived in Ecruteak City just after a major earthquake. While she was there, she ventured into the Burned Tower, which accidentally released the Legendary beasts Raikou, Suicune, and Entei which were sealed in time. This was because the Silver and Rainbow Wings were in her hat after she received them from Green. After this she went to Olivine City, where she met Crystal. The two then teamed up and headed to the Whirl Islands. There, they fought against Lugia, which Yellow identified as the mysterious beast from before. Afterward, she was washed away.

Later on, she awoke in the Pokémon Day Care on Route 34, where she protected the Day-Care Couple from Team Rocket. After this, she went to the Ilex Forest, where she fought, along with the other Pokédex holders, against the Masked Man. When Pryce escaped into the voids of time, Yellow gave up her hat and the feathers with it to allow Gold, Silver, and Crystal to follow him. When Gold's Pichu came out of the void, she decided to name the then unknown species Pichu because it was the child of Pika and Chuchu.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Yellow in the FireRed & LeafGreen arc

While the other Pokédex holders of Kanto were fighting against Deoxys in the Sevii Islands, Yellow was living an ordinary life. One day, she went to the Gym in Viridian City, where she hoped that she would see Blue. He was, however, not there but had a hologram of himself instead. It asked her for a battle, which Chuchu wanted to do but the two lost horribly to Blue's well trained Pokémon.

After leaving the Gym, Yellow bumped into Silver, who she remembered from the battle against the Masked Man two years before. He revealed to her that he came to Viridian in order to try to find his parents, who he hadn't seen since he was a child. Yellow offered to help by seeing into Sneasel's memories but was turned down because Silver had tried before with Lance's powers. However, she did read Sneasel's mind and detected a faint, recently unlocked memory of the statue that resided inside the Gym. The two Pokédex holders raced in and looked at it.

Silver then demanded Yellow to tell her who the statue was of and she explained that the statue was of Giovanni, the previous Gym leader of Viridian City and the true leader of Team Rocket. They left the Gym and Silver told her that he was going to find Giovanni and find out how they were related, which Yellow pleaded him not to do, reminding him that he was dangerous.

An airship appeared over them that had the symbol of Team Rocket on it. An aircar was then released from it. After Silver used his Gyarados against it, two people came out, stating that they were there to take Silver away. The two introduced themselves as Sird and Orm, then challenged Yellow and Silver to a Tag Battle, which Silver accepted for the two.

Yellow was attacked by Orm's Jumpluff and appeared to be near defeat as the grass types spores float around the battlefield until she used her powers to move Poké Balls to send her Omny outside the range of the spores and had it attack Sird, Orm, and Jumpluff, who was frozen by Omny's Blizzard.

After Orm used his Black Pokédex, which was made by the third Elite Rocket Carr, to scan the levels of Yellow's party and called Yellow's Pokémon weak, Yellow lashed out, telling them to leave Viridian Forest as it had been the stage of far too many battles already. It was then that all of Yellow's Pokémon's levels skyrocketed into the 80's.

After this level increase, the four battlers on the ground noticed that the Team Rocket airship had turned into the Stadium Mode. While they were watching the events above them unfold, Sird told Silver that his father was Giovanni, which shocked the two Pokédex holders. Sird took advantage of Silver's state of disbelief by putting the boy to sleep and taking him up to the airship with her and Orm, leaving Yellow to follow them.

While flying with the use of Kitty, Yellow used Ratty to make a hole on the side of the airship so that they could get in. She then infiltrated the place, her mind set on finding Silver. However, she gets lost and finds her way out on to the mid air battle stadium that Red and Mewtwo are fighting against Giovanni and Deoxys on. Surprised to see Red, she nervously calls out to him, who is equally as shocked to see her as she is to see him. He then asks her why she is there. She starts to explain but soon turns to Deoxys, wondering if the DNA Pokémon is the one who just spoke to her in her mind.

Yellow then realizes that Deoxys is trying to tell her something and it hasn't got much time left. After learning the Pokémon's name, she concentrates on it and is shocked by what she hears. She then turns and tells Red that Deoxys told her that it is him.

After learning of Deoxys's past from Sird, Yellow is shocked and demands to know where the first Deoxys, Organism No. 1, is. Sird tells her that it had been abandoned and Yellow feels sorry for the weak Deoxys that is in her arms. She then realizes that Sird had yet to tell them why Organism No. 2 thinks he's Red.

