Noble Pokémon

The noble Pokémon (Japanese: キング・クイーン Kings and Queens) are a select group of Pokémon in the Hisui region who are descendants of five of the ten companions of the Ancient Hero of legend, blessed by Arceus.

Quelling a noble Pokémon


Inheriting the duties of protecting the Diamond and Pearl Clans, noble Pokémon have the distinct "Lord" and "Lady" titles. There are a total of five noble Pokémon who, along with the five Ride Pokémon, are cared for under a warden of the Diamond or Pearl Clan. These Pokémon are often larger than their standard counterparts, and they may even be larger than alpha Pokémon. In addition, noble Pokémon cannot be caught.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the five noble Pokémon have become frenzied due to a special energy from the space-time rift. To quell a noble Pokémon, the player character must throw balms made of the noble's favorite food until its frenzy gauge reaches zero. After being quelled, each noble Pokémon will grant the player the plate corresponding to its primary type.

In the post-game, the player can have a rematch against the nobles at their respective arenas by talking to the warden. The challenges will be identical, except the noble Pokémon will all be at Lv. 70 with full effort levels, and the player is timed for personal records.

List of noble Pokémon

Location Noble Pokémon Plate Warden
Grandtree Arena
Obsidian Fieldlands
黒曜の原野 Obsidian Fields
Lord of the Woods
 Bug  Rock 
Insect Plate
キクイ Kikui
Brava Arena
Crimson Mirelands
紅蓮の湿地 Crimson Wetlands
Lady of the Ridge
 Grass  Fighting 
Meadow Plate
ヒナツ Hinatsu
Molten Arena
Cobalt Coastlands
群青の海岸 Ultramarine Coast
Lord of the Isles
 Fire  Rock 
Flame Plate
ガラナ Garana
Moonview Arena
Coronet Highlands
天冠の山麓 Tengan Foothills
Lord of the Hollow
 Electric  Grass 
Zap Plate
ツバキ Tsubaki
Icepeak Arena
Alabaster Icelands
純白の凍土 Pure White Tundra
Lord of the Tundra
 Ice  Rock 
Icicle Plate
ハマレンゲ Hamarenge
  • In the post-game, Calaba acts as Lady Lilligant's warden on Arezu's behalf, as she is working as a hairdresser in Jubilife Village.


All frenzied nobles will launch attacks against the player in a specific sequence. The nobles can all be stunned at some point during their fight by exploiting gaps in their attack patterns, and at this time the player can throw their Pokémon at it to initiate a normal Pokémon battle. The way the player can stun a noble varies between each specific noble. After being defeated in battle, the noble will become stunned for several more seconds, during which its frenzy gauge will deplete faster from balms, before reinitiating a new sequence of attacks.

During their respective Missions, all noble Pokémon have zero effort levels. During rematches, all noble Pokémon will be at Lv. 70 with the maximum ten effort levels in each stat.

Lord of the Woods: Kleavor

Lord Kleavor is fought in Grandtree Arena, and must be quelled using Forest Balms.

Lord Kleavor primarily attacks by charging a short distance in a straight line, towards the player; this is telegraphed by his eyes flashing. If the player lures Kleavor into running into the Grandtree or the stone walls of the arena, he will then become stunned, allowing the player to send out a Pokémon to battle. Less frequently, Kleavor will attempt to attack the player by swinging his axes around in a circle, which will be telegraphed by a large whirlwind appearing around Kleavor that designates the attack's area of effect.

Once Kleavor's frenzy gauge is half-depleted, both of Kleavor's attacks will have their windup times reduced. His attack pattern is otherwise identical to its first phase.

In the post-game, the player can initiate a rematch with Lord Kleavor by speaking to Lian at Grandtree Arena. Upon winning a rematch, the player will receive three Exp. Candies M and, if the player received no damage, one Exp. Candy L.



Bug Rock
Kleavor Lv.18
Aerial Ace
Flying Physical
Double Hit
Normal Status
Stealth Rock
Rock Physical
Air Slash
Flying Special
Bug Rock
Kleavor Lv.70
Stone Axe
Rock Physical
Air Slash
Flying Special
Bug Physical
Close Combat
Fighting Physical

Lady of the Ridge: Lilligant

Lady Lilligant is fought in Brava Arena, and must be quelled using Marsh Balms.

