Silver (Pocket Monsters)

銀次郎 Ginjirō
Silver PM.png
Gender Male
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto

Silver (Japanese: 銀次郎 Ginjirō) is a character who appeared in Pokémon Pocket Monsters. He is a rival of Red.


Silver debuted in Welcome Back, Clefairy!!, where he was recommended to Professor Oak along with Gold by Professor Elm to travel around the Johto region and complete the Pokédex. Starting off with a Totodile, Silver receives his hand-held device, a Pokédex, and sets off. During that time, he meets Red who tells him the basics of training. Unlike the games, he does not steal Totodile but another Trainer got that honor. He makes a cameo in the next chapter in Professor Elm's flashback.

In Clefairy, the Battle Instructor, Silver has his Totodile battle Clefairy. During the battle, Clefairy uses a vehicle powered up by Donphan to chase Silver and Totodile away.

In Pokémon Snowball Fight, he competes in a race with Red's other rivals. During the race, he does not make it onward after Green threw him off course with his Charizard. Silver reappeared in Return light to Bellossom!! where he helps Red fight off a Pineco.


Silver is very different from his game counterpart as he did not steal the starter Pokémon that had a type advantage to Gold's. Also, he is seen being friendly to Red most of the time in contrast to Red's rivals in Kanto.


Silver received this Totodile from Professor Oak. Totodile was shown to be affectionate toward Clefairy, biting him on the head.

Totodile had its first battle onscreen in Clefairy, the Battle Instructor with Clefairy.

Silver chose Totodile as his racing partner in Pokémon Snowball Fight during a race against Red's other rivals. Totodile was seen knocked out with its Trainer after Silver got thrown off course by Green.

In Return light to Bellossom!!, it helped out Red in fighting a wild Pineco.

Totodile's known moves are Water Gun and Scratch.

Debut Welcome Back, Clefairy!!


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese 銀次郎 Ginjirō From 銀 gin, silver, and 次郎 jirō.

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