コギト Cogito
Legends Arceus Cogita.png
Artwork from Legends: Arceus
Gender Female
Eye color Gray
Hair color White
Hometown Ancient Retreat
Region Hisui
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus

Cogita (Japanese: コギト Cogito) is a character who appears in Legends: Arceus.

She bears a striking resemblance to Cynthia, but the relationship between them, if any, is unknown.

In the core series

Cogita lives alone at the Ancient Retreat and possesses a vast knowledge of Hisuian legends. After the player is exiled from Jubilife Village, Volo guides them to her home. She tells them about an artifact known as the Red Chain that could bind the world together and cause the space-time rift above Mount Coronet to disappear, specifying that the materials to craft it must be collected from the three lake guardians. Once all the materials have been gathered, she travels to the Shrouded Ruins to witness the crafting of the Red Chain. After the player has obtained the Origin Ball, Cogita appears in Jubilife Village to check out the Clothier.

During the post-game, Cogita tells the player where to find most of the remaining Plates. Once the player has collected them, she gives the player the Pixie Plate, which she had been using as a cutting board, unaware of its true nature.

After the player has collected all eighteen Plates, Cogita appears at the Galaxy Hall. She tells the player about the Forces of Nature and to speak with her after completing their Pokédex entries. After the player has completed this task, she reveals there to be one more of them, summoning Enamorus, whom she has used to travel with around Hisui. Once the player has caught Enamorus and completed her Pokédex entry, Cogita gives the player the Reveal Glass and states that she has nothing left to pass on.





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  • In an Old Verse, its author describes themselves as "waiting an eternity for the one with the mission", having a friendship with a god of spring, and having been left behind — all of which mirrors Cogita's description, her friendship with Enamorus, and her experience of being left behind respectively; this implies that Cogita herself could be the very same author of the Old Verses.
  • Cogita's teardrop-shaped ornament on her dress is similar to Volo's necklace and Cynthia's teardrop-shaped ornament on her dress, implying a connection.


Language Name Origin
Japanese コギト Cogito From cogito (Latin for "I think") and the philosophical statement cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am)
English, German Cogita Similar to her Japanese name
Spanish Metis From μῆτις mêtis (Ancient Greek for wisdom)
French Penséa From pensée (thought) and the statement je pense, donc je suis (cogito, ergo sum)
Italian Noesis From νόησις nóēsis (Ancient Greek for intelligence)
Korean 코기토 Cogito Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 吾思 Wúsī From 吾 wú / ǹgh (I), 思 (think), and the statement 我思故我在 Wǒ sī gù wǒ zài / Ngóh sī gu ngóh joih (cogito, ergo sum)
Chinese (Cantonese) 吾思 Ǹgh-sī
Russian Когита Kogita Transcription of her English name

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