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VS ケンタロス
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Shogakukan full volume Chapter 16 in Vol. 2
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VIZ Media full volume Adventure 16 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Tauros the Tyrant (Japanese: VS ケンタロス VS Kentauros) is the 16th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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At the Rocket Game Corner, a Team Rocket Grunt informs Ken that they are close to finding Green. Meanwhile in Celadon City, Red is still frustrated over the loss of his Badges, knowing that Green must have stolen them, and vows to get his revenge. He pulls out his map, knowing that she couldn't have made it very far in such a short time.

Suddenly, two Team Rocket Grunts walk past, and Red overhears them discussing their multiple unsuccessful attempts at capturing Green. Red is intrigued to learn that they're looking for her too, giving him an idea. He knocks one of them out and steals his clothes to infiltrate Team Rocket's hideout. Red then enters the Rocket Game Corner, where he and the other Team Rocket Grunts are quickly ordered to take a hidden staircase down to the secret underground laboratory. Once in the laboratory they are shown a half-formed Pokémon in a vat, three sets of shackles and chains affixed to its arm and leg.

Red overhears from a scientist nearby that this Pokémon is Mewtwo, formed from Mew's cells that the Grunts had obtained. He explains that a single cell doesn't have enough genetic data to form a complete Pokémon, and that they either need to capture Mew itself, or capture Green to recover the data disk that she stole. Red gains some respect for Green, but wonders what the "Mew" they keep mentioning even is. Suddenly, all the Grunts are assembled, as Green has been spotted.

Out in a field, Green and her Wartortle Blasty are surrounded by over a dozen Grunts, who all send out their Pokémon in an attempt to recover the disk. The Grunts make a last attempt to ask her to hand it over, but she refuses, because she wants to capture Mew for herself. She tosses the disk to Blasty, who catches it in his mouth. Knowing the disk could be damaged in an attack, the Grunts still make an effort to retrieve it. Two Grunts command their Machamp and Hitmonlee to attack, but as Blasty dodges between them, the two Pokémon strike each other, both being knocked out in a single hit. As she gloats, Red is furious when he notices that she is wearing his stolen Badges as earrings.

The highest-ranking member of Team Rocket present loses his patience and calls out his Tauros, a Pokémon that he warns Green was the leader of his herd, once called "King of the Safari Zone", and has the power to control other Pokémon by whipping his three tails. The Tauros commands all of Team Rocket's Pokémon at once, quickly neutralizing Wartortle and recovering the disc. With the tide of battle turning against her, and finding herself backed up against a cliff edge, Green switches Wartortle for her Ditto, much to the amusement of the Grunts present. Unable to allow himself to stand by as Tauros charges her down, Red jumps on her, knocking them both to the ground as the Tauros passes by overhead and tumbles down the cliff with Ditto.

Recognizing Red, Green seems happy to see him, but Red is more concerned about her Pokémon getting sent over the cliff. Behind them, Tauros has climbed its way back up the cliff, but much to the surprise of the Rocket Grunts, Tauros commands all the Pokémon to attack them. Green quickly pulls on Red's hand to lead him away, but one of the Grunts ask him why he isn't capturing her. Green pulls off Red's disguise and they both make an escape by grabbing onto Green's Jigglypuff as it floats away. As they ascend higher, the Tauros reveals itself to be Green's Ditty, who had been utilizing its power to transform into other Pokémon, before it is returned by Green to its Poké Ball.

Watching Red and Green make their escape, the Grunts curse their bad luck but note, at least, they completed their mission of retrieving the disc holding information on Mew.

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