エニシダ Enishida
Emerald Scott.png
Official artwork from Emerald by Ken Sugimori[1]
Gender Male
Eye color Black*
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn (games)
Kanto (anime)
Relatives Unnamed grandmother (anime)
Generation III
Games Emerald
Anime debut The Scheme Team
English voice actor Frank Frankson (AG132-AG136)
Bill Rogers (AG149-present)
Japanese voice actor Kōichi Sakaguchi

Scott (Japanese: エニシダ Enishida) is the owner of the Generation III Battle Frontier.

In the games

Scott appears throughout Pokémon Emerald at various locations in Hoenn, where he can be talked to by the player. Below are the locations he can be found:

After the player has beaten the Pokémon League, Scott will meet them aboard the S.S. Tidal and inform them of the Battle Frontier, allowing them to travel there during their next cruise. At the Battle Frontier, Scott will greet the player in the front gate before retreating to his house between the Battle Dome and the Battle Tower, where he will award the player with 1, 2, or 3 Battle Points, depending on the number of times they spoke per each aforementioned location throughout the game.


In addition to the Battle Points he gives away, Scott rewards the player for completing various objectives in the Battle Frontier:

Achievement Reward
Winning 50 battles in a row at the Battle Tower Silver Shield
Winning 100 battles in a row at the Battle Tower Gold Shield
Obtaining all seven Silver Frontier Symbols Lansat Berry
Obtaining all seven Gold Frontier Symbols Starf Berry



Overworld sprite from
Generation III


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In the anime

Scott greeting Ash

Scott debuted in The Scheme Team, where he spotted Ash waiting outside the Viridian Gym, and approached him out of curiosity. After Ash revealed he had already earned the Earth Badge, Scott said Ash might be qualified to take on the Battle Frontier challenge. He was about to explain the Battle Frontier to Ash when they heard Agatha falling off her bicycle. After helping her, the three entered the Gym, where Agatha asked if Scott had encountered any talented Trainers on the Seafoam Islands. Scott said that information was classified and then suggested that Ash should battle Agatha. He served as the referee for the match and, after Ash was defeated, he asked if he was still interested in the Battle Frontier.

After hearing a positive response from Ash, Scott informed him that the Battle Frontier consists of seven different battle facilities spread out through the Kanto region and that each one of them has its own Frontier Brain. He then explained that Trainers are given the location of six facilities; after they have defeated all six of their Frontier Brains and earned their respective Frontier Symbols, they are given the location of the final facility. This caught Ash's interest and he agreed to participate. Before leaving to scout for new Trainers, Scott said the people over at the Battle Frontier would contact Ash to give him more details.

Scott driving

In Numero Uno Articuno, Scott observed Ash's battle against Noland. Since then, Scott has appeared at every Battle Frontier facility to watch Ash challenge the resident Frontier Brain. As such, he is present in all of the episodes in which Ash receives a Frontier Symbol.

In The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!, Scott acted as a Contest Judge along with Professor Oak for the Contest Battle between May and Drew, which was held in a Contest Hall located inside the Fennel Valley Pokémon Center. In Gathering the Gang of Four!, it was revealed to the group that Scott is the owner of the Battle Frontier. According to him, the Battle Frontier facilities were created in order to expand the art of the Pokémon battle. In Pace - The Final Frontier!, after Ash obtained the Brave Symbol for defeating Pyramid King Brandon, Scott offered Ash the position of a Frontier Brain. However, Ash declined the offer, saying he wanted to continue his journey. Scott accepted the decision and let him know that if he changed his mind, the offer would always be open to him.

Scott also made a brief cameo in Spurt!, with his face being superimposed on an ace of spades playing card.


Scott is a battle enthusiast with a keen eye for detail and enjoys seeing his scouted Trainers take on the Battle Frontier. He is able to outline the profile of a Trainer in terms of their battling style and preferred techniques by seeing how they behave during battles. His knowledge of strategy extends to Contest Battles as well, as shown in Channeling the Battle Zone!, where he analyzed May's semifinal battle against Solidad.

Scott is also known for his reckless driving, regardless of what kind of terrain he is on. In Pinch Healing!, he was seen fixing a bus, indicating that he has skills as an auto mechanic.

