Mom (Black 2 and White 2)

Mom (Japanese: おかあさん mother) is the mother of Nate or Rosa. She lives in Aspertia City, and is an old friend of Professor Juniper. She is fairly knowledgeable about the various locations in Unova, and used to work as a Pokémon Center receptionist. The Pokémon Centers she is implied to have worked in are located in Nimbasa City and Mistralton City.


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Items given

Item Location Games
  Running Shoes Given to the player in Aspertia City  B2  W2 

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Whitley's mother in Pokémon Adventures
Whitley's mother as a member of Team Plasma

Black & White chapter

Whitley's mother debuts in this chapter. Along with her daughter, she is a former Team Plasma Grunt. She is first seen in A Difficult Parting, evacuating from a Team Plasma house after Team Plasma's defeat alongside other Team Plasma Grunts. When Whitley asked if she could take one of the Pokémon liberated by N along with her, her mother refused before Anthea and Concordia allowed it.

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

Two years later, in The Transfer Student, Whitley's mother enrolls her daughter in the Aspertia City Trainers' School. The decision to transfer Whitley from her previous school was to cut all connections to her past as a member of Team Plasma.

In Colress Machine, Whitley calls her mother to learn about a group of black-suited Team Plasma Grunts that stole Pokémon from their Trainers and proceeded to throw them away when defeated in battle. Whitley's mother reveals that the black-suited Grunts are part of a group of Team Plasma members who chose to reject N's ideals and instead use liberated Pokémon for their own desires. She reveals that the pendant Whitley received from Anthea and Concordia actually contains a microchip containing data on a machine capable of counteracting a Pokémon-controlling device created by Colress, the new leader of Team Plasma. Whitley's mother tells her daughter to take the pendant to Rood or Gorm.

In Frozen World, it was revealed that Whitley's mother used to work at a Pokémon Day Care. She chose to join Team Plasma after taking care of many Pokémon that had been hurt by humans.

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