Ursa's Ring

Ursa's Ring クマの稽古場
Bear's Training Grounds
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Ursa's Ring LA.png
Map description:
Location: Southwest Crimson Mirelands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Ursa's Ring Map.png
Location of Ursa's Ring in Hisui.
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Ursa's Ring (Japanese: クマの稽古場 Bear's Training Grounds) is an area located in the southwestern region of the Crimson Mirelands of Hisui. It is south of the Sludge Mound.


The landscape of Ursa's Ring is more rugged than that of its neighbor, the Sludge Mound. A passage between two plateaus by the Sludge Mound serves as the main entrance to the area. Short plateaus continue populate the surface, some high enough to climb to avoid attacks by aggressive Pokémon. Unbreakable boulder piles are scattered around as well, same with ore deposits. The foliage in the northern area is vibrant and lush, slowly losing quality and density the farther south one goes. Mostly dead trees remain in the southernmost end of Ursa's Ring.


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Pokémon Levels Alpha
Time of day Weather
20-23 35-38
27-30 42-45
21-24 36-39
27-30 42-45
21-24 36-39
27-30 42-45

11-14 26-29
27-30 42-45
Fixed Alpha
In the air
27-30 42-45
Shaking trees
16-19 31-34
27-30 42-45
Shaking ore deposits
21-24 36-39
27-30 42-45
26-29 41-44
33-36 48-51
Mass outbreak
37-39 52-54
40-42 55-57
Non-fixed alpha Pokémon do not spawn until the player quelled the frenzy of the subregion's noble.
Some of the Pokémon marked with (‡) may only spawn near the area's borders.


  • The English and possibly the Italian names include wordplay, sounding like Ursaring, due to "ring" also being a term used in reference to boxing. The Korean name has its word for peat, the item needed for Ursaring to involve into Ursaluna.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 熊的比武場 Hùhng dīk Béimóuhchèuhng
Mandarin 熊的比武場 Xióng de Bǐwǔchǎng
  French Arène Ursa
  German Prankenplatz
  Italian Ring Ursino
  Korean 이탄 수련장 Itan Suryeonjang
  Spanish Palestra Ursa

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