Scott is a well-connected individual, with Agatha being among his contacts. He is always on the move, scouting for new Trainers to take on the Battle Frontier challenge.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 坂口候一 Kōichi Sakaguchi
English Frank Frankson (AG132-AG136)
Bill Rogers (AG149-present)
Dutch Jeroen Keers
Finnish Kari Tamminen (AG132-AG135)
Unknown voice actor (AG136)
Aku Laitinen (AG149-present)
European French Daniel Nicodème
Hebrew צביקה פורמן Tzvika Forman
לירון ברנס Liron Brans
Italian Patrizio Prata (AG132-AG136)
Flavio Arras (AG149-present)
Korean 변영희 Byeon Yeong-Hui
Brazilian Portuguese Ivo Roberto (regular)
Dado Monteiro (AG149 only)
Spanish Latin America Luis Alfonso Padilla
Spain Carlos del Pino

In the manga

Scott in Ash & Pikachu

Ash & Pikachu

Scott first appeared in Off To The Battle Frontier!!. He reappeared in An Awesome Showdown!! and An Infinite Bond!!, serving the same role as in the anime.

Pokémon Adventures

Scott in Pokémon Adventures

Scott is the owner of the Hoenn Battle Frontier, and is known for his skills in scouting talented Trainers and gathering information.

Ruby & Sapphire arc

Scott is first seen sneaking into the Pokémon Association headquarters during the Groudon and Kyogre incident. Later, Scott calls Norman to inform him that his son, Ruby, and Professor Birch's daughter, Sapphire are heavily involved in battling against Groudon and Kyogre. As he leaves the headquarters, Scott warns Norman to awaken Rayquaza in order to help Ruby and Sapphire stop Groudon and Kyogre.

Emerald arc

Scott is seen leading the reconstruction of the Hoenn Battle Tower into the Battle Frontier. After talking to Brandon about his successful capture of Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, Scott gets a call from Professor Oak.

Two months later, Scott watches the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony along with the Frontier Brains. The ceremony is interrupted by Emerald, who announces that he wishes to conquer the Battle Frontier. The press mistakenly report the incident as allowing an ordinary Trainer to take part in the Battle Frontier before it officially opens a week later. Scott and the Frontier Brains decide to use this assumption as free publicity and allow Emerald to challenge the Battle Frontier under the condition that he completes it before it officially opens.

Scott watches Emerald's challenge of the Battle Factory with the hopes that he will fail. To everyone's surprise, Emerald manages to win the Knowledge Symbol. Later, while Emerald is challenging the Battle Pyramid, Noland is attacked by an unknown assailant and several rental Pokémon are stolen. After Noland is taken to a hospital, the Frontier Brains begin to suspect Emerald as the culprit. They head to the Battle Pyramid to confront Emerald and find him after having defeated Brandon. When they ask him about what happened, Emerald reveals that he did not attack Noland and is actually after the Mythical Pokémon Jirachi. The Frontier Brains find Emerald's explanation suspicious, but decide to follow him into Artisan Cave, where Jirachi is currently located at. There, they not only find Jirachi, but Guile Hideout, the man who attacked Jirachi. The Frontier Brains and Emerald face Guile, but Jirachi escapes during the struggle, forcing Guile to escape and continue his pursuit.

Injured from the battle, everyone decides to return to the Battle Arena, where Scott and press had gathered in anticipation for Emerald's next match. As Greta battles Emerald, Anabel confronts Scott and claims that he knew about Guile the entire time. Scott confirms her suspicions and reveals he was aware of Guile's presence, Jirachi, and even Emerald from the start. Scott reveals that two months prior, he was called by Professor Oak who informed him that the Battle Frontier would be where Jirachi would awaken and that he intends on capturing it to make a wish. When asked to postpone the Frontier's opening ceremony due to Guile's presence, Scott refused and stated his Frontier Brains would stop the villain. Scott states that he withheld the information from the Frontier Brains to help them get stronger as they still would have lost even if they had known of Guile beforehand.

