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Onix Is On!
VS イワーク
VS Iwark
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 5 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 5 in Wanted: Pikachu
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 5 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

Onix Is On! (Japanese: VS イワーク VS Iwark) is the fifth chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Red rushes into the gym, stopping as he sees a battle already in progress, the crowd cheering as Blue's Charmeleon sends out a move. After Red watches the battle, he quickly registers and steps up into the ring, facing a muscular Trainer and his Graveler. Pika refuses to battle, and Red is forced to choose between either Saur or Poli, both low on health. He sends in Poli, and the opposing Trainer predicts an easy win. Poli gets off the first attack with a Water Gun, followed up with Ice Beam, freezing and shattering the opponent's Pokémon. Red fears taking even a single attack, knowing it would immediately end the battle. Poli's speed and Saur's power create a strong force, allowing Red to take out multiple other Trainers in just one move each.

In the back entrance of the gym, as he prepares to battle Brock, Red begs Pika to fight, knowing that Saur and Poli are both completely drained. Pika still refuses, but Red pushes him up into the ring, and they are forced to start the battle as Brock wastes no time making the first move, ordering his Onix to use Rock Throw. Pika dodges every rock except for one, infuriating him and causing him to attack Red. Brock looks on in confusion, quickly turning into anger as he watches Pika chase Red around the ring, realizing that evidently Red had only won up to this point on pure luck. He calls on Onix's "ultimate attack", spinning its body up into a tornado, and comes down on Pika with Skull Bash, who is rescued just in time as Red dives to grab him away.

Pika looks up at Red with appreciation, remembering the nice things Red has said to him as Red apologizes for forcing Pika to fight. Still in the fight, Brock orders Onix to attack Pika again, but Pika steps in to attack, finally feeling camaraderie with Red. A huge electric attack strikes Onix, causing all its segments to separate, as the crowd, Red, and Brock look on in complete shock. Pika strikes a pose of victory, and Red is awarded the Boulder Badge.

Later, Red and his Pokémon sit in a field as Red admires his badge, thanking Pika and introduces him to the rest of the team. Red formally asks Pika to come with him, and as they agree on it with a handshake, Pika shocks him and starts chasing after him, leaving Red embarrassed that he thought he was finally getting somewhere.

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