A wisp (Japanese: ともしび light) is an overworld entity that exists in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. They are scattered throughout the Hisui region. They play an important role in Request 22: "Eerie Apparitions in the Night".

A Wisp in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

In the core series games

Wisps are first introduced to the player after the completion of Mission 7: "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods". On the night following the end of the mission, a mysterious child named Vessa approaches the player in front of their quarters in Jubilife Village to warn them of a great danger that threatens Hisui. They retell the story of an incident regarding an unknown entity that existed hundreds of years ago which was sealed for its terrible powers. The seal eventually broke, releasing wisps across the region. They then give the player the Odd Keystone, which allows the holder to see and contain the wisps. A total of 107 wisps can be found across Hisui: 7 in Jubilife Village and 20 throughout each of the five major areas of Hisui. Each time a wisp is collected, the number count on the Odd Keystone, which can be seen from the satchel, increases by one. The player will be notified with the number of wisps remaining in the area after collecting one; Vessa will also inform the player of their remaining wisp count if spoken to in Jubilife Village. Upon bringing 107 wisps to the Shrouded Ruins per Vessa's request, they mysteriously depart and leave behind one last wisp, bringing the total to 108. Once all the wisps have been contained, the Odd Keystone disappears and a Spiritomb appears.

Wisps take the form of a small, purple, ghostly orb that levitates slightly off of the ground. They emit a purple light that can be seen from a long distance (about 100 meters) away at night. Wisps disappear from sight at long ranges from day through evening, but will reappear once the player gets within 10 meters of it. They make a faint ghostly noise when the player stands close to them. Interacting with a wisp will cause it to gravitate toward the player and enter the Odd Keystone. Wisps can be collected while on Ride Pokémon. Wisps cannot be removed from the Odd Keystone once obtained.


Jubilife Village

Sublocation Description
Pastures Behind the hairdresser, across the river between two trees
Prelude Beach Between the dock and the shed
Canala Avenue On the left side of the avenue, at the center where four houses meet
Farm Behind the wooden shed at the western end of the farm
Craftworks Behind the craftworks, next to the water wheel
Training grounds Behind the dojo building
Galaxy Hall Behind the rightmost section of the building

Obsidian Fieldlands

Sublocation Description
Aspiration Hill Atop a plateau on the ridge bordering Floaro Gardens
Horseshoe Plains Atop a plateau adjacent to the T-shaped lake
Grueling Grove Along the southern mountain border, overlooking the Worn Bridge
Worn Bridge At the base of Deertrack Heights, near the leftmost bridge
Deertrack Path Atop a hill near the base of the path
Deertrack Heights On a steep cliffside west of the Heights Camp, overlooking Windswept Run
Deertrack Heights On top of the tall peak south of the Heights Camp
Deertrack Heights On a mountain on the western end of the landmass, near Obsidian Falls
Nature's Pantry On a small hill overlooking the southwestern beach
The Heartwood On a grassy peak above the souther entrance to Oreburrow Tunnel
The Heartwood On a grassy plateau along the northern central edge of the forest, close to the river bend
The Heartwood Atop a grassy hill west of the river at the Tidewater Dam entrance to the forest
The Heartwood Along the southern mountain ridge, due southwest of the Tidewater Dam
The Heartwood At the tip of the peninsula on the western end, past the alpha Lopunny
Obsidian Falls On a small island at the base of the waterfall
Ramanas Island At the tip of a ridge on the southern part of the island
Ramanas Island On a small island north of Ramanas Island
Sandgem Flats On top of a grassy ridge across the entrance to Lake Verity
Sandgem Flats On a rock formation at the border of Sandgem Flats and Aspiration Hill
Lake Verity Along the inner border of the lake, slightly northeast of Verity Cavern

Crimson Mirelands

Sublocation Description
Golden Lowlands At the end of a valley adjacent to the western mountain ridge, south of the Mirelands Camp
Golden Lowlands South of the Solaceon Ruins, on a plateau next to a path that leads to the Scarlet Bog
Gapejaw Bog At the end of a mountain ridge that borders the Golden Lowlands, near the river
Gapejaw Bog On a cliff edge that overlooks the river between the bog and the Holm of Trials
Gapejaw Bog In the middle of a small water puddle at the south end of the bog
Holm of Trials Along the mountain ridge to the south where the river makes a rounded arc bend
Holm of Trials On the small island on the eastern end where the alpha Sliggoo spawns
Ursa's Ring At the southern end of the region along the mountain ridge
Scarlet Bog On a plateau at the eastern end of the bog, overlooking the river to the Droning Meadow
Cloudpool Ridge In the heart of Cloudpool Ridge, just south of the Brava Arena
Cloudpool Ridge On a plateau above the path that leads from the forest to the Shrouded Ruins
Cloudpool Ridge Across the river from the abandoned campsite in the Golden Lowlands, on a small shore
Cloudpool Ridge On a cliffside above the river due west of the Brava Arena
Diamond Heath On a plateau that overlooks the Diamond Settlement from the west
Bolderoll Slope On a tiny patch of land by the river at the base of the slope
Bolderoll Slope On a strip of grassy cliffside adjacent to the left of the slope leading to the Diamond Settlement
Cottonsedge Prairie Next to a dead tree at the top of a plateau by the entrance to the prairie
Droning Meadow At the northern end of the region on a tiny plateau west of Cottonsedge Prairie
Droning Meadow Along the mountain ridge toward the southeast, above several cliffsides
Lake Valor On the eastern strip of land at the top of the waterfall, directly south of the entrance to Valor Cavern