The next day, Scott watches the tournament being held at the Battle Dome, where Emerald challenges to obtain his fifth Symbol. As Emerald battles Tucker in the finals, Scott asks Anabel to talk with him somewhere else. This Scott is revealed to be a disguised Guile, who puts Anabel under mind control. After this, Guile returns to the Battle Dome, where he manages to find and capture Jirachi. Guile uses the rental Pokémon to attack innocent bystanders and heads to the Battle Tower to make his wish. Emerald, Noland, Ruby, and Sapphire all head to the Battle Tower to stop Guile. As they travel, Noland calls the real Scott, who informs Noland that he was never at the Battle Dome to begin with.

Guile wishes on Jirachi to create a gigantic Kyogre made of seawater and uses it to flood the entire Battle Frontier. During the battle, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire are assisted by their fellow Pokédex holders to battle Guile and his army of rental Pokémon. Scott later assists in helping Emerald break the rental Pokémon from Guile's control. Eventually, Emerald and the Pokédex holders manage to defeat Guile and destroy the gigantic Kyogre monster. The day after, everyone gathers around to congratulate Emerald for the hard work he put into saving everyone. When Red jokingly suggests that the Pokédex holders have a tournament in the Battle Dome, Scott bursts in the room to suggest making that idea a reality. He then reveals he used Jirachi's final wish to have a large group of people from various regions come to visit the Battle Frontier.

Pokémon Battle Frontier

Scott in Pokémon Battle Frontier

Scott is always seen supporting Enta, mostly inviting him to watch certain battles relating with Mitsuki and Rald.

Scott first appeared in Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier!, where he gave Enta an invitation after seeing his enthusiasm for Pokémon Battles when Enta's Vulpix had a battle with a Trainer's Marshtomp. Scott becomes the first victim of Enta's running gag regarding him headbutting people in the lower area. Despite that, he still accepts Enta as a worthy Trainer of the Battle Frontier. Enta returns to Scott when he was able to win in the rematch at the Multi Battle challenge. Scott was proud to hear from him about his progress and tells Enta about Rald's status as a Champion who made it to the Hall of Fame.

Later, in Battle Between Student and Master!, Enta met up with him once more after winning in the Battle Tower while at the Record Hall. Scott took Enta to the Battle Dome where Mitsuki's battle with Rald took place.

Scott in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire

In Final Battle: Versus The Salon Maiden, when Enta had a battle with the final Frontier Brain, Anabel, Scott arrives and tells Anabel that she shouldn't go all out since many Trainers who faced her lost their confidence and quit training for good. However, Enta didn't care about that since he can work well with his Pokémon.

Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire

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Scott appeared in The Selected Trainer?! where he invited Red and his Pokémon to the Battle Frontier after witnessing Clefairy rescue a baby dressed up as a Pikachu. At first, they disagreed with his choice but were reluctant afterwards. Red and the gang then take a train to the Battle Frontier with Scott catching up to them in a bike. Then they take a boat since it was located on an island. Two ladies welcome Scott and Scott gives Red and his Pokémon a tour. After the tour, Scott took them to the Battle Tower and assigned Red and his Pokémon jobs to clean out the toilets after finding out from one of the people there that none of Red's Pokémon are battle worthy. The toilets overflowed unfortunately and washed them away.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Scott in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Scott Su EX Emerald   84/106 Mirage's Mew Constructed Starter Deck   014/016
EX Power Keepers   81/108 Imprison! Gardevoir ex Constructed Standard Deck   015/024
      Shockwave! Tyranitar ex Constructed Standard Deck   015/024
      World Champions Pack   090/108



Language Name Origin
Japanese エニシダ Enishida From 金雀枝 enishida (common broom)
English, French, Italian Scott From scout and Scotch broom (another name for the common broom)
German Scott* Same as his English name
Spanish Treto From treta (trick)
Korean 금작화 Geum Jakhwa From 금작화 (金雀花) geumjakhwa (common broom)
Chinese (Mandarin) 亞希達 / 亚希达 Yǎxīdá / Yàxīdá*
緣田 Yuántián*
艾尼斯达 Àinísīdá*
Rough transcription of his Japanese name
From the Japanese name 縁田 Enishida
Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 亞希達 Ahēidaaht Rough Mandarin-based transcription of his Japanese name
Russian Скотт Skott Transcription of his English name
Vietnamese Enishida Transcription of his Japanese name


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