Rydel's rival

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Rydel's rival (Japanese: カゼノのライバル Kazeno's rival) is a character who appeared in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire. As the name suggests, he is the business rival of Rydel, who also owns a Bicycle Shop next to him.

Rydel's rival


Rydel's rival owns a very successful business, as seen when most of the bikes Rydel sold were cheap and were easily broken, unlike his, where even a heavy Pokémon such as Golem could not break it.


Rydel's rival appeared in Serious Bicycle Match!. When Red and his Pokémon were visiting Rydel to get bikes, Clefairy noticed a guy next door to Rydel's shop and Rydel introduced him as his rival. Seeing that he was getting more customers than Rydel, Rydel's place was about to get shut down due to lack of customers.

Rydel's rival decided to have a bike race between Red's Pokémon and his Pokémon. He bets 500 yen that his Pokémon would win. Rydel decided to prove his rival wrong by giving Clefairy a bike but it did not work and Clefairy fell down. Rydel's rival became confident that he was going to win when Clefairy rode on a cheap bike.

During the race, he cheered on his Pokémon so that he could win and prove Rydel that he was right. However, an old lady chasing Clefairy caused Rydel's rival to lose even though his Slaking was about to make it to the finish line.


Golem was one of the opponents who competed in the bike race. It helped Rydel's rival with the bike sales.

None of Golem's moves are known.

Debut Serious Bicycle Match!
Machamp was one of the opponents who competed in the bike race. It helped Rydel's rival with the bike sales.

None of Machamp's moves are known.

Debut Serious Bicycle Match!
Slaking was one of the opponents who competed in the bike race. Rydel's rival explained that Slaking usually sleeps but becomes very energetic during the race. When the race went underway, Clefairy threw it off-course by changing the block letters around.

None of Slaking's moves are known.

Debut Serious Bicycle Match!

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