Battle Tower (Generation III)

Battle Tower バトルタワー
Battle Tower
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: South of Route 130
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
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Location of Battle Tower in Hoenn.
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The Battle Tower (Japanese: バトルタワー Battle Tower) in Generation III is located in the Hoenn region, and is a post-Pokémon League battle facility located in Hoenn's southeastern sea, inaccessible except by boat, as it connects to no routes. Its purpose is to provide a challenge to all comers, with the best and brightest Trainers from all over flocking to it to see who is the strongest.

Carrying over its functions from the Battle Tower in Pokémon Crystal into Ruby and Sapphire, the Battle Tower is expanded on in Pokémon Emerald where it becomes one of the seven facilities in the Hoenn Battle Frontier and allows for Double Battles as well as Multi Battles (with the player being able to partner up with a computer-controlled Trainer or a linked human-controlled one).


Players competing in level 50 mode cannot use Pokémon higher than level 50. Additionally, following Pokémon are banned from competing in the Battle Tower:

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

The player must select three allowed Pokémon to participate in seven consecutive Single battles. The player's Pokémon will be restored to full health at the end of each battle. There are two level modes: level 50 and level 100, which dictates the opponent Pokémon's level.

Upon winning the seventh battle, the player will be given a prize, which depends on how many consecutive challenges a player has completed.


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In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, a prize will be given away after each set of seven matches. A single, random prize will be given away, depending on the length of the player's winning streak. In Pokémon Emerald, like all other facilities in the Battle Frontier, Battle Points are awarded instead of prizes.

Streak of 7-35

Item Location Games
  Protein Random prize for a win streak of 7 to 35  R  S 
  Iron Random prize for a win streak of 7 to 35  R  S 
  Calcium Random prize for a win streak of 7 to 35  R  S 
  Carbos Random prize for a win streak of 7 to 35  R  S 
  Zinc Random prize for a win streak of 7 to 35  R  S 
  HP Up Random prize for a win streak of 7 to 35  R  S 

Streak of 42 or more

Item Location Games
  Leftovers Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  White Herb Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  Quick Claw Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  Mental Herb Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  BrightPowder Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  Choice Band Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  King's Rock Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  Focus Band Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 
  Scope Lens Random prize for a win streak of 42 or more  R  S 


After reaching streaks of certain lengths, special prizes will be given out.

Item Location Games
  Silver Shield Reward for achieving 50 consecutive wins  R  S 
  Gold Shield Reward for achieving 100 consecutive wins  R  S 
  Winning Ribbon Awarded to all participating Pokémon after 56 straight wins in level 50 mode  R  S 
  Victory Ribbon Awarded to all participating Pokémon after 56 straight wins in level 100 mode  R  S 

Pokémon Emerald

Battle Tower
バトルタワー Battle Tower
"Keep the win streak as the toughest TRAINER!"
Battles per round
Participating Pokémon
Salon Maiden Anabel
Ability Symbol
Ability Symbol
Wins to obtain the Ability Symbol

In Pokémon Emerald, the Battle Tower is now a facility within the Battle Frontier.

The Battle Tower in Emerald has expanded to include Double battle and Multi battle modes, and level 100 mode has been replaced with open level mode. Anabel, however, will only appear in Single battle challenges.

In Double battles, each Trainer uses four Pokémon and battles with two Pokémon at once.

In Multi battles, rather than having two Trainers using two Pokémon at a time, four Trainers use one Pokémon apiece in a Double battle. Only two of the player's Pokémon are allowed to compete at once (with the same rules followed as before). This mode can either be used alone (where the player is accompanied by an apprentice or another computer-controlled Trainer) or when linked to another copy of Pokémon Emerald (via the Game Link Cable or Wireless Adapter accessories for Game Boy Advance), where another player contributes their Pokémon.

Battle Points

Battle Points (BP) are awarded upon completing a set of seven battles. The amount of BP increases with the player's current streak, with a maximum of 15 BP for regular battles.

BP per round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Single Battle 1 2 3 4 15 6 7 8 9 20 11 12 13 14 25 15 15 15 15 25
Double Battle 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Multi Battle 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 15


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Salon Maiden

In Emerald, Anabel appears as the 35th and 70th opponent, the last battles in the fifth and tenth passes through the tower, respectively. Anabel only appears in Single battle challenges.

Silver Symbol challenge

Gold Symbol challenge



Version Exterior


Version Entrance Hallway before Battlefield Battle Salon Hallway before Battlefield (Multi-Battle) Battlefield

In the anime

Destiny Deoxys

The Battle Tower in the anime
See also: Battle Tower

A Battle Tower appeared in Destiny Deoxys, in LaRousse City, where Ash and Tory Lund battled Rafe and Sid and lost. Like most locations in the city, this Battle Tower was almost completely high-tech.

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

The Battle Frontier's Battle Tower in the anime
The Battle Tower's battlefield in the anime

The Battle Tower that's part of the Battle Frontier first appeared in Talking a Good Game!. In the anime, it is located near Cremini Town and was the sixth Battle Frontier facility challenged by Ash. The group discovered its location in King and Queen for a Day!, following Ash's victory against Spenser at the Battle Palace. The facility is run by Anabel and the battles are refereed by Maron.

Ash's first battle against Anabel ended in his clear defeat, without Anabel even having to send out her third Pokémon. He challenged her to a rematch in Second Time's the Charm!. Using the same team as before—consisting of Corphish, Tauros, and Pikachu—he was able to win this time around, earning himself the Ability Symbol and the knowledge of the Battle Pyramid's current location.