Sird tells Yellow to concentrate on Deoxys's background story as she reads its mind. However, as Sird explains, now that they have Giovanni's son Deoxys is useless.

Suddenly, the airship starts shaking and they all realize that the ship is about to explode. As the stadium closes in, Yellow, Red, Mewtwo, and Deoxys make it into the airship and Red tells them that they need to stop the ship from exploding. He then takes Deoxys, but Yellow isn't sure if it's a good idea to take the weakened Pokémon but Red reassures her. Yellow then starts to doze off and Red realizes that she has used too much energy by reading Deoxys's mind.

Red then sends Giovanni, Silver, Yellow, and Mewtwo to the ground thanks to the black hole that Deoxys was able to make. Yellow, worried about Red, protests but he walks away. However, Yellow grabs a hold of Red's finger with her fishing rod and tells him not to go because she has to continue to explain about Organism No. 2. Meanwhile, Chuchu spots her partner Pika and leaves its Poké Ball. Yellow doesn't notice and continues, explaining that Giovanni had collected Red's blood five years previously and had used it to create Deoxys, making the DNA Pokémon consider Red its relative. Now finished telling Red everything, she falls through the black hole, leaving her hat at the spot where she just stood.

She comes out of the black hole, unconscious due to the energy loss that she had suffered. She stayed in that state, even during the final battle, for the rest of the arc. She received a Pokédex from Red, and was soon turned to stone afterward.

Emerald arc

Two months after the final battle, Mr. Briney shipped Yellow and the other four petrified Pokédex holders, via the S.S. Tidal, to the Battle Frontier. The five were placed on the top floor of the Battle Tower disguised as actual statues. Due to a report Ultima had snatched from Team Rocket, Professor Oak learned that the wish granting powers of the mirage Pokémon Jirachi were the only way to revive the Pokédex holders. Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, and Crystal were sent to the Battle Frontier at different times in order to capture Jirachi and protect it from Guile Hideout, who was also after the Wish Pokémon. When Emerald finally came to terms with his own feelings about Pokémon, he was able to reverse the petrifaction of his five seniors.

Yellow then joined the battle against Guile Hideout's Sea Demon that had taken the form of Kyogre. She was a part of the final blow to the beast by having her Chuchu use the ultimate Electric attack, Volt Tackle.

After the crisis was over, Yellow entered a tournament between the Pokédex holders, in which she lost at some point.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

In All About Arceus IX, it was revealed that Petrel managed to defeat Lance by impersonating Yellow's identity.

Diamond & Pearl arc

In High-tailing It from Haunter, Yellow was briefly seen together with the other Pokédex holders from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn when the Advanced level Grunt was talking to Diamond about the Pokédex.

In Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia IV, at the Spear Pillar, Sird told the Team Galactic Commanders about how she escaped from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver by turning them into stone with her Darkrai.


Yellow nicknames her Pokémon with a syllable in their species name and adding a -y suffix in the English version, with the exception of Chuchu. In the Chuang Yi translation, the Pokémon given to her and Kitty have part of their species name with a -sk at the end. In the Japanese version aside from Ratty and Chuchu, their names are derived from a syllable from their species name and a -suke.

On hand

Main article: Ratty

Ratty (Japanese: ラッちゃん Rattchan), Yellow's Raticate, was the first Pokémon she caught with Red's assistance, as a Rattata. In Can't Catch Caterpie? he evolves during Yellow's training with Blue. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, he is level 25, has a Hardy nature, and his Characteristic is "highly persistent."

Debut Drat That Dratini!
Dody (CY: Dodosk)
Main article: Dody

Dody (Japanese: ドドすけ Dodosuke) was obtained as a Doduo that Yellow obtained from her uncle Wilton. She uses him for transportation and he evolved during a battle with Lance in The Might of... Metapod?!. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, he is level 33, has a Hasty nature, and his Characteristic is "quick tempered."

Debut Do Do That Doduo

Gravvy (CY: Golosk)
Gravvy (Japanese: ゴロすけ Golosuke) was initially Brock's Graveler, but after a battle with Agatha's Gastly in As Gastly as Before, he gave him to Yellow. Like most traded Pokémon given to badgeless Trainers, he does not obey her at first, but he begins to listen by the time she reaches Vermilion City. He evolves into Golem during a battle with Lance in The Might of... Metapod?! like the rest of Yellow's Pokémon, although as a species he isn't supposed to do so without a trade (a fact that Blaine contemplates while holding her Poké Balls). His evolution was due to being exchanged from Brock to Yellow, though it took a while as Yellow didn't see Gravvy as her Pokémon right away. Yellow uses Gravvy whenever she needs a lot of power. He was last seen in the final battle against Guile Hideout's rental Pokémon. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, he is level 39, has a Quirky nature, and his Characteristic is "a little quick tempered."

