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Do Do That Doduo
VS ドードー
VS Dodo
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 42 in Vol. 4
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 2 in Pikachu's New Partner
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 42 in Vol. 4
Series Pokémon Adventures

Do Do That Doduo (Japanese: VS ドードー VS Dodo) is the 42nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In the outskirts of Pallet Town, a young stranger riding on a Doduo calls to some local children. Sketching a picture, the stranger asks if anyone has seen a certain Pikachu.

In Professor Oak's Laboratory, Professor Oak lifts up the severely wounded Pika in his arms and frantically tries to ask him about what happened to Red and his other Pokémon. Misty, still on call, reminds him of the severity of Pika's condition and he rushes to place Pika inside a restoration machine. Considering the letter that Red has received, they conclude he must have been defeated by the Trainer who sent it, being someone by the name of Bruno. They both struggle to believe that anyone could beat Red, but Professor Oak can't think of any other explanation for Red's absence and Pika's condition. He decides to ask everyone he knows for help, and asks Misty to do the same with all the other Gym Leaders.

Suddenly, the stranger from earlier enters the Laboratory, still riding Doduo. Greeting a confused Professor Oak, they dismount Doduo and quickly begin glancing around the building, as Oak nervously asks if they could come back another time. Spotting the restoration machine, the stranger's face lights up upon seeing Pika in his Poké Ball, and releases him from the machine into his arms, happy that what he had been told about Pika returning back to Pallet Town is true. Professor Oak enters a rage, sputtering questions about the stranger's assertiveness, but enters a state of surprise after seeing that Pika is apparently familiar with him. They both begin to leave until the Professor stops them, finding out that the stranger knows Red, and also knew that he was missing. He also tries to find out who he is and how he knew Pika was in Pallet Town, but they are unwilling to answer.

Professor Oak begins to grow irritated again, before being interrupted, as the stranger clarifies his intent to find and rescue Red from whatever danger he might be in. The Professor is silent for a moment, and the two exchange glances, before he sends out his Spearow and has it use Fury Attack, declaring that if the stranger can't even prove his skills against him, he has no chance against whatever force took down Red, a Pokémon League Champion who has been honing his skills for two years.

Responding with his Doduo, the stranger orders a Whirlwind that Spearow counters with Mirror Move, forcing the match into an apparent stalemate. Professor Oak ponders the situation, concluding that Red would have already figured out a way to break out of the Mirror Move. He begins to admonish the boy for his poor tactics, trying to get him to recognize that despite his good intent, he wouldn't be able to help Red.

Suddenly, Doduo begins dashing in circles around its opponent, Spearow trying to stay face to face but ends up passing out from spinning around so much. Just before Spearow hits the ground, the stranger commands Pika to rescue it, and provides it with a safe landing. Professor Oak is left annoyed, remarking that you can't settle a battle just by making the opponent dizzy. The stranger laughs, and tells him to be glad that neither of the Pokémon got hurt. Suddenly struck by the thought, Oak is left to marvel at the battle that just took place, so carefully calculated and controlled that neither Pokémon was left with a single scratch on them. Impressed, he asks the boy to follow him, leading him to Red's house.

Professor Oak notices Red's Pokédex still at home, and berates the boy for leaving it behind. As the two stand quietly in Red's bedroom, Oak notes that the stranger somehow knew Red's nickname for Pika despite him never having said it in front of him, making obvious that he understands the connection between Red and his Pokémon despite his rudeness. Since Pika's instinct is to trust him, Oak has decided to trust him too, recognizing that despite the unknowns, he must truly be a friend of Red.

Entrusting the boy with Red's Pokédex, Oak sends him on his way. As they cheerfully walk off, Oak quietly wonders to himself, was Pika was suddenly restored to full health after being touched by that boy, or was it was just in his imagination?

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