Pokémon Battle Frontier

This article is about the manga. For the anime season titled Pokémon: Battle Frontier, see S09. For other uses, see Battle Frontier.

Pokémon Battle Frontier (Japanese: ポケットモンスターエメラルド 挑戦!! バトルフロンティア Pocket Monsters Emerald: Challenge!! Battle Frontier) is a Pokémon manga featuring a boy named Enta being invited to the Battle Frontier by Scott. Once there, he is tutored by Rald and begins to challenge the Frontier Brains.

The manga concludes with Enta's battle with Anabel. Despite Enta's challenge of the Frontier Brains being a major focus, Noland, Greta and Brandon don't appear within the actual series, only appearing on the title page of the fourth chapter. The series is written by Shigekatsu Ihara, who went on to do Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
Japan Shogakukan June 24, 2005 ISBN 4091433618
Singapore Chuang Yi April 2007 ISBN 9812697802

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