Dai Fugō

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(Japanese: ダイ・フゴー Dai Fugō) is a character from Pocket Monsters DP.

Dai Fugō


Dai Fugō appeared in PMDP02, when Red and his Pokémon go to his Gym which is also an art museum. Dai offered to sell some paintings to the group but they were too expensive and Clefairy decided to steal some. He caught Clefairy in the act and simultaneously sent out Munchlax, Buizel, and Weavile when Clefairy didn't cooperate. He challenged Clefairy to a battle using the three Pokémon where Clefairy outsmarted all of them. As Clefairy was wrapping other things in tape, Dai forced him to stop but Clefairy continued until he was wrapped up in his own tape. Afterwards, Dai forced Red and his Pokémon to leave while they carried the taped up Clefairy.


Munchlax was in a contest with Clefairy where both sides were breaking stuff. Munchlax shook come coconuts off a palm tree and one of them landed on a pile of dirt. When Clefairy watered that one coconut, Munchlax got upset and ran off, only to slip on one of the coconuts on the floor.

None of Munchlax's moves are known.

Debut PMDP02
Buizel was the second Pokémon that challenged Clefairy. After performing Aqua Jet, Clefairy took advantage of the move by riding on Buizel.

Buizel's only known move is Aqua Jet.

Debut PMDP02
Weavile was the last Pokémon that challenged Clefairy. After scratching Clefairy, Weavile prevented him from using a Potion by using Embargo. However, despite Clefairy being injured, Weavile was wrapped up in tape.

Weavile's only known move is Embargo.

Debut PMDP02

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