Dia (Pocket Monsters DP)

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ダイヤ Dia
Dia PMDP.png
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Lucas

(Japanese: ダイヤ Dia) is a character from Pocket Monsters DP who appeared in A Fresh Rival Appears!?. Dia is based on Lucas from the Diamond and Pearl Versions games and is one of Red's rivals.


Dia is considered to be well known around Sinnoh as a bunch of Cameramen took pictures of him and did interviews as well.


A bunch of Cameramen are speeding along and easily zoom past Red and his Pokémon. They start taking pictures and doing interviews with a Trainer named Dia. Red and his Pokémon notice that many copies of newsprint containing Dia and his Pokémon were published. They leave afterwards and Clefairy, hiding behind a wall, wants to surprise him. Clefairy runs to Dia with Red chasing after the Normal-type but at the last minute stops and holds out a piece of paper, asking Dia for an autograph.

Dia notices Red and they introduce themselves to each other. After giving each other a hand shake, Red noticed that his hand was dirty and then Dia shyly reacts to it. Dia then tries pumping up Red and his Pokémon for a battle. During the battle, Dia's Mime Jr. and Weavile drew to Red's Pikachu and Tyrogue, and his Munchlax lost to Red's Clefairy.

Following the battle, Dia and Red went after Munchlax and Clefairy when they went running off in order to compete with each other. After they found their Pokémon, they were furious to see that they were eating.


Munchlax first appeared with Dia's Pokémon and was the rival of Red's Clefairy. During the battle, it went up against Clefairy and lost after Clefairy used his noisy gags. It had some things in common with Clefairy such as when they both ran off after the battle and had a food eating contest.

None of Munchlax's moves are known.

Debut A Fresh Rival Appears!?
Weavile first appeared with Dia's Pokémon. It battled with Red's Tyrogue and drew with him.

None of Weavile's moves are known.

Debut A Fresh Rival Appears!?
Mime Jr.
Mime Jr. first appeared with Dia's Pokémon. It battled with Red's Pikachu and drew with him.

None of Mime Jr.'s moves are known.

Debut A Fresh Rival Appears!?

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