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An alpha Pokémon (Japanese: オヤブン boss) is a variety of Pokémon found in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. They are larger-than-normal Pokémon that appear in Hisui with increased combat capabilities. Alpha Pokémon can be identified with the Alpha icon.png icon in the Pokémon's summary screen and on their health bar in the wild (if transferred to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, they have the Alpha Mark instead). Additionally, wild alpha Pokémon have glowing red eyes, except for Zubat.


Shortly after the player joins the Survey Corps, an alpha Kricketune intrudes on Deertrack Heights. Mai, the Warden who oversees Wyrdeer, enlists Akari/Rei to help defeat the Kricketune, who in turn asks the player to aid Mai due to their skill in Pokémon battles.

While Ingo is leading the player through Wayward Cave, an alpha Crobat appears along the route. Ingo insists that the player not battle it due to the reduced visibility caused by the absence of the cave's torches, and leads them on a detour to avoid it. The player is unable to battle or catch this particular alpha Pokémon until Ingo reinstalls the torches in the cave.

During the three Trials of the Lake guardians, the player has to face an alpha Pokémon at each lake; Hisuian Goodra at Lake Verity, Overqwil at Lake Valor, and Hisuian Zoroark at Lake Acuity.

During the post-game, when the player goes to meet Volo at Grueling Grove, the two are ambushed by an alpha Vespiquen. After defeating the Pokémon, the player receives a Stone Plate from her.

It is later revealed that the existence of alpha Pokémon was the result of Giratina opening space-time rifts that affect them with lightning strikes.


In the wild, alpha Pokémon will be at a higher level than other species of the same kind that can be found in that area, will have at least three stats with individual values of 31 (expressed in this game as initial effort levels of 3) and will know and have mastered a move that cannot be learned by leveling up. Alpha Pokémon cannot be caught outside of battle if they are significantly higher level than the player's current obedience level. They can, however, be caught regardless of level during a battle with them. Regardless of the species' normal behavior, alpha Pokémon (except for Mantyke and Mantine) are always aggressive towards the player and will never run away, unless a space-time distortion appears around it or it is a species which only appears in the wild at certain times of day. If an alpha Pokémon spots the player, it will roar out a shockwave which, if close enough, will cause the player to be knocked to the ground; they are also forcibly dismounted from their Ride Pokémon if riding Wyrdeer, Ursaluna, or Sneasler.

Upon entering battle, wild alpha Pokémon are filled with Wild Might (Japanese: 野性の力 Wild Strength), as indicated by their glowing red eyes. This increases all of a Pokémon's stats, independently of in-battle stat boosts, and reduces damage from status conditions. Alpha Pokémon can also use agile style and strong style moves in battle.

There are three types of ways alpha Pokémon may spawn:

  • Fixed alpha Pokémon spawns will always be generated upon entering a given area of the Hisui region, and will be at a fixed level; for instance, the alpha Rapidash in the Obsidian Fieldlands is always Lv. 40. These Alpha Pokémon will also automatically respawn after two full in-game days.
  • Random alpha Pokémon spawns may occur after the player has quelled the area's noble Pokémon. Alpha Pokémon, of the same species as the location's standard spawns, each have a small chance of appearing. Each location has its own rates for how likely each alpha Pokémon may spawn, including space-time distortions. Prior to the Daybreak update, during Mass Outbreaks, at most one alpha Pokémon could appear, however this limit was later lifted to account for the "exclusively alpha" bonus waves of Massive Mass Outbreaks.
  • During a Massive Mass Outbreak, clearing all Pokémon in a location may cause a second wave of Pokémon to appear in the same location; if this occurs, the second wave may be composed entirely of alpha Pokémon.

During the battle against Giratina at the Temple of Sinnoh, it will be filled with Terrible Might (Japanese: すさまじい力 Tremendous Strength), which has an identical effect to Wild Might.

Fixed alpha Pokémon

Fixed alpha Pokémon are specimens that always appear in their alpha form in a specific location. Some of these specimens do not spawn until after parts of the main story are completed, usually needing the region's frenzied Noble to be tamed before appearing in the overworld.

Species marked with an * can only be found as that single fixed alpha specimen, in rare or massive mass outbreaks, or a space-time distortion, but not anywhere else in the overworld.

