Black (Adventures)

ブラック Black
Black Adventures.png
Age 16 (as of Black 2 & White 2 arc)
Gender Male
Birthday October 8
Blood type O
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Nuvema Town (original hometown unknown)
Region Unova
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Hilbert

Black (Japanese: ブラック Black) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Black emptying his mind

Black is a young man who aspires to be the Champion of the Unova Pokémon League. He has been dreaming of this since childhood, nine years to be exact. However, these dreams fill his head to the point where he cannot think about anything else and any attempts to cause him to pass out from mental exhaustion. With his Munna, Musha, Black can have him eat his dreams, which he refers to turning his mind from "blank white" to "solid black". This technique, known as (Japanese: 推理タイム Reasoning Time), allows him to think much more clearly, become smarter, and improve perception. Also, when he does this, he apparently sees in hexagons. Due to his dreams causing him to forget about other things, Black has the tendency to do things without considering the consequences of his actions and their effects on other people. As the series goes on, Black slowly begins to consider the feelings of others and even manages to be able to think about other things for brief periods of time.

He has been described as "hot blooded" by several characters due to his loud nature and tendency to do things on his own. He doesn't understand show business like White does and many aspects of it surprise him, such as Gigi and Tep getting to stay in a hotel room while he and White have to camp out. He is very familiar with libraries and went there frequently as a child, allowing him to complete Lenora's Gym puzzle very quickly, setting a new record in the process. Black's tendency to dream also causes him to miss the things happening around him, such as when he completely forgot his promise with his friends Cheren and Bianca once he received the package holding the Pokémon and Pokédexes they were going to receive. For his skills, he is given the title of "Dreamer" (夢みる者 Dreamer), which he shares with White.


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Black & White arc

Black at age five

Black debuted in Choices, where he received a package from Professor Juniper containing a Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and three Pokédexes. Having developed a cold from standing in the rain all night waiting for the package caused Black to sneeze and release the Pokémon from their Poké Balls. A fight broke out between the first partner Pokémon, causing Tepig to run off with Black chasing after it. Black later found Tepig trapped on a tree, being attacked by a hidden Pokémon. With Musha's help, Black deduced the culprit to be a wild Sewaddle, which Tepig quickly defeated. Afterward, Tepig joined Black's team and was nicknamed Tep.

In Black's First Trainer Battle, Black met Hiker Andy, a Trainer that once dreamed of competing in the Pokémon League, but failed multiple times and eventually gave up. After helping Andy put out a fire his Cottonee accidentally started, Black encouraged the man to try and continue challenging the Pokémon League again.

In Lights, Camera...Action!, Black arrived in Accumula Town, where he accidentally interrupted the filming of a Xtransceiver commercial. There, he met White, the president of the BW Agency, a Pokémon talent agency. When some of the film crew were knocked unconscious, Black was blamed for the incident, but he proved his innocence by unveiling the true culprit, a wild Galvantula, and catching it. Despite his success, Black accidentally destroyed the recording equipment in the process and had to pay it back. Wanting to use Tep as an actor alongside her Tepig, Gigi, White forced Black to work for her while she paid off his debt.

In An Odd Speech, Black and White camped out for the night, but were forced to change locations when a pair of Team Plasma Grunts revealed they had a permit to build a stage in the area. The next day, Black and White witnessed Ghetsis, one of Team Plasma's Seven Sages, give a speech that convinced several people to release their Pokémon. Angered, Black went to try and stop Team Plasma from making more speeches, but lost them and was challenged to a battle by N, a young man able to understand what Pokémon are saying. N claimed that Pokémon and humans should be kept separate, but learned from the voices of Black's Pokémon that some Pokémon actually want to be with humans. Though Black lost the battle, N left while mulling over what he had just learned.

