Pikachu Pokéxel

Pokéxel (Japanese: ポクセル Poxel) are cube-shaped Pokémon that live on Tumblecube Island in the game Pokémon Quest.

Although a Pokéxel can move and attack autonomously, players can direct when moves are used. They have HP and Attack stats that can be improved by leveling them up or giving them Power Stones. Upon reaching a certain level, a Pokéxel can also evolve. Similarly to Toy Pokémon from the Pokémon Rumble series, a Pokéxel can also know up to two moves. Pokéxel have one of two battle styles - close-range or long-range attacking.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ポクセル Poxel From ポケモン Pokémon and ボクセル voxel
English, French, German
Italian, Spanish
Pokéxel From Pokémon and voxel
Korean 폭셀 Poxel Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 寶酷方 / 宝酷方 Bǎokùfāng *
方可梦 Fāngkěmèng *
From 寶可夢 / 宝可梦 Pokémon and 方塊 / 方块 fāngkuài (cube)
Chinese (Cantonese) 寶酷方 Bóuhuhkfōng From 寶可夢 Pokémon and 方塊 fōngfaai (cube)

Pokémon forms and variants
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Spin-off original: Shadow Pokémon (GO) • Shadow Lugia
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PokéxelIllumina phenomenon
Anime original: Pink ButterfreeClone PokémonCrystal Onix
Mirage PokémonMeta GroudonGreen-crystal Deoxys
Manga original: Thu-Fi-ZerBlack FogBlack Tyranitar

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