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Wanted: Pikachu!
VS ピカチュウ
VS Pikachu
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 4 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 4 in Wanted: Pikachu
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 4 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Pewter City

Wanted: Pikachu! (Japanese: VS ピカチュウ VS Pikachu) is the fourth chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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As Red arrives in Pewter City, a group of angry townspeople rush past him, as a wanted poster falls off the wall nearby. He picks it up, revealing that the townspeople are chasing after a wild Pikachu, and Red decides to help out. They corner Pikachu, catching it under a net as it stops to eat some fruit from a nearby food stall. Pikachu gets away using its electricity on the net, baiting more chase from the angry crowd.

Red decides to stop standing by, and calls out Saur, pulling the Pikachu into a battle. It attacks Saur, to no effect as Red commands out Sleep Powder, putting Pikachu to sleep, allowing it to be caught effortlessly. Red holds up Pikachu's Poké Ball with pride, as the townspeople celebrate. They treat him to a lavish meal for taking care of the pest that was ruining their businesses, and ask him about where he's from and why he's in Pewter City. He shows off his Pokédex as Pikachu starts getting agitated inside its Poké Ball.

Red takes Pikachu out into a field in an attempt to better befriend it, unable to make any headway before Blue shows up and chastises him for taking such a casual attitude to filling out his Pokédex. Red gets angry and starts gearing up for a fight, but before they can start, Blue mentions he's going to seek out Brock, the leader of the Pewter City Gym, to earn the Boulder Badge. He challenges Red to see which of them can earn the badge first, teasing him by saying it won't be much of a challenge when he can't even train Pikachu. Red accepts, and Blue leaves, derisively wishing him good luck.

Afterwards, Red finds a poster laying in the grass saying that the Pewter City Gym's next challenge is the following day at noon. Red gets himself excited at the prospect of beating Blue, before remembering that his Pokémon are low on health and decides to head to a Pokémon Center first thing next morning. He finds the Pokémon Center closed, their machines damaged by vandals, leaving his disobedient Pikachu as the only Pokémon he has at full health. Red rushes into the gym, stopping as he sees a battle already in progress, the crowd cheering as a Charmeleon sends out a move.

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  • On page 59, on the night before Red's battle with the Pewter Gym Leader, Brock, Red says that he will get his Pokémon "healled", instead of "healed"
  • Blue tells Red that his Pikachu won't work against Brock's Pokémon because they're Rock-type. Though this is technically untrue, all of Brock's Pokémon at this point are Rock/Ground, making them immune to Pikachu's Electric-type attacks.

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PS003 : The Secret of Kangaskhan
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS005 : Onix Is On!
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