In Welcome to Striaton City!!, Black was approached by Cheren and Bianca at the Striaton Gym. They chastised Black for leaving home without them and causing their Pokédexes to get damaged and need repairs. Seeing the conversation, the Gym Leaders, Cilan, Cress, and Chili, allowed Cheren and Bianca to participate in the Gym battle alongside Black. Together with his friends, Black defeated the triplet Gym Leaders and earned the Trio Badge. Afterward, Black apologized for his impatience and gave Cheren and Bianca a Xtransceiver each so they could keep in touch with him.

In Battle at the Dreamyard, Black and White met Fennel, a scientist researching the power of dreams. When Musha flew off to the Dreamyard, Black and others followed after it. There, they discovered a trio of Plasma Grunts had captured Musha. Using his dreams, Black lured Musha back, allowing him to use his deduction skills to defeat the Plasma Grunts' Watchog, forcing them to flee. Afterward, Black allowed Fennel to take a sample of Musha's Dream Mist

In Wheeling and Dealing, Black and White arrived at Nacrene City. There, Black faced Lenora, the Nacrene Gym Leader, and defeated her, winning the Basic Badge in the process. Later, Black assisted Hawes in retrieving several stolen museum exhibits, one of which was a Dragon fossil. With help from Burgh, another Gym Leader, Black discovered the thief was Gorm of the Seven Sages and defeated him. Just before fleeing, Gorm revealed Team Plasma's goal is to find a certain Dragon-type Pokémon to aid their ideals.

In A Direct Attack and a Daunting Defense, Black and White passed by Pinwheel Forest, where an unseen Pokémon attacked them. They later found out from Janitor Geoff that the attacker was the Legendary Pokémon, Virizion. After defeating Geoff in battle, Black and White said their farewells and arrived at their next destination, Castelia City.

Black reciting his pledge

In Big City Battles, Black noticed that Tep was about to evolve, but White forcibly stopped it, worried that Tep's new form would be bad for business. Black later challenged the Castelia Gym, where he faced Burgh in battle. Despite White's earlier protests, Black allowed Tep to battle, where it evolved into a Pignite and won, earning Black the Insect Badge. Afterward, Black helped Iris retrieve a Pokémon that Team Plasma had stolen from Bianca. With Tep's new sense of smell, they tracked the thieves, who were being led by Bronius of the Seven Sages, and defeated them. Afterward, White chastised Black for letting Tep evolve before revealing she had already thought of some new character dynamics for Tep and Gigi to act in. As they left, Black decided to change Tep's name to Nite to better match his new form.

In Sandstorm, Black and White arrived at Route 4 while on their way to Nimbasa City. White went off to buy equipment to get past the sandstorm, leaving Black alone to study for his next Gym battle. There, he met Grimsley of the Unova Elite Four and watched the man defeat a Plasma Grunt disguised as a Worker. Grimsley offered to have a battle with Black, but only on the condition they both give up something important if they lost. Black chose to bet his Badges, but the risk of losing his one chance at competing at the League stressed Black to the point where he passed out. Black later awakened at a hotel in Nimbasa City, where he was taken to by White with Brav's help. Black was taken to the Pokémon Musical Theater, where he met the Nimbasa Gym Leader, Elesa, who promised to have their Gym battle later. In Battle on a Roller Coaster, Black faced Elesa in a Gym battle. Due to a malfunction, Black was forced to battle while trapped in a roller coaster car. Despite this setback, he eventually managed to win the battle and obtained the Bolt Badge.

In Unraveling Mysteries, White went missing, forcing Black to search for her. He eventually found her in the arms of the Elite Four member, Marshal, who had found White unconscious near the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel. After White was taken to a hospital to recover, she revealed that N was actually the king of Team Plasma and that he convinced Gigi to go with him and join his cause. Angered by this, Black attempted to interrogate the Servine N gave to White and get it to lead him to N, but failed. Soon after Black and White met Baker Chris, who told them about the Battle Subway, another Nimbasa tourist attraction that was still in development. At the Battle Subway, they met with Marshal, who was testing the area with Alder, the Pokémon League Champion. Wanting to understand why Gigi left her, White decided to ride the Battle Subway and learn how to battle in the process. The next day, Black helped White catch her first Pokémon, a Deerling, by catching a Tirtouga as a demonstration. Later, Black and White went their separate ways as White boarded the Battle Subway train. As she needed three Pokémon to participate, Black lent Brav to White so she could have a third party member to use.

