Bill's wife

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Bill's wife (Japanese: マサキの奥さん Masaki's wife) is a character from the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga. She is the wife of Bill.

Bill's wife


As a Mew

Bill's wife briefly appeared in Obtain the Moon Stone!! as a Mew where she snatched a Moon Stone out of Misty's hands.

In Search For The Mirage Pokémon Mew!!, Red and Green went after Bill's wife to get the Moon Stone back and arrived in an abandoned water mill. It was then revealed that Bill and his wife were transformed into a leopard and Mew respectively from an unsuccessful experiment, which his wife noted, when they combined themselves with a cat when they wanted to combine a human and an animal together. After doing so, Bill's wife went out to search for a Moon Stone in order to get changed back to humans. Green, after hearing her story, attempted to catch her but failed as Bill blocked it. Later, Bill's wife placed the Moon Stone on a machine and Bill was able to change her and himself back to humans.

Bill's wife reappeared in Bring Down the Strongest Pokemon!!. She was held hostage by Giovanni and his twin brother so that Bill could continue the creation of Mewtwo using Mew's DNA.

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