Obsidian Fieldlands

# Pokémon Level Sub-Location Time of Day Weather
042   Golbat 35 Near Oreburrow Tunnel Nighttime All
047   Parasect 30 Nature's Pantry All All
065   Alakazam* 60 Sandgem Flats All All
075   Graveler 30 Near Obsidian Falls All All
078   Rapidash* 40 Horseshoe Plains All Sunny
123   Scyther 42 Near Grandtree Arena All All
129   Magikarp 60 Obsidian Falls All All
130   Gyarados 60 Lake Verity All All
143   Snorlax 45 Near Sandgem Flats All All
214   Heracross 45 Grueling Grove All All
234   Stantler 42 Deertrack Heights All All
242   Blissey 62 Near Obsidian Falls All All
392   Infernape* 65 Ramanas Island All All
397   Staravia 32 Windswept Run All All
400   Bibarel 16 Tidewater Dam All All
402   Kricketune 30 Near Nature's Pantry All All
404   Luxio 40 Floaro Gardens All All
419   Floatzel 31 Near Worn Bridge All All
428   Lopunny 40 Near The Heartwood All All

Crimson Mirelands

# Pokémon Level Sub-Location Time of Day Weather
026   Raichu* 52 Near Golden Lowlands All All
095   Onix 50 Near Bolderoll Slope All All
111   Rhyhorn 45 Diamond Heath All All
217   Ursaring 55 Near Gapejaw Bog All All
217   Ursaring 41 Ursa's Ring All All
389   Torterra* 65 Holm of Trials All All
407   Roserade* 50 Cloudpool Ridge Daytime All
416   Vespiquen 61 Near Cottonsedge Prairie All All
417   Pachirisu 40 Near Gapejaw Bog All All
430   Honchkrow 55 Cloudpool Ridge Nighttime All
435   Skuntank 45 Scarlet Bog All All
450   Hippowdon 46 Sludge Mound All All
454   Toxicroak 47 Holm of Trials All All
455   Carnivine 43 Near Cottonsedge Prairie All All
463   Lickilicky 52 Shrouded Ruins All All
465   Tangrowth* 45 Gapejaw Bog All All
469   Yanmega 58 Droning Meadow All All
705   Sliggoo 50 Holm of Trials All All

Cobalt Coastlands

# Pokémon Level Sub-Location Time of Day Weather
038   Ninetales* 61 Firespit Island All All
055   Golduck 50 Bathers' Lagoon All All
067   Machoke 40 Near Ginkgo Landing All All
073   Tentacruel 50 Near Lunker's Lair All All
113   Chansey 51 Tombolo Walk All All
130   Gyarados 58 Near Lunker's Lair All All
224   Octillery 46 Castaway Shore All All
226   Mantine 50 Tranquility Cove All All
365   Walrein 50 Ginkgo Landing All All
395   Empoleon* 69 Islespy Shore All All
414   Mothim 56 Spring Path All All
423   Gastrodon 61 Seagrass Haven All All
424   Ambipom 50 Near Hideaway Bay All All
432   Purugly 45 Veilstone Cape All All
452   Drapion* 45 Near Ginkgo Landing All All
457   Lumineon 60 Seagrass Haven All All
477   Dusknoir* 65 Deadwood Haunt Nighttime All

Coronet Highlands

# Pokémon Level Sub-Location Time of Day Weather
036   Clefable* 62 Fabled Spring Nighttime All
076   Golem* 60 Bolderoll Ravine All All
169   Crobat 60 Wayward Cave All All
207   Gligar 52 Clamberclaw Cliffs All All
208   Steelix* 60 Celestica Trail All All
405   Luxray 55 Sacred Plaza All All
414   Mothim 55 Wayward Wood All All
429   Mismagius* 61 Stonetooth Rows Nighttime All
437   Bronzong 55 Near Clamberclaw Cliffs All All
444   Gabite 56 Near Celestica Ruins All All
455   Carnivine 52 Near Lonely Spring All All
464   Rhyperior* 74 Sacred Plaza All All
466   Electivire* 69 Cloudcap Pass All All
472   Gliscor* 77 Near Primeval Grotto All All
476   Probopass* 73 Near Primeval Grotto All All
706   Goodra* 70 Ancient Quarry All All