In Drawing Bridges, Black attempted to cross the Driftveil Drawbridge, only to be hindered by a wild Zorua and its Illusion Ability. When Zorua tried to confuse Black's Pokémon by taking their Trainer's form, Black used Musha's ability to detect his dreams to uncover the fake and force Zorua to run away. Afterward, Black met Clay, the Driftveil Gym Leader, who explained that Zorua had been causing trouble for him and kept the drawbridge up, preventing anyone from crossing it and getting into Driftveil City.

In Fight in a Cold Climate, Black met with Cheren again. When Cheren's Snivy was stolen by a pair of Plasma Grunts, Black and Cheren teamed up at the Cold Storage to get it back. Later, Black challenged Clay for a Gym battle, which he won despite Costa initially refusing to listen to him. Clay revealed that Team Plasma had been spying on the Nacrene Museum as part of a plan to steal the Dark Stone, the dormant form of the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom. Black agreed to help Clay and the other Gym Leaders stop Team Plasma and together, they headed off to Mistralton City.

Black saying farewell to White

In Up in the Air, Black and Clay met with the other Unova Gym Leaders at the Celestial Tower. While they waited for Lenora's signal to begin their plan, Skyla, the Mistralton Gym Leader, noticed that Black was nervous about something and took him to the Mistralton Gym for a battle. During the battle, Black revealed that he was worried that Team Plasma's actions would lead to the Pokémon League being canceled. Deciding to use his stress as motivation to stop Team Plasma, Black regained his resolve and managed to defeat Skyla, earning the Jet Badge. Afterward, Skyla and the Gym Leaders took off on Skyla's plane to confront Team Plasma while Black followed after them on Skyla's Swanna.

In Museum Showdown, Black arrived at Nacrene City, where he watched the Gym Leaders battle the Shadow Triad. Black went inside the museum to prevent the Plasma Grunts inside from getting to the Dark Stone. After the Grunts were defeated, Black went outside, where he found the Shadow Triad defeated the Gym Leaders with the power of the Legendary Pokémon Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus and trapped them in a swirling vortex of wind, lighting, and dirt. Despite Nite evolving into an Emboar, Black was completely helpless against the Shadow Triad, who took the Gym Leaders to Team Plasma's castle. When Brycen managed to escape, he and Black went to the Dark Stone's safe room, only for Ghetsis to appear and knock Black unconscious with his Eelektross. Brycen revealed himself to be a Plasma Grunt in disguise and delivered the Dark Stone to Ghetsis. Later, Black was found by the real Brycen, who actually did escape. Brycen informed Drayden about what happened, revealing that Lenora was also in possession of the Light Stone, the dormant form of Zekrom's counterpart, Reshiram. The Light Stone rolled next to Black, choosing him to be the Hero of Truth. Brycen took Black and decided to train him so he could use the Light Stone.

In Decisions, Decisions, Black awakened on the Tubeline Bridge, where he trained with Brycen. After learning how to use Nite's new form, he changed its nickname to Bo. Once he defeated the Black Empoleon Bikergang and their leader, Jeremy, Black finished his training. Brycen's personal Doctor, Logan, took Black to the Icirrus Gym so Black and Brycen could have their Gym battle. During the battle, Costa evolved into a Carracosta defeated Brycen's Beartic, winning the battle and earning Black the Icicle Badge. Afterward, Black received the Light Stone, though he was unable to summon Reshiram from it. With only one Badge left, Black set out to get the last one, only to see a news report where Drayden revealed the League was going to be pushed up from three months to a week. Worried that he wouldn't be able to get his last Badge in time, Black panicked and ran off.

