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Wanted: Pikachu!
VS ピカチュウ
VS Pikachu
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 1
Round number 4
Location Pewter City
Previous Round The Secret of Kangaskhan
Next Round Onix Is On!

Wanted: Pikachu! (Japanese: VS ピカチュウ VS Pikachu) is the fourth round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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As Red arrives in Pewter City, a group of angry townspeople pursues a wild Pikachu that steals and eats their produce. However, every time they corner it, the Mouse Pokémon escapes using its electricity. After reading a poster that fell off a building, Red decides that it would be in his best interest to give them a hand. Watching the townspeople's pathetic attempts to try to catch the Pikachu, including trapping it with a net, Red challenges it to a battle and chooses Bulbasaur to defeat the troublemaker. Red has Bulbasaur use Sleep Powder, which sends Pikachu to sleep. After his reward from the townspeople, Red shows them his Pokédex and they watch in amazement.

Afterward, in the outskirts of Pewter City, Red tries befriending his newly caught Pikachu, but to no avail. Blue shows up and reveals he is planning on challenging Brock, the leader of the Pewter City Gym, and he challenges Red to try to be the first to defeat Brock and win the Boulder Badge. Red accepts the challenge and the next day visits the Pokémon Center to prepare himself for the big battle ahead, but he finds the Pokémon Center closed due to damage from vandals, and the only Pokémon he has with full energy is the troublesome Pikachu.

Major events

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  • On page 59, on the night before Red's battle with the Pewter Gym Leader, Brock, Red says that he will get his Pokémon "healled", instead of "healed"
  • Blue tells Red that his Pikachu won't work against Brock's Pokémon because they're Rock-type. Though this is technically untrue, all of Brock's Pokémon at this point are Rock/Ground, making them immune to Pikachu's Electric-type attacks.

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