Red (Ruby-Sapphire)

If you were looking for the main character of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga, see Red (Pocket Monsters).
レッド Red
Red PMRS.png
Gender Male
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto

Red (Japanese: レッド Red) is a character who appeared in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire. He is based on the Generation III version of Red from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. He is also one of Isamu "Red" Akai's rivals.


Red first appeared in A Formidable Rival! where he was introduced by Professor Oak to help him complete the Pokédex. He looks similar to Isamu "Red" Akai and even has a Clefairy like him. To prove that Red is stronger than Isamu "Red" Akai, he has them paired up where they have many competitions using their Clefairy. Red's Clefairy appears to be winning over Isamu's but after a long fight, Professor Oak admitted that both Reds were good Trainers and they became friends afterwards.

Red reappeared in Clefairy, Form Teacher Of Class 1P!! where he along with Green are students in a class taught by Clefairy. They were the only people to stay behind when everyone else left.


Red is a better Trainer than Isamu "Red" Akai, and his Clefairy is stronger than Red's Clefairy. During his debut appearance, he was calm and collected but in his second appearance, he had the same behavior as Isamu "Red" Akai.


Clefairy is Red's only known Pokémon and is the rival of Isamu Akai's Clefairy. It was used in many competitions against Isamu's Clefairy where it managed to get on top of the latter's Clefairy.

Clefairy's only known move is Dynamic Punch.

Debut A Formidable Rival!

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