In A Week to Go and Old Wounds, Black decided to convince Drayden to let him participate in the League by capturing a Legendary Pokémon. At the Mistralton Cave, he met Shoko of the Patrat show. They went in the cave to rescue Shoko's friend, Trish of The Riches family, from Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion, who defeated her after Trish tried capturing them. Black managed to free Trish, but Trish and Shoko's Pokémon were taken by the Legendary Pokémon, who intended on freeing them from their Trainers. After following them, Black managed to convince Cobalion the Pokémon wanted to stay with their Trainers.

Musha leaving Black

In The Lesson Ends Here, Black reunited with White, who had finished her training and obtained a Pokédex as well. Shortly after, Black, White, and Iris witnessed Alder losing a battle to N. Noticing that N awakened Zekrom, the Light Stone briefly transformed into Reshiram before reverting to its dormant state. When N tried leaving, Cedric Juniper appeared and asked Black to team up with him and get N to reveal the whereabouts of the kidnapped Gym Leaders. With Bo, Amanda, and Cedric's Samurott, they managed to easily defeat N's Zorua and Gigi, but N revived the rest of his Pokémon, bringing them back to square one. Black tried getting Musha to clear his head, but it recoiled in fear instead. N told Black that his dreams changed over the course of his journey and were no longer appealing to Musha, meaning it no longer had a reason to stay with Black. As Musha floated away, Black fainted from the shock that the bond he shared with his longtime friend never truly existed.

In Dream a Little Dream, Black found himself at a hospital, where he learned the League's opening ceremony had already started while he slept. Feeling defeated, Black chose to go back home, but decided to stay after seeing how sad his Pokémon were to not be able to compete in the League. He went to Drayden and challenged him to a last-minute Gym battle, stating that he still had time until the tournament actually began. Drayden agreed and faced Black in a one-on-one battle in a hallway. Musha's betrayal still had Black in shock, preventing him from properly focusing. When Caitlin arrived and used her psychic powers to relay a message of encouragement from the Gym Leaders to Black, he regained his focus and defeated Drayden, earning the Legend Badge and a place in the League tournament.

Black vs Cheren

In Into the Quarterfinals!, Black battled through the tournament and made it to the Best 8 alongside Cheren, Iris, Gray, Leo, Looker, and Hood Man. In the first round of the quarterfinals, Black went up against Looker, disguised as a man named Lou Karr. Despite Looker's use of Croagunk, a Pokémon not native to Unova, Black managed to defeat him and advance to the next round. In the semifinals, Black went up against Iris, who wanted to defeat N and restore Alder's honor. Though both were determined to win, Black ended up the victor and advanced to the finals. Sympathizing with Iris's desire to avenge her master's teacher, Black promised that he would defeat N for both them.

In True Friends, Black faced Cheren, who had been acting strange throughout the tournament. Cheren revealed that after their previous encounter, he met Zinzolin, one of the Seven Sages, who convinced him to follow Team Plasma's ideals and pursue strength. Their battle eventually took them to the roof of the League building, where they had one final clash, ending in Black's victory. After passing out from a large amount of Dream Mist that filled the area, Black and Cheren shared a memory of their childhood when Cheren promised to support Black's dream. Black forgave Cheren and welcomed back Musha, who had evolved into a Musharna. Furious over his friend's manipulation, Black called out to Team Plasma and dared they come out of hiding. As he did this, Reshiram fully awakened from the Light Stone.

During the finals, White discovered that Gray was actually Zinzolin in disguise, but Hood Man teleported her away before she could reveal it. In Cold Hard Truth, Black told Zinzolin to tell him where White was taken to, only for the man to activate a remote and summon N's Castle from the depths of the earth. The castle surrounded the League building while several Plasma Grunts came out and cornered everyone. Ghetsis, the other sages, and N had the Gym Leaders hoisted on crucifixes as a means of insulting the League. Ghetsis mocked Black's helplessness, as his remaining allies were too preoccupied with the Grunts to help him. A voice denying that claim revealed itself to be Andy, who was joined by Geoff, Chris, Logan, Jeremy, Shoko, and Trish. The seven Trainers told Black to go on ahead while they stayed behind to free the Gym Leaders.