Lady Lilligant attacks primarily by jumping into the air and producing shockwaves when she lands. The number of jumps she will make can be estimated by the number and color of the musical notes produced before she jumps. After evading her attacks long enough, she will jump four times in a row and become stunned at the end of the last jump, allowing her to be fought with the player's Pokémon.

Once Lady Lilligant's frenzy gauge is half-depleted, she periodically performs a spinning strike after she lands from a jump, producing a larger green shockwave. The shockwave then expands to cover the whole arena, forcing the player to dodge through the shockwave as it spreads to avoid damage. This can be chained with her regular jumps as well.

In the post-game, the player can initiate a rematch with Lady Lilligant by speaking to Calaba at Brava Arena. Upon winning a rematch, the player will receive three Exp. Candies M and, if no damage was received, one Exp. Candy L.

Grass Fighting
Lilligant Lv.30
Stun Spore
Grass Status
Poison Powder
Poison Status
Energy Ball
Grass Special
Rock Smash
Fighting Physical
Grass Fighting
Lilligant Lv.70
Victory Dance
Fighting Status
Petal Dance
Grass Special
Drain Punch
Fighting Physical
Giga Impact
Normal Physical

Lord of the Isles: Arcanine

Lord Arcanine is fought in Molten Arena, and must be quelled using Volcano Balms.

Lord Arcanine primarily attacks by charging across the arena in a straight line towards the player; like with Lord Kleavor, his eyes will flash right before he charges. During this sequence, Arcanine will also leap to the center of the stage, before charging across the arena again. Arcanine will then create five fireballs above him, signaling a large explosion that cannot be dodged. The player can cancel this attack by hitting him with balms, causing the fireballs to disappear. Arcanine will then become stunned, allowing the player to send out a Pokémon to battle.

Once Arcanine's frenzy gauge is half-depleted, Arcanine will also leave behind a large field of flames upon leaping to the center of the arena, effectively trapping the player in a corner of the arena. The flames will not disappear until the player stuns Arcanine again. His attack pattern is otherwise identical to its first phase.

In the post-game, the player can initiate a rematch with Lord Arcanine by speaking to Palina at Molten Arena. Upon winning a rematch, the player will receive three Exp. Candies M and, if no damage was taken, one Exp. Candy L.

Fire Rock
Arcanine Lv.36
Fire Fang
Fire Physical
Rock Slide
Rock Physical
Raging Fury
Fire Physical
Dark Physical
Fire Rock
Arcanine Lv.70
Raging Fury
Fire Physical
Stone Edge
Rock Physical
Dark Physical
Wild Charge
Electric Physical

Lord of the Hollow: Electrode

Lord Electrode is fought in Moonview Arena, and must be quelled using Mountain Balms.

Lord Electrode will initially attack by launching homing Thunderbolts and summoning Hisuian Voltorb to haphazardly fall from the trees and explode, alternating between these attacks; the explosion radii are marked by a glowing circle around the Voltorb. After a few waves, it will leap to the player and begin glowing bright white, ready to Self-Destruct. It will follow the player for several seconds before finally exploding and stunning itself; like the Voltorb, a circle on the ground will mark the attack's area of effect before it is executed. During this time, the player can send out a Pokémon to battle. Afterwards, Electrode will reinitiate the same attack sequence.

Once Electrode's frenzy gauge is half-depleted, it will begin to launch homing Energy Balls, in addition to the Thunderbolts, that move slightly faster. Its attack pattern is otherwise identical to its first phase.

In the post-game, the player can initiate a rematch with Lord Electrode by speaking to Melli at Moonview Arena. Upon winning a rematch, the player will receive four Exp. Candies M and, if the player received no damage, three Grit Pebbles.

Electric Grass
Electrode Lv.46
Thunder Wave
Electric Status
Energy Ball
Grass Special
Electric Special
Electric Special
Electric Grass
Electrode Lv.70
Grass Special
Electric Special
Hyper Beam
Normal Special
Thunder Wave
Electric Status

Lord of the Tundra: Avalugg

Lord Avalugg is fought in Icepeak Arena, and must be quelled using Snow Balms.

