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Drat That Dratini!
VS ミニリュウ
VS Miniryu
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 36 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 36 in Return to Viridian Gym
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 36 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures

Drat That Dratini! (Japanese: VS ミニリュウ VS Miniryu) is the 36th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Viridian Forest, a young girl finds herself lost when a Dratini jumps out of a nearby bush to strike, but just before impact, Red is able to push her out of the way as Saur holds it in place with its vines. Asking the girl if she's okay, he quickly orders a single Vine Whip from Saur, knocking out the Dratini.

The girl recovers, and marvels at Saur, wishing she could have a companion as well. Finding out she doesn't have any Pokémon on her own, Red decides to lend her a hand. As a wild Rattata passes by, he hands her a Poké Ball and tells her to throw it out just as he did earlier. Out comes Pika, and Red shows her his Pokédex, asking her to select an attack. Pika fidgets restlessly as he waits for an order, and the girl decides on Thunder Shock, incapacitating the Rattata. Red is happy to see Pika enjoying his home environment, and at his request asks the girl to throw a Poké Ball. The Rattata is caught, and he happily informing her that a successful capture means she's now responsible for it, and it will obey all her orders, also letting her know that Poké Balls will always shrink down to fit in your pocket, no matter the size of the catch.

Suddenly, they notice many sets of eyes watching them from the nearby bush, leaving them both nervous. Red tries to reassure her, but his thoughts reveal his concern, noting that wild Pokémon aren't normally so aggressive. A group of Golem and Weezing jump out of the foliage, leaving them surrounded. Thinking quickly, he throws down a Poké Ball, and the Pokémon are left confused as the two Trainers have vanished in a puff of smoke. From up above, they both cling onto Aero as they set a course for Viridian City after the girl reveals it as her home. As they travel through the air, Red wonders about Dratini's presence in the forest, and doesn't understand why those Pokémon attacked them all at once.

Having arrived in Viridian City, the girl's friends chastise her for wandering into the forest when such strange things have been happening there. Red interrupts them and asks them to clarify. One of them explains that dozens of Pokémon have been appearing out of nowhere, including species that they've never seen before. Nervously wondering about the situation to himself, Red checks his Pokédex. Taking him out of his thoughts, the girl curiously asks about the device, Red telling her that it's a Pokédex he got from Professor Oak and he's working to fill it with information on every Pokémon.

Two of the other children are astonished that he knows the famous professor from Pallet Town, and Red proudly introduces himself as a Trainer also from Pallet Town, currently heading to the Indigo Plateau, looking for other Trainers to battle on his way. The two boys apologize, letting him know there hasn't been any worthwhile trainers in Viridian City since the famously unbeatable Gym Leader vanished a long time ago, leaving the gym permanently closed. Red asks for directions anyways, and before leaving, he gives the girl some advice about Pokémon. He explains that although they can scare you, they're all inherently kind and loving. If they have bad Trainers they can grow up to do bad things, but they will always be a companion as long as you raise them with care. She takes the advice to heart, and Red quickly gets to the other side of the river with Gyara, leaving the girl and her friends stunned.

Arriving at the closed Viridian City Gym, he has Saur and his vines explore the exterior of the building for clues. Reminiscing on when they first met at the same place, he feels determined to figure out the mystery of the missing Gym Leader. The outside providing no clues, they both find their way inside of the building, stumbling around in the darkness until they notice the figure of another person. It reveals itself to be a bust of a man on a pedestal, heavily damaged, the name of the Gym Leader on the plaque now unreadable.

Struck with the familiarity of the bust, Saur quickly pulls Red close with his vines, as a bright light fills the room. Suddenly, a man is present, his figure obscured by shadow as he begins to approach Red. He comments that he knew he would come here eventually, and welcomes him to the Viridian City Gym, having been waiting for him to arrive for a long time. As Red is left to wonder who he is and how he knows his name, a small smirk begins on the man's face.

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