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Sea Sea Seadra
VS シードラ
VS Seadra
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 43 in Vol. 4
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 3 in The Ice Cage
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 43 in Vol. 4
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Viridian Forest

Sea Sea Seadra (Japanese: VS シードラ VS Seadra) is the 43rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Viridian Forest, the boy who received Pika from Professor Oak sits by a river to fish. Letting Pika go off on a walk on his own, the boy feels a tug on his line, and reels in a Seaking. The boy shrugs after failing to capture it, recognizing that he shouldn't have expected to catch it without a battle.

Elsewhere in the forest, Bill has almost reached Viridian City, commenting that he hasn't been there since two years prior when Red was heading to the Indigo Plateau. Suddenly he catches sight of a Weezing and a Sandslash, confirming his suspicion that the ecology of the forest is still suffering after Team Rocket's experiments two years ago. He chuckles to himself as he writes on his notepad, planning on eventually bringing the data to the Celadon University as part of his thesis. A silhouetted Pikachu appears behind him, catching his attention and causing him to give pursuit. He slips and falls into a nearby river, struggling to keep his head above water due to the weight of the bag he's carrying.

Pika quickly returns to the boy, who begins frantically gesturing that someone needs their help. The boy kneels down in front of Pika, keeping silent as he closes his eyes and places his outstretched hand in front of Pika's face. After staying silent for a moment, the boy gathers his fishing rod and heads to where Bill fell into the river, arriving just as he sinks below the surface. The boy nervously promises to rescue Bill and casts a rope into the water and begins straining to pull him ashore.

Just as the boy asks Bill if he's okay, they notice a massive vortex in the water behind them, from which an enraged wild Seadra appears. The Seadra attacks, threatening to drag Bill back into the water, causing the boy to spring into action, quickly ordering a Thunder Wave from Pika. The boy nervously wonders if the attack was strong enough, but the Seadra simply shrugs, left unaffected. As the boy worries that Bill will get trapped in Seadra's vortex, Pika begins running towards Bill along the rope to close the distance and uses a Thunder Shock, furthering angering the Seadra and causing it to thrash in the water.

The rope snaps, leaving Bill and Pika stranded out in the current. Thinking quickly, the boy picks up his fishing rod, standing quietly with his eyes closed and holding the Poké Ball affixed to the end of the fishing line in front of him. Focusing his mind on the Poké Ball as he lets go of it, the Poké Ball travels in a perfect trajectory to strike Seadra, leaving it captured. The river now calm again, Bill and Pika wonder in confusion about what they witnessed.

Bill breathes a sigh of relief and thanks the boy for helping him out. The boy seems calm and collected, yawning as he asks Bill to give his thanks to Pika as well. Bill expresses his surprise at Pika's presence, noting that he had already recognized the Pokémon as being familiar to him. After the boy helps Bill out of the water, he turns his attention to healing up Seadra from the battle, smiling to himself as he holds the Pokémon's Poké Ball, leaving the researcher to look on in confusion.

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  • Yellow stating that Pika is bad at underwater battles was mistranslated as saying he's weak against Water-types.

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