Cobalt Coastlands

Sublocation Description
Crossing Slope On a rounded cliff just to the southeast of the Beachside Camp
Crossing Slope On a low-lying grassy terrace that extends southeast from the Beachside Camp
Ginkgo Landing To the south, on the western end of the mountainous ridge that separates Aipom Hill from Bathers' Lagoon
Ginkgo Landing On the rounded plateau near the alpha Machoke
Bathers' Lagoon On the small island within the largest of the lakes
Bathers' Lagoon On the largest of two islands on the southern shore of the lagoon
Tombolo Walk On the western island of the archipelago
Sand's Reach At the tip of the second peninsula from the right
Tranquility Cove On the small island west of the leftmost peninsula of Sand's Reach
Tranquility Cove At the tip of the longest ridge on the backwards F-shaped island
Castaway Shore On the easternmost end of the shore, halfway up a set of cliff edges leading to Veilstone Cape
Windbreak Stand On the northern end of the flattest portion of the area, along the western mountain ridge in the Spring Path
Spring Path Directly across the entrance to Turnback Cave, on the outer rim of the crater
Spring Path On a portion of cliff above Islespy Shore to the north, next to the mountain border
Islespy Shore On a rocky terrace at the southernmost tip of the shore
Veilstone Cape Atop the westernmost end of the rocky ridge bordering the northern end of the cape
Lunker's Lair On a small island directly south of Firespit Island
Seagrass Haven On an isolated island north of the main archipelago
Firespit Island On a small island northeast of mainland Firespit Island
Firespit Island On a rocky terrace at the southern base of the central volcano

Coronet Highlands

Sublocation Description
Heavenward Lookout At the northern tip of the slope, past the ruins
Wayward Cave In a crevice along the wall of the chamber with the alpha Crobat
Wayward Wood Above the entrance to Wayward Cave, between the two waterfalls
Wayward Wood On a small shoreline by the river to the south
Ancient Quarry Inside the quarry, atop the tallest block formation in the center
Sonorous Path On a rock formation along the northern edge of the path
Clamberclaw Cliffs On the tiny island at the center of the lake at the top of the cliffs
Clamberclaw Cliffs Between two trees on top of the mountain ridge at the northeastern part of the area
Celestica Ruins At the center of circular arrangement of ruined pillars, next to the cliff where the ruins continue
Celestica Trail At the tip of a narrow ridge jutting out from the mountainside, south of the lake on Clamberclaw Cliffs
Celestica Trail On a narrow cliff ledge on the northern wall of the trail, above the forested section before the stone bridge
Primeval Grotto Above the westernmost entrance to the cave
Primeval Grotto On a small peninsula at the mouth of the lake
Sacred Plaza Atop a rounded, rocky pillar near the alpha Rhyperior
Stonetooth Rows In front of a tombstone halfway up the slope, near the alpha Mismagius
Bolderoll Ravine At the western end of the middle ravine, past the alpha Golem
Fabled Spring On the rocky formation that separates the spring from Bolderoll Ravine to the north, next to the river
Fabled Spring At the end of the forested valley on the southeast part of the spring
Moonview Arena In a small forest above the arena to the northeast
Cloudcap Pass On the wide ridge bordering the Sacred Plaza, overlooking the Celestica Ruins

Alabaster Icelands

Sublocation Description
Whiteout Valley At the top of a set of cliffs to the east of the Snowfields Camp
Bonechill Wastes On a large rocky ledge hanging above the west side of the ravine separating Whiteout Valley and Bonechill Wastes
Bonechill Wastes On a ledge west of the tunnel leading into Icebound Falls
Bonechill Wastes On the western part of the region, atop a stone formation that points toward Avalugg's Legacy
Bonechill Wastes On top of the northernmost ice sheet, overlooking Avalugg's Legacy
Avalanche Slopes At the northern tip of the mountain ridge between the slopes and Icebound Falls
Avalanche Slopes Atop of tall, cylindrical plateau at the base of the slopes
Avalanche Slopes In a crevice along the western mountain ridge adjacent to the highest level of the slopes
Arena's Approach In a small pocket midway from the base of the snowy incline
Arena's Approach On a cliff edge directly downhill and west of the entrance to the Icepeak Arena
Avalugg's Legacy On top of a glacier northeast of the large central glacier
Icepeak Cavern Underneath Bonechill Wastes, in a rounded room across several ice pillars where Hisuian Zorua spawn
Secret Hollow In the center of the cavern
Glacier Terrace On a forested cliffside at the highest accesible point along the western mountain range
Glacier Terrace At the base of the wide path as part of Arena's Approach, southeast of the Snowfall Hot Spring
Heart's Crag High above the area on a small cliff to the south
Snowpoint Temple To the left of the entrance to the temple, on top of a plateau
Snowpoint Temple In the second puzzle room, immediately to the left of the door from the first puzzle room
Lake Acuity On a rounded strip of land at the top of the waterfall, to the east
Pearl Settlement Behind a tent on the uppermost populated level, downhill from the hot springs

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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 幽火 Yāufó
Mandarin 幽火 Yōuhuǒ
  French Flamme étrange
  German Geisterlicht
  Italian Fiammella
  Korean 등불 Deungbul
  Spanish Voluta de luz