Gravvy's known moves are Mega Punch, Rock Throw, Take Down, and Defense Curl, and his Ability is Sturdy.
Gravvy has also used Struggle.

Debut Onix Is On!
Omny (CY: Omask)
Main article: Omny

Omny (Japanese: オムすけ Omsuke) was an Omanyte when he was given to Yellow by Misty, who was his original Trainer. He was given to Yellow as with Brock's Gravvy, then a Graveler. Omny initially does not obey her, but does later on. He evolves into Omastar during a battle with Lance in The Might of... Metapod?!. Omny has been used to stop fires, to stop the ship from sinking, also to defeat Orm's Jumpluff with Blizzard. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, he is level 42, has a Docile nature, and his Characteristic is "somewhat vain."

Debut As Gastly as Before
Kitty (CY: Freesk)
Main article: Kitty

Kitty (Japanese: ピーすけ Pīsuke), Yellow's Butterfree was saved by Yellow during a battle with Agatha's Gastly, as a Caterpie. He was then caught by Yellow with Blue's assistance during her training with him, although he had expected him to have been caught and evolved into Metapod before he went to help. He evolved twice during a battle with Lance in The Might of... Metapod?!. Kitty is used when ever Yellow needs to Fly. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, he is level 20, has a Brave nature, and his Characteristic is "impetuous and silly."

Debut As Gastly as Before
Main article: Chuchu

Chuchu (Japanese: チュチュ Chuchu), Yellow's Pikachu, was obtained by Yellow in between the Yellow arc and the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc. She has a courtship with Red's Pika, resulting in an Egg later given to Gold before it hatched, that later gave him his Pichu. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, she is level 31, has a Mild nature, and her Characteristic is "likes to run."

Debut Tyranitar War


Seadra was caught by Yellow to ensure Bill's safety but was released shortly thereafter.

Seadra's known moves are Hydro Pump and Water Gun*, and his Ability is Sniper.

Debut Sea Sea Seadra
  • Yellow mentioned that she has captured and released many other Pokémon prior to Purrrr-sian.


Main article: Pika

Pika, Red's Pikachu, was put under Yellow's possession after Red went missing, but was returned to him after he was found. He has a courtship with Yellow's own Chuchu and they have an Egg together, which hatches into Gold's Pichu.

Debut Wanted: Pikachu!
Slowpoke was borrowed from a Swimmer to enter in a Surfing contest for a chance to win a Dragonair and returned it before the battle with Lance.

Slowpoke's only known move is Surf.

Debut Breath of the Dragonair Part 1
Main article: Mewtwo (Adventures)

Mewtwo ended up in Yellow's care after they became separated from Blaine. She kept it in its Master Ball the whole time. Because of her care and bravery during this incident, she is among the few humans that the genetic Pokémon actually trusts, along with Red and Blaine.

Debut Tauros the Tyrant


Being born with special abilities, Yellow has demonstrated several as of the FireRed & LeafGreen arc. Her abilities demonstrated include:

  • Limited telekinesis, enough to manipulate a Poké Ball on a string.
  • The ability to read the minds, emotions, and memories of Pokémon.
  • Healing abilities.
  • Able to "synchronize spirits" with her Pokémon to boost their levels into the mid 80s in times of need.


