Phil the Photo Guy

Phil the Photo Guy
カメラおやじ Old Man Camera
XY Phil the Photo Guy.png
Overworld model from
Pokémon X and Y
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Generation VI
Games X and Y

Phil the Photo Guy (Japanese: カメラおやじ Old Man Camera) is an NPC in Pokémon X and Y. When the player reaches a Photo Spot, they can call Phil the Photo Guy to take a picture of them. He can also show the player photos that have already been taken, and once the photo is taken, it can be sent to the Pokémon Global Link via Game Sync.

In the games


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This is a list of Photo Spots that the player can call Phil to:

Location Directions
Aquacorde Town Near the top-right of the Potions shop
Parfum Palace
Route 7
Battle Chateau
Geosenge Town
Shalour City
Tower of Mastery
Azure Bay
Lumiose City
Prism Tower/Lumiose Gym
Frost Cavern
Anistar City
Couriway Town
Snowbelle City
Pokémon League


Taking a picture

"Hey! What do you want to do?"
Take a photo: "All right. I'll take a great photo! Let's move to the shooting location!" "Yay, this is a great shot!"
View a photo: (no stored photos) "Wait a minute, wait a minute! I haven't taken a single photo of you. Let's take at least one photo, OK?"
(at least one stored photo) "Oh, you want to see a photo? Here's the latest photo that I'm proud of!"
About the camera: "A camera is a tool for making photos. To take a photo, press the R button. You can zoom in by pressing right on the +Control Pad. Zoom out by pressing left. Press the A Button for manual mode. You can do lots of cool things! Reset the angle by pressing the START button. The photo will be saved to the SD Card, and you can see it with the Nintendo 3DS Camera. Also, you can use Game Sync to send it to the Pokémon Global Link. Take a great photo and dazzle everyone!"
Goodbye: "All right. See ya!"
Goodbye: "Not too shabby at all! You have a natural talent as a model. See ya!"

At Lumiose Station

"You know, cameras and railways were first developed around the same time. In short, that means railway enthusiasts like myself have been able to capture these lovelies on film from the start!"

At Mamoswine Building

"Looking great! That smile is just the best!"


  • In French, the name of Cameron (F. Otto) is the abbreviation of the name of Phil the Photo Guy (Otto Focus), which suggests that they could be just one person. This is not the case in other languages though.


Language Name Origin
Japanese カメラおやじ Old Man Camera From camera
English Phil the Photo Guy Possibly from film
French Otto Focus From autofocus
German Kamerakauz From camera and Kauz (codger)
Italian Sig. Grandangolo From grandangolo (wide shot, or wide-angle lens)
Korean 카메라아저씨 Kamera Ajeossi From camera
Spanish Marco Carrete From marco (frame) and carrete (camera roll)

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