ユラ Yura
Legends Arceus Vessa.png
Screenshot from Legends: Arceus
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Hisui
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus

Vessa (Japanese: ユラ Yura) is a character who appears in Legends: Arceus. They are a mysterious young child who is encountered in Jubilife Village who gives the player Request 22: "Eerie Apparitions in the Night".

In the core series games

Vessa introduces themselves outside the player's quarters in Jubilife Village after Mission 7: "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods" has been completed. They ask for the player's assistance in sealing away an unusual danger that has been spread across Hisui in the form of wisps, giving them an Odd Keystone to help collect the wisps. Vessa offers item rewards in exchange for gathering wisps.

After 107 wisps have been collected, Vessa encourages the player to head to the Shrouded Ruins, where they reveal that 108 wisps are actually required to seal away the danger. With the last wisp secretly in their possession, Vessa gives it to the player before vanishing.

Items given

No. of wisps Item given
5   Oval Stone
10   Rare Candy
20   Seed of Mastery
30   Dusk Stone
40   Exp. Candy L
50   Linking Cord
60   Grit Pebble ×3
70   Reaper Cloth
80   Seed of Mastery ×3
90   Exp. Candy XL ×2
100   Grit Rock ×3


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Jubilife Village
  • After completing Mission 7
"I've been waiting for you, <player>... My name's Vessa. There's something real important I need to tell you. Would you come with me?"
"Um, this is kind of a secret, but...something terrible has happened. Hisui is in a whole lot of danger."
"Hundreds of years ago, a being that brought calamity to this region was sealed away by someone using the power of a strange magic. But now, for some unknown reason, the magic has come undone and the seal is broken."
"I hate to think what might happen at this rate... So please, <player>, hear me out. I need you to restore the broken seal..."
Just tell me what to do!: "Oh, thank you! I'm so happy you believe me! I just knew you'd be willing to help. This Odd Keystone is for you. Keep it safe."
I don't believe you: "Yeah, I guess that's a normal response to hearing such a strange story. I must sound crazy... just have to believe me! Can I give you this Odd Keystone anyway? It'll help you see I'm telling the truth."
"After the seal was broken, a whooole bunch of wisps scattered across Hisui... A hundred and seven of them in total. With the Odd Keystone I gave you, you'll be able to gather them all. See, the wisps are normally invisible. But not to the holder of the Odd Keystone."
"I know it's a huge task, but just have to gather all the wisps for me! There's one real close to where we are now. How about you start with that one?"
"See that flame hovering over there? Try touching it!"
  • After the player collects the first wisp
"The wisp...has been absorbed into the Odd Keystone, just as it should have been."
"Thank goodness I picked you to help me with this..."
"Come talk to me if you ever need help finding the remaining wisps! And one last thing—as you gather more and more wisps, I'll give you some rewards as thanks!"
"I'll wait here for you while you carry out your search. Good luck!"
  • If talked to again
"Thanks again for helping me. You've collected <number> wisps so far."
  • If a wisp milestone was reached
"Since you've now gathered <number> wisps, here's a little thank-you present from me."
  • If multiple wisp milestones were reached at once
"Oh! You've gathered <number> wisps, haven't you? Please, take this as well!"
  • If no wisp milestone was reached
"There is/are <number> wisp/wisps still waiting to be found in the <location>."
  • After the player collects 107 wisps
"Wow! You've gathered every last one of the wisps! I really can't thank you enough."
"*sigh* Now we can finally seal away that havoc-wreaking bundle of mischief once more."
"But...we'll need to go to the Shrouded Ruins. That's the only place the sealing will work..."
"We should meet there at the same time of day as when we first met. Hope you remember!"
Crimson Mirelands (Shrouded Ruins)
"<player>! I'm glad you came. Let's get started, shall we?"
"First of all, a confession. I may have told you one teeny-tiny lie. About the wisps...there are actually 108 of them. I've been holding on to the last one—could you put it in the Odd Keystone with the others?"
"But wait—before that, well... <player>... What do you think of me?"
You're a strange one...: "A "strange one," huh...? Yeah, you're right. You really do understand me."
I don't really know you...: "...Really? Even after gathering 107 wisps? Ah well, it's fine. We have time, after all."
"Here it goes, the final wisp... After this, the traveler who used that strange magic will finally forgive me...right? Ah. Close your eyes for a sec, would you?"
"Making you gather all those wisps was my last bit of mischief... Thanks for playing along. Please...don't forget about me..."


Language Name Origin
Japanese ユラ Yura From ユラーッ!! Yurā!! (Spiritomb's cry before its battle)
English Vessa Possibly from vessel
German Yula From Yulaaah! (Spiritomb's cry before its battle)
Spanish Alma From alma (soul)
French Pitris From an anagram of spirit
Italian Spira Possibly from Spiritomb
Korean 유라 Yura Transcription of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 幽琳 Yōulín From 幽靈 / 幽灵 yōulíng / yāulìhng (ghost)
Chinese (Cantonese) 幽琳 Yāulàhm

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