Pokémon used in Battle Tower

The following is a list of Pokémon used in the Battle Tower:

Anabel first called on Alakazam in Talking a Good Game! to help her and Ash when they were attacked by Team Rocket. Alakazam was able to beat them with its powerful Psychic attacks. Ash then realized that Anabel was a Frontier Brain and that he would have to battle Alakazam. Ash chose Corphish for the match. Anabel had the ability to telepathically communicate with her Pokémon and give commands without saying a word. In the end, Alakazam easily defeated Corphish. Alakazam then went on to defeat Ash's Tauros before finally being defeated by his Pikachu, but not before weakening it.

In Second Time's the Charm!, Ash had a rematch with Anabel. Again, she chose Alakazam as her first Pokémon. It went head to head again with Ash's Corphish once again, but this time with a little bit of luck as well as Ash's quick thinking, Alakazam was defeated by Corphish's Bubble Beam.

Alakazam's known moves are Psychic, Psybeam, Focus Punch, and Recover.

Debut Talking a Good Game!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Maddie Blaustein
Metagross was for the first time seen during Ash's first match against her, where it easily defeated Ash's Pikachu, losing the match for Ash. During Ash's rematch against Anabel, Metagross easily defeated Ash's Corphish, but the Iron Leg Pokémon finally tied with his Tauros, as its Meteor Mash collided with Tauros's Take Down.

Metagross's known moves are Psychic, Iron Defense, Meteor Mash, and Hyper Beam.

Debut Talking a Good Game!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka
Espeon, Anabel's favorite Pokémon, was seen during Ash's rematch against her, where it battled against Ash's Pikachu. Even though Espeon at first managed to overwhelm Pikachu with its speed and power, one of Pikachu's Thunderbolts put the lights off, making it impossible for both Anabel and Espeon to see where the next attack was coming from. This cost some critical hits for Espeon, and Pikachu was finally able to defeat the Sun Pokémon with a Volt Tackle, winning the match for Ash and earning him the Ability Symbol.

Espeon's known moves are Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Zap Cannon, and Psychic.

Debut Second Time's the Charm!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Megumi Hayashibara

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

The Battle Tower in Pokémon Adventures

Emerald arc

In Never Spritz a Knotty Sudowoodo, it was revealed that the Battle Tower had been constructed before six other battle facilities were added around it to form the Battle Frontier.

During the climax of the arc, starting from Lemme at 'Em, Lapras!, Guile Hideout took over the Battle Tower and brainwashed Anabel as his servant, forcing Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Noland to fight their way through the Battle Tower challenge to reach the 70th floor at the top of the tower. Emerald, reaching the top floor first, engaged in a battle against the mind-controlled Anabel, but was hopelessly outmatched against her Raikou. Eventually, the strain of the mind control caused Anabel to fall unconscious. In exchange for Anabel's safety, Noland was forced to hand over the information he had managed to find out about Jirachi, allowing Guile Hideout use its wish-granting powers to summon a massive Kyogre-shaped mass of water to sink the Battle Frontier into the ocean.

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were soon joined by Gold and Crystal, who revealed that the "statues" of Pokédex holders on display at the Battle Tower were actually real people who had gotten turned to stone and could only be saved by making a wish to Jirachi. Although Emerald's initial attempt at wishing for Jirachi to do this ended in a failure, after he had opened up to Ruby and Sapphire about his past, Jirachi accepted his wish and restored the petrified Pokédex holders back to normal. Together, the ten Pokédex holders united to fight the army of rental Pokémon under Guile's control while trying to figure out a way to defeat the monster Kyogre. Eventually, Red and Gold succeeded in destroying Guile's armor, Emerald managed to calm down the rampaging rental Pokémon, and the Pokédex holders used their Pokémon's ultimate attacks together to destroy the monster Kyogre, ending Guile's plans and saving the Battle Frontier.

In Epilogue, Anabel told Emerald that since he had technically followed the Battle Tower challenge rules while climbing the tower and battling her at the top, he had earned himself the Ability Symbol.

Platinum arc

In Deprogramming Porygon-Z, Platinum mentioned the Hoenn Battle Tower (as well as the Johto Battle Tower) when she was explaining the Sinnoh Battle Tower.

Pokémon Battle Frontier

The Battle Tower in Pokémon Battle Frontier

The Battle Tower first appeared in Battle Between Student and Master!, where Enta was shown having achieved a winning streak at the tower.

The tower briefly reappeared in Introducing the Frontier Brains!, where Rald was revealed to have been defeated by the facility's Frontier Brain.

In Final Battle: Versus The Salon Maiden, Enta challenged the Battle Tower in order battle Anabel, the final and strongest Frontier Brain. After making his way through enough Trainers, he finally reached Anabel. Scott tried to intervene, since Anabel going all out had crushed the confidence of many Trainers, including Rald, but Anabel and Enta argued against this. The fierce battle between the two Trainers eventually came down to a showdown between Enta's Ninetales and Anabel's Entei. In the end, the two Fire Pokémon ended up knocking each other out, resulting in a draw and thus leaving Enta without his final Frontier Symbol.


The Battle Tower map in FireRed and LeafGreen

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰塔 Deuijin Taap
Mandarin 對戰塔 / 对战塔 Duìzhàn Tǎ
  Danish Kamptårnet
  Dutch Strijdtoren
  Finnish Ottelutorni
  French Tour de Combat
  German Duellturm
  Indonesian Menara Pertarungan
  Italian Torre Lotta
  Korean 배틀타워 Battle Tower
  Brazilian Portuguese Torre da Batalha
Spanish   Latin America Torre de Batalla
  Spain Torre Batalla
  Thai แบทเทิลทาวเวอร์ Battle Tower
  Vietnamese Tháp giao đấu

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