Black vs N
Black and Reshiram become the Light Stone

In Triple Threat, Black sent his Pokémon to help Andy's group while he teamed up with Reshiram to battle N and Zekrom. Due to not being used to fighting with Reshiram, Black struggled against N, but with Cedric Juniper's help, he learned how to utilize Reshiram's abilities properly and dealt a heavy blow to Zekrom with Reshiram's Fusion Flare. Zekrom quickly got back up and fled to the inside of the castle with Black and Reshiram following after them. Once inside, they continued their battle, but a second Zekrom appeared to assist the first. Easily seeing through the ruse, Black had Reshiram attack the real Zekrom, defeating it. The second Zekrom revealed itself to be Zorua, who had remained to help N despite him releasing all of his friends prior to the attack on the League. Black told N that Zorua wished to stay with him despite being released. N understood Zorua's wishes, but both ended up passing out.

Having finished their job outside, Black's team returned. The reunion was interrupted by Ghetsis, who revealed himself to be N's adoptive father and stated he was going to kill Black to make sure no one learned of N's defeat. With a team specifically designed to counter Black's, Ghetsis had the advantage. With Musha's help, Black discovered Ghetsis was using a secret weapon, the Sun Pokémon, Volcarona. After defeating Volcarona, Black quickly turned the tables on Ghetsis and defeated his team all at once, finally ending the battle with Team Plasma. Ghetsis tried escaping, but was trapped in a wall made by Costa's Stone Edge.

In A Difficult Parting, Black and White reunited again. N awakened and thanked Black and White for helping him see the error of his ways. N decided to go find his own path and left on Zekrom's back, leaving Zorua behind. With its counterpart gone, Reshiram began reverting into the Light Stone, the pull being so strong that Black feared he and White would be sucked in as well. This gave Ghetsis the idea to use Hood Man's Beheeyem to throw Black at Reshiram before making his escape. Knowing he was trapped, Black revealed he was wearing the BW Agency logo under his shirt and planned on revealing it to the audience after he won the tournament. Black asked if he paid off his debt, but was absorbed into the Light Stone before White could answer. As she confirmed that he did pay it off, White tried to reach out to the Light Stone, but it flew off to parts unknown as White cried out for Black to return.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Two years later, in N Returns, the Light Stone and Zekrom were summoned to Unova, having been pulled there by the growing power of Kyurem. The Light Stone made a detour and stopped at the Entralink, where it was found by White. After explaining to White about Team Plasma's return, N had White take the Light Stone to safety while he and Zekrom faced Ghetsis and Kyurem. He told White that Reshiram would awaken if Zekrom were absorbed by Kyurem and decided to leave the rest up to Black.

In Dream World, White was taken into the Light Stone after Kyurem reverted Zekrom into the Dark Stone, trapping N inside with it. White and N arrived at the Pokémon Dream World, where they reunited with Black. After Kyurem absorbed Zekrom to become Black Kyurem, N decided to fight it from the inside with Zekrom while Black and White headed outside to face Kyurem directly. Black and White teamed up to attack Kyurem, but their assault was cut short when N was ejected from the Dark Stone. With his opponents distracted, Ghetsis had Kyurem launch an attack before escaping. While they searched for Ghetsis, Black and White found Blake and Whitley on a nearby beach. The four Unova Pokédex holders introduced themselves and decided to stop Team Plasma together. After tracking Kyurem's whereabouts to the Giant Chasm with Musha's help, Black and the others rode on Reshiram's back to chase after Ghetsis.