  • Yellow's name in VIZ's original run was Amarillo del Bosque Verde, but in later arcs, Yellow of Viridian Forest is used instead.
    • This is because her Spanish name being used in the English localization was a creative decision rather than a direct translation of her name.
  • Yellow and Emerald are the only main characters not directly based on game characters.
  • Most of Yellow's Pokémon have received a drawback in level, since in the Yellow arc, all her Pokémon were around level sixty, while at the end of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, their levels are as listed above.
  • With the destruction of Blue and Green's original Pokédexes and Yellow receiving Red's, she is the holder of the oldest existing Pokédex.
  • Yellow is the first main Pokémon Adventures character whose name is not either the same or a translation of the Japanese name of a main series game.
  • Yellow is the only Kanto Pokédex holder to have all her Pokémon be from Generation I.
  • Yellow's birthday is the same day as when the first chapter of Pokémon Adventures was serialized.
  • Yellow took the longest time out of any of the main characters to get a Pokédex, having debuted in the Red, Green & Blue arc and not getting hers until the FireRed & LeafGreen arc.
  • Yellow is 4'10" (148 cm) tall and weighs 85 lbs (39 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese イエロー Yellow From Pokémon Yellow
English, Czech, Finnish,
Brazilian Portuguese
Yellow From Pokémon Yellow
French Jaune* From Pokémon Version Jaune (Pokémon Yellow)
German Gelb From Pokémon Gelbe Edition (Pokémon Yellow)
Italian Giallo From Pokémon Versione Gialla (Pokémon Yellow)
Spanish Amarillo From Pokémon Edición Amarilla (Pokémon Yellow)
Korean 옐로 Yellow Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 小洛 Xiǎo Luò* Partial transliteration of her Japanese name
小黄 Xiǎo Huáng* From 黄 huáng, yellow
Chinese (Cantonese) 小洛 Síu Lohk Same as Taiwanese name
Thai เยลโล่ว์ Yellow Transliteration of her Japanese name
Vietnamese Yellow Transliteration of her Japanese name

Amarillo del Bosque Verde

Language Name Origin
Japanese イエロー・デ・トキワグローブ Yellow de Tokiwa Grove Means Yellow of Tokiwa Grove
English Amarillo del Bosque Verde*
Yellow of Viridian Forest*
Spanish for Yellow of Viridian Forest
Translation of Amarillo del Bosque Verde
French Jaune de la Forêt de Jade* Direct translation of her Japanese name
Jamy de Jadegant* From Jadegant, jade glove
German Gelb aus dem Grünen Wald Direct translation of her English name
Italian Giallo da Viridian Grove*
Giallo di Bosco Smeraldo*
Direct translation of her Japanese name
Direct translation of her English name
Korean 옐로·상록 글로브 Yellow Sangnok Grove Direct translation of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 常磐森林的小洛 Chángpán Sēnlín de Xiǎo Luò*
洛·蒂·常磐葛洛芙 Luò dì Chángpán Géluòfú*
Direct translation of her Japanese name
Partial transliteration of her Japanese name
小黃·代·常盘丁香 Xiǎo Huáng dài Chángpán Dīngxiāng*
小黃·代·常磐丁香 Xiǎo Huáng dài Chángpán Dīngxiāng*
小黄·常磐 Xiǎohuáng Chángpán*
常磐市的小黄 Chángpán Shì de Xiǎo Huáng*
From 代 dài, 常盘 Chángpán (Tokiwa), and 丁香 dīngxiāng (clove)
From 代 dài, 常磐 Chángpán (Tokiwa), and 丁香 dīngxiāng (clove)
From 常磐 Chángpán (Tokiwa)
Means Yellow of Viridian City
Chinese (Hong Kong) 常青森林的小洛 Sèuhngchīng Sāmlàhm dīk Síu Lohk Direct translation of her Japanese name
Czech, Finnish, Norwegian Yellow de Viridian Grove Direct translation of her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Yellow do Bosque Viridian Literally Yellow of Viridian Grove
Vietnamese Yellow de Tokiwa Globe Direct translation of her Japanese name


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 治癒者 Jihyuhjé
Mandarin 治癒者 Zhìyùzhě *
治愈之人 Zhìyù-zhī Rén *
  Czech Léčitel
  Italian Guaritore
  Korean 치료해 주는 자 Chiryohae Juneun Ja
치료하는 자 Choryohaneun Ja *
  Brazilian Portuguese O Curandeiro
  European Spanish Sanador
  Vietnamese Người chữa thương

Yellow's Pokémon

Main article: Ratty → Names
Main article: Dody → Names
Main article: Omny → Names
Main article: Kitty → Names
Main article: Chuchu → Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese ゴロすけ Golosuke From ゴローン Golone (Graveler)
English Gravvy*
From Graveler
Similar to Japanese name
French Gravounet* From Gravalanch (Graveler)
German Geon From Georok (Graveler)
Spanish, Italian Gravvy Same as its English VIZ Media name
Chinese (Mandarin) 小隆隆 Xiǎolónglóng From 隆隆石 Lónglóngshí (Graveler)
Czech Gravimír From Graveler and -mír
Brazilian Portuguese Gravelito From Graveler
Vietnamese Gorosuke Transliteration of his Japanese name

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