Sun Sun

Sun Sun (Japanese: サンサン Sun Sun) is a bakery and cafe owned by Nazuna's father in the Phantom Thief Pokémon 7 manga. It is where Hiori and Nazuna work. Mako, the reporter, loves the bread at Sun Sun.

Sun Sun


Sun Sun makes its first appearance where Hiori is seen serving bread to people before being pulled away by Nazuna for a Pokémon battle. It is next seen when Hiori finds out that she has developed a crush on Pokémon Seven and where he meets Mako, a reporter who is aiming to find out Pokémon Seven's true identity. Next, Sun Sun is seen when Mako is ordering a large amount of bread and almost reveals information of a mysterious organization that has been the subject of many Pokémon thefts.

Sometime later, after Hiori manages to successfully rescue his missing sister, Lily, from Team Galactic's mind control, she is taken to Sun Sun to get some rest. After Lily wakes up from her sleep, two Team Galactic Grunts attack the bakery looking for Pokémon Seven and Lily. Nazuna and her father try to protect the bakery and almost succeed until the Grunts attack the bakery itself, forcing her father to get himself injured by jumping in front of the attack. Hiori then steps in, defeats the Grunts, and reveals his secret identity to Nazuna before heading out to stop Team Galactic's plan to cover the world in darkness.

Sun Sun on fire

Sun Sun is last seen when Nazuna reads a newspaper that reveals that Hiori, Rocco, and Lily are all alive after going missing when they defeated Team Galactic.

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