In Giant Chasm, the group arrived at the Giant Chasm. There, they encountered Iris, who revealed she managed to succeed Alder as the Champion of Unova, and Gorm, who had betrayed Team Plasma to join the side of good. Tired of waiting for the heroes, Colress revealed himself and told Kyurem to freeze the surrounding area. When Kyurem stopped listening to Colress, Rood appeared, revealing his allies used a machine to disrupt the Colress Machine's effect. With Team Plasma's influence on it severed, Kyurem began rampaging, first releasing the Dark Stone before absorbing Reshiram to become White Kyurem. Frustrated at his machine's defeat, Colress threw the device away and fled, revealing he decided to quit Team Plasma. While Black, White, and Iris fought Kyurem, Blake chased after Colress while Whitley went to the Plasma Frigate to rescue N, who was held captive aboard the vessel.

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, an explosion tore the Plasma Frigate apart from the inside, setting it ablaze and causing it to crash. After preventing a large amount of liberated Pokémon from plummeting towards the ground, Kyurem separated itself from Reshiram before leaving. Black, White, and Iris rode on Reshiram's back in order to get the others off the ship to safe ground. The Plasma Frigate crashed into the abandoned N's Castle, setting the building on fire and putting the liberated Pokémon Team Plasma left behind in danger. Black, White, Blake, Whitley, Hugh, Cheren, Bianca, Benga, and Cedric Juniper combined the might of all three stages of the Unova first partner Pokémon and unleashed a triple Fire, Grass, and Water Pledge combination attack, successfully dousing the flames. Afterward, Ghetsis was arrested by the International Police and taken into custody. Black and N said their farewells to Reshiram and Zekrom, who flew off together to parts unknown.

In Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony, Black revealed that he would be entering the Aspertia City Trainers' School in order to prepare for when he challenged the Pokémon League again. Later, he attended the graduation ceremony, where he watched Blake, Whitley, and their classmates graduate.

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When nicknaming his Pokémon, Black takes the name of the Pokémon's final evolution and makes a name from that. The only exceptions are Bo, whose name is based on his current form and changed every time he evolved, and Reshiram, who doesn't have a name.

On hand

Main article: Brav

Brav (Japanese: ウォー Warr) is the very first Pokémon that Black caught. Black, as a child, first encountered Brav as a Rufflet after Bianca accidentally stepped on his food, angering the Eaglet Pokémon into attacking her. After a fierce battle, Black managed to capture Brav with the help of Musha. In addition to being a strong battler, Brav is a powerful flier and is capable of lifting his Trainer into the sky with ease. Brav was lent to White while she participated in the Battle Subway but was later returned to Black after she came back. As of The Power of Dreams, he is level 59, has a Brave nature, and his Characteristic is "likes to fight."

Debut Choices
Main article: Musha

Musha (Japanese: ムシャ Musha) is also one of Black's first Pokémon and the second he caught. Due to Black having so many dreams about conquering the Pokémon League, he can't think straight, but with Musha's ability to eat dreams, Black can "blank" his "black" mind to focus and sense things normal humans can't.

During an encounter with N in A Wretched Reunion, shortly after N defeats Alder, Musha appears to leave Black. N claims that Musha only followed Black's orders because his dreams tasted good to him and kept him fed; after the taste of Black's dreams changed over the course of his adventure, Musha abandoned Black. In True Friends he returned to Black, now evolved into a Musharna, and it is revealed that Musha had left Black earlier to find a way of becoming stronger. As of The Power of Dreams, he is level 59, has a Lonely nature, and his Characteristic is "takes plenty of siestas."

Debut Choices
Tep → Nite → Bo
Main article: Bo

Bo (Japanese: ブオウ Buoh), previously Nite (Japanese: チャオ Chao), and Tep (Japanese: ポカ Poka), is a Pokémon Black acquired from Professor Juniper. He is a very playful Pokémon, as evident when he releases White's Gigi from her Poké Ball. In battle, Bo is powerful, has quick reflexes, and can use his flames to show hidden objects along with attacking opponents. He is shown to protect White's Gigi whenever he is in battle, similar to how Black protects White. He evolved into a Pignite in The Case of the Missing Pokémon and Emboar in Museum Showdown. As of The Power of Dreams, he is level 51, has a Brave nature, and his Characteristic is "a little quick tempered."