Lord Avalugg begins by launching zigzagging volleys of Ice Balls at the player. Then he will create rows of large icicles sticking up from the ground, which start from the front and end at the back of the arena. Next, he will launch four successive Mountain Gale attacks towards the player. And finally, he will fire a large Ice Beam while panning across the arena. Lord Avalugg will become stunned after this attack, and the player can send out a Pokémon to battle. Afterwards, Avalugg will repeat the same sequence of attacks.

Once Lord Avalugg's frenzy gauge is half-depleted, the attack sequence becomes more aggressive. While launching the ice ball volleys, Lord Avalugg will also cause icicles to appear from the ground, limiting the player's movement. The large icicle rows from the ground now form side-to-side across the stage, and then briefly leave behind ice spikes on the ground. The Mountain Gale attack now fires six times and more rapidly. And before the final Ice Beam attack, Lord Avalugg will create three more icicles from the ground that leave behind ice spikes, making it harder to dodge the attack.

Upon winning a rematch, the player will receive four Exp. Candies M and, if the player received no damage, three Grit Pebbles.

Ice Rock
Avalugg Lv.56
Earth Power
Ground Special
Mountain Gale
Ice Physical
Ice Special
Normal Physical
Ice Rock
Avalugg Lv.70
Mountain Gale
Ice Physical
High Horsepower
Ground Physical
Stone Edge
Rock Physical
Iron Head
Steel Physical


  • Some noble Pokémon have several unique distinctions:
    • Kleavor is the only noble Pokémon who is a new evolution of a previously existing Pokémon. The rest are Pokémon with regional forms.
      • Interestingly, the noble Pokémon consist of four Pokémon with regional forms and one evolution of a preexisting Pokémon, while the Ride Pokémon of Hisui consist of four evolutions of preexisting Pokémon and one Pokémon with a regional form.
    • Lilligant is the only noble Pokémon with the title of "Lady", due to being the only female noble.
      • Likewise, Electrode is the only gender unknown noble Pokémon. Despite this, it uses the male title "Lord".
    • Electrode is the only noble Pokémon to summon other Pokémon during its fight, namely Voltorb.
  • Statues of all of the noble Pokémon and ridable Pokémon, created by the original inhabitants of Hisui, can be found at the Temple of Sinnoh. However, these statues are destroyed during the climax of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, along with the temple's roof and pillars.
  • Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus in Pokémon Legends: Arceus are fought similarly to how noble Pokémon are fought, including usage of Balms.

In other languages

Noble Pokémon

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 王和女王 Wòhng Wòh Néuihwòhng
Mandarin 王和女王 Wáng Hé Nǚwáng
  French Pokémon monarque
  German Königinnen und Könige
  Italian Pokémon regale
  Korean 왕과 여왕 Wang-gwa Yeowang
  Spanish Pokémon señorial


Language Title
  Japanese キング King
Chinese Cantonese Wòhng
Mandarin Wáng
  French Roi
  German Könige
  Italian Re
  Korean Wang
  Spanish Señor


Language Title
  Japanese クイーン Queen
Chinese Cantonese 女王 Néuihwòhng
Mandarin 女王 Nǚwáng
  French Reine
  German Königinnen
  Italian Regina
  Korean 여왕 Yeowang
  Spanish Señora
  English   Kana   Rōmaji   French   German   Italian   Spanish   Hangul   Romanized   Hànzì   Romanized
Lord of the Woods 森キング Roi de la Forêt König des Waldes Re delle foreste Señor de los Bosques 숲의 왕 森林王 / 森林王
Lady of the Ridge 峠クイーン Reine du Col Königin des Bergkamms Regina delle creste Señora de las Cumbres 고개의 여왕 山道女王 / 山道女王
Lord of the Isles 島キング Roi de l'Île König der Insel Re delle isole Señor de las Islas 섬의 왕 島嶼王 / 岛屿王
Lord of the Hollow 洞窟キング Roi de la Grotte König der Höhle Re delle grotte Señor de las Cavernas 동굴의 왕 洞窟王 / 洞窟王
Lord of the Tundra 雪原キング Roi des Plaines Enneigées König des Schneefelds Re delle nevi Señor de las Nieves 설원의 왕 雪原王 / 雪原王

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