Mr. Bonding

Mr. Bonding
キズナおやじ Old Man Kizuna
Mr Bonding XY OD.png
Overworld model from
Pokémon X and Y
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Mauve
Hair color Mauve
Hometown Mauville City
Region Kalos, Hoenn
Generation VI
Games X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire

Mr. Bonding (Japanese: キズナおやじ Old Man Kizuna) is an expert on O-Powers who will give the player an O-Power every time he is encountered in Pokémon X and Y. He received the O-Powers from Hoenn's old guys when they wanted to retire, a process which transformed him from a "powerless" man into Mr. Bonding. He appears as an adult man with dark purple hair in a light pink suit.

In the core series games

Pokémon X and Y

Mr. Bonding is first encountered in the gatehouse between Lumiose City and Route 5, where he offers an explanation of O-Powers and gives the player Attack Power and Defense Power. Afterwards, he appears in every new city and town that the player visits.

Getting all of the O-Powers from Mr. Bonding will earn the player the "O-Power Pro" Medal on the Pokémon Global Link.

Locations and O-Powers

Whenever Mr. Bonding appears in a hotel (other than Hotel Richissime), he is in the east room on the upper floor; in Hotel Richissime, he is on the ground floor. When he appears in a Pokémon Center, he is facing the corner in front of the television on the west side.

Location O-Power given
Lumiose City-Route 5 gatehouse Attack Power and Defense Power
Hotel Camphier Sp. Atk. Power
Hotel Ambrette Sp. Def. Power
Hotel Cyllage Prize Money Power
Hotel Marine Snow Speed Power
Shalour City Pokémon Center Critical Power
Coumarine City Pokémon Center Befriending Power
Hotel Richissime Bargain Power
Laverre City Pokémon Center Encounter Power
Dendemille Town Pokémon Center Accuracy Power
Anistar City Pokémon Center Exp. Point Power
Couriway Hotel Stealth Power
Snowbelle City Pokémon Center PP Restoring Power
Café Introversion Hatching Power

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Mr. Bonding makes a brief appearance in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire after the old guys join together with another man (known as "a powerless man") to create him. He gives the player Hatching Power before heading out to spread O-Powers across the world.



Overworld model from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


Pokémon X and Y

Route 5 Gate
"Nice to meet you, friend! They call me Mr. Bonding. Have you heard about O-Powers? That expression of yours tells me you haven't! Don't worry--I'll tell you all about it. O-Powers are mysterious forces that have all kinds of useful effects. They can make your Pokémon stronger or even help you get more money! Any friends you have nearby will also benefit from them. They truly are mysterious powers! Let's get started, shall we? It's bonding time!"
"Attack Power increases the Attack stat. And Defense Power increases the Defense stat! That's not all--the powers can gain levels the more you use them! Take a look at the instructions if you want to know more. Remember--you can activate an O-Power using the PSS. Well then, I do believe I shall take my leave right about now. Hope to see you around!"
Subsequent meetings
"Hey, how's it going, friend? I'm Mr. Bonding, the expert on O-Powers. Let me ask you just in case! Do you need to hear an explanation about O-Powers?"
Yes: "O-Powers! They're mysterious forces! If you use them, good things will happen. For example, Pokémon will get stronger or you will get more prize money. Some O-Powers allow you to share good things with friends around you. They're wondrous things that nurture bonds!"
No: "Hey! That's my friend! Let's get started, shall we? It's bonding time!"
"Sp. Atk Power increases the Sp. Atk stat."
"Sp. Def Power increases the Sp. Def stat."
"Prize Money Power increases prize money from battle."
"Speed Power increases the Speed stat."
"Critical Hit Power increases the critical-hit ratio."
"Befriending Power makes Pokémon grow friendly more easily."
"You can buy items cheaply at PokéMarts with Bargain Power."
"Encounter Power increases the chance of encountering wild Pokémon."
"Accuracy Power increases accuracy."
"Exp. Point Power increases the Exp. Points from a battle."
"Stealth Power decreases the chance of encountering wild Pokémon."
"PP Restoring Power restores the PP of the lead Pokémon when you use it."
"You can use O-Powers from the PSS, and the more you use them, the higher they level up! So use them as often as possible! Well then, I do believe I shall take my leave right about now. Hope to see you around!"
Café Introversion
"Finally, the time has come! The time for me to give you the last power! Let's start the last one, shall we? It's bonding time!"
"Use Hatching Power, and you can reduce the number of steps you need to hatch an Egg! Well, then, I do believe I shall take my leave... Hope to see you around!"

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Mauville Hills
"HEY! This...this power! This power is incredible! I feel tied to these old men with such strong bonds now! I feel like a totally different man! Hey, my friend! I'm Mr. Bonding, the expert on O-Powers! I'm a new man with a new mission! Please give my powers a try! Let's get started, shall we? It's bonding time!"
"Hehe... Thanks, my friend! Now, I'm going to set off on a journey to give O-Powers to Trainers around the world! Well then, I do believe I shall take my leave. Hope to see you around! Adieu!


  • Coumarine City is the only location that has a hotel where Mr. Bonding is instead found in the Pokémon Center. This is because the hotel room where Mr. Bonding would appear is occupied in the Coumarine Hotel by the game director.


Language Title
  French Pierce Hanlov
  German Mr. Miteinander
  Italian Mr. Fratellanza
  Korean 유대아저씨 Yudae ajeosi
  Spanish Mr. Buen Rollo

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