Alabaster Icelands

# Pokémon Level Sub-Location Time of Day Weather
068   Machamp* 70 Arena's Approach All All
125   Electabuzz 65 Icebound Falls All All
215   Sneasel 61 Near Avalugg's Legacy All All
220   Swinub 62 Near Bonechill Wastes All All
221   Piloswine 65 Arena's Approach All All
282   Gardevoir* 70 Heart's Crag Daytime All
358   Chimecho 65 Near Lake Acuity All All
362   Glalie 62 Bonechill Wastes All All
445   Garchomp* 85 Avalanche Slopes All All
448   Lucario 70 Icebound Falls All All
460   Abomasnow 68 Bonechill Wastes All All
473   Mamoswine* 68 Avalugg's Legacy All All
475   Gallade* 70 Snowpoint Temple All All
478   Froslass 72 Ice Column Chamber All All

Unique alpha Pokémon

These unique alpha Pokémon can only be found once during the storyline. With the exception of Vespiquen, they do not have the usual guarantee of any stats with individual values of 31 (starting effort levels of 3).

  • The alpha Pokémon found in Acuity, Verity, and Valor Caverns are prevented from being Shiny.
# Pokémon Level Sub-Location Mission/Request Tutor move
362   Glalie 64 Alabaster Icelands Request 86 "Gone the Icelands" Iron Head
402   Kricketune 12 Deertrack Heights Mission 5 "A Request from Mai" False Swipe
416   Vespiquen 60 Grueling Grove Mission 21 "The Researcher of Myths" Sludge Bomb
571   Zoroark 58 Acuity Cavern Mission 17 "The Trial of Lake Acuity" None
706   Goodra 58 Verity Cavern Mission 15 "The Trial of Lake Verity" Iron Tail
904   Overqwil* 58 Valor Cavern Mission 16 "The Trial of Lake Valor" Ice Ball

In the anime

Pokémon: Hisuian Snow

In Two Hues, an Alpha Garchomp attacked Alec and the Galaxy Team, but it was driven away by a Hisuian Zoroark that Alec had befriended in his youth as a Zorua.


  • Since most fixed alpha spawns are evolved Pokémon, alpha forms of many pre-evolved species are considered to be more rare and valuable, if left unevolved.
  • There is a third variant of the Wild Might effect in game data, called Terrific Might (Japanese: 偉大な力), which is a version of Wild Might without the stat boosts. Its usage within the game is unknown.
  • When Alpha Combee and Gastrodon appear in the wild, only two of their eyes glow red.
  • Alpha Pokémon count as heavy specimens and large specimens for research tasks.
  • Arceus itself is also known as the Alpha Pokémon.
  • Alpha Pokémon are guaranteed to have 31 in at least 3 of their IV stats, a trait that Legendary and Mythical Pokémon have also had since Generation VI.


Alpha Pokémon might be based on the concept of dominance hierarchy in biology. Amongst animal groups, an alpha is a member of the species that has a higher rank in the group's hierarchy, contrary to the beta members who are the more submissive ones. Alpha animals often employ aggression tactics to assert dominance and leadership over their specific groups. This concept may be seen in gameplay, where alpha Pokémon display an aggressive disposition even when members of said species typically would not. They also serve as leaders of the pack, as alpha Pokémon are regularly found in places where unevolved members of their species gather, and even show signs of territorialism, as some alpha Pokémon tend to come to the aid of the lesser members when alerted. Their Japanese name "boss" seems to reinforce this idea of hierarchical leadership.

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In other languages

Alpha Pokémon

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 頭目 Tàuhmuhk
Mandarin 頭目 / 头目 Tóumù
  French Pokémon Barons
  German Elite-Pokémon
  Italian Pokémon alfa
  Korean 우두머리 Udumeori
  Spanish Espécimenes alfa

Wild Might

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 野性之力 Yéhsing-jī Lihk
Mandarin 野性之力 Yěxìng-zhī Lì
  French Force sauvage
  German Kraft der Wildnis
  Italian Potenza selvatica
  Korean 야성의힘이 Yaseong-ui Himi
  Spanish Poder salvaje

Terrible Might

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 驚駭之力 Gīngháaih-jī Lihk
Mandarin 驚駭之力 / 惊骇之力 Jīnghài-zhī Lì
  French Force effroyable
  German Unheilvolle Kraft
  Italian Potenza spaventosa
  Korean 무시무시한힘 Musimusihan Himi
  Spanish Poder tremebundo

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