Debut Fussing and Fighting
Main article: Tula

Tula (Japanese: チュラ Tula) is the fourth Pokémon on Black's team. Black caught Tula after he attacked the recording of a Xtransceiver advertisement. With Musha's help, Black was able to deduce the culprit, and used Tep to defeat and capture him. After an encounter with Team Plasma, Black was able to figure out that Tula was a Pokémon originally owned by a Trainer but was released into the wild because his Trainer was swayed by Ghetsis's speeches. As of The Power of Dreams, he is level 59, has an Adamant nature, and his Characteristic is "alert to sounds."

Debut Lights, Camera...Action
Main article: Costa

Black captured Costa (Japanese: ゴーラ Goura) in Nimbasa City when he was teaching White how to capture Pokémon. According to Marshal, Costa belonged to him but he released Costa the day before Black caught him because he was stubborn and would not listen to him. Due to him not being used to battling, Costa would not listen to any of Black's commands but eventually became friendly after a Gym battle with Clay. In Black's Gym battle against Brycen in A Cold Reception, Costa evolved into a Carracosta and managed to defeat his Beartic, giving Black the win. As of The Power of Dreams, he is level 45, has a Calm nature, and his Characteristic is "thoroughly cunning."

Debut Growing Pains


Main article: Tao trio (Adventures)

Reshiram is a Pokémon sealed inside of the Light Stone. Initially, it was held at the Nacrene Gym along with Zekrom's Dark Stone. After the Shadow Triad stole the Dark Stone from the Nacrene Gym, the Light Stone rolled towards an unconscious Black, having chosen him as the hero to wield it. Brycen took the Light Stone and Black to Icirrus City to train him and make him able to wield Reshiram's power. After Black defeated Brycen in their Gym battle, Brycen entrusted the Light Stone to Black. When Black found N in a battle against Alder, Reshiram felt the presence of N's Zekrom, causing it to be released from the Light Stone. However, with a glare from Zekrom, Reshiram returned to its Stone, indicating Black's inability to control it. After winning the Unova League tournament, Black's resolve to defeat Team Plasma finally allowed Reshiram to be fully released from the Light Stone.

After Ghetsis's defeat in the Black 2 & White 2 arc, Reshiram left Black.

Debut The Mystery of the Missing Fossil


Stoutland is a Pokémon Black borrowed from Bianca's father. It was borrowed by Bianca, Cheren, and Black to practice Pokémon battling.

None of Stoutland's moves are known.

Debut A Nickname for Tepig
Unfezant is a Pokémon Black borrowed from Bianca's father. He was borrowed by Bianca, Cheren, and Black to practice Pokémon battling.

None of Unfezant's moves are known.

Debut A Nickname for Tepig
Main article: Skyla's Swanna

Black borrowed Skyla's Swanna so that he could have a flying Pokémon take him to Nacrene City. Upon arriving, it was returned to its Trainer.

Debut Up in the Air


Badges obtained

Black's eight Unova Gym Badges

Pokémon League

Black has competed in the following Pokémon Leagues:


  • Out of all the Pokédex holders who nickname their Pokémon, Black is the only one whose nicknames are based on the names of the Pokémon they fully evolve into.
  • As an employee to the BW Agency, Black never calls White by her name and instead refers to her as "Boss" (Japanese: 社長 President).
  • Black is 5'5" (165 cm) tall and weighs 103 lbs (47 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブラック Black From Pokémon Black
English, Brazilian Portuguese,
Latin American Spanish, Vietnamese
Black From Pokémon Black
French Noir From noir, black
German Schwarz From Schwarz, black
Italian Nero From nero, black
European Spanish Negro From negro, black
Korean 블랙 Black From Pokémon Black
Chinese (Mandarin) 布萊克 / 布莱克 Bùláikè Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 布萊克 Boulòihhāk Mandarin-based transcription of his Japanese name
Thai แบล็ค Black Transliteration of his Japanese name

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