Cerise Island

Cerise Island
スオウ島 Suō Island
Cerise Island.png
Cerise Island as seen in Pokémon Adventures
Region Kanto
Debut Can't Catch Caterpie!

Cerise Island (Japanese: スオウ島 Suō Island) is a location in the Pokémon Adventures manga. It is located somewhere to the west of Cinnabar Island. The island is unmapped and almost unknown. There is also a dormant volcano inside of it. It is called a "gigantic badge energy amplifier" by Lance as with seven of the Badges located around the perimeter of the island under its rock spires and the Earth Badge in the center of the island over the volcano, it performs the same function as the device used by Team Rocket, but on a much grander scale.

It was the headquarters of the Elite Four during the Yellow arc, whose plans were to decimate the entire human race save for themselves and their allied Trainers. They felt that humans were destroying Pokémon and only by killing all humans could the Pokémon be saved.

Cerise Island appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga, volumes 4-7, where Yellow, Bill, Blue, Green, Red, Koga, Sabrina, and Lt. Surge battle against Lance, Agatha, Bruno, and Lorelei in order to save the human race. Lugia also makes an appearance above Cerise Island.

Due to Chuang Yi separately translating the manga, the area is also called Salt Island in English.



Language Name Origin
Japanese スオウ島 Suō Island From 蘇芳色 suō-iro, the burgundy color of sappanwood dye
English Cerise Island* From cerise, a vivid pink color
Salt Island* Similar to its Japanese name
French Île Flamboyante* From flamboyant, flaming
Île Sulfur* From sulfur, an element commonly found in volcanic regions
German Karmininsel From Karmin, carmine
Italian Isola Sommacco From sommacco, sumac
Spanish Isla Cereza From cereza, cherry red
Korean 스오우섬 Seuou Seom Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 蘇芳島 / 苏芳岛 Sūfāng Dǎo* From the Japanese 蘇芳 Suō
深红岛 Shēnhóng Dǎo* From 深红 shēnhóng, deep red
Czech Šarlatový ostrov From šarlatový, scarlet
Brazilian Portuguese Ilha Cerise*
Ilha de Cerise*
From its English name
Thai เกาะซู Keāa Sū Transliteration of Japanese name
Vietnamese Đảo Suou Transliteration of Japanese name


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