Hisuian form

A Hisuian form (Japanese: ヒスイのすがた Hisuian form) is a regional form found in Hisui.

List of Hisuian forms

Ndex Pokémon Original form Hisuian form Availability
Image Type Ability Image Type Ability New Evolution
#0058 Growlithe    Fire  Intimidate
Flash Fire
Justified (Hidden)
   Fire  Rock  Intimidate
Flash Fire
Rock Head* (Hidden)
#0059 Arcanine    Fire  Intimidate
Flash Fire
Justified (Hidden)
   Fire  Rock  Intimidate
Flash Fire
Rock Head* (Hidden)
#0100 Voltorb    Electric  Soundproof
Aftermath (Hidden)
   Electric  Grass  Soundproof
Aftermath (Hidden)
#0101 Electrode    Electric  Soundproof
Aftermath (Hidden)
   Electric  Grass  Soundproof
Aftermath (Hidden)
#0157 Typhlosion    Fire  Blaze
Flash Fire (Hidden)
   Fire  Ghost  Blaze
Frisk* (Hidden)
#0211 Qwilfish    Water  Poison  Poison Point
Swift Swim
Intimidate (Hidden)
   Dark  Poison  Poison Point
Swift Swim
Intimidate (Hidden)
#0215 Sneasel    Dark  Ice  Inner Focus
Keen Eye
Pickpocket (Hidden)
   Fighting  Poison  Inner Focus
Keen Eye
Pickpocket* (Hidden)
#0503 Samurott    Water  Torrent
Shell Armor (Hidden)
   Water  Dark  Torrent
Sharpness* (Hidden)
#0549 Lilligant    Grass  Chlorophyll
Own Tempo
Leaf Guard (Hidden)
   Grass  Fighting  Chlorophyll
Leaf Guard (Hidden)
#0570 Zorua    Dark  Illusion    Normal  Ghost  Illusion LA
#0571 Zoroark    Dark  Illusion    Normal  Ghost  Illusion LA
#0628 Braviary    Normal  Flying  Keen Eye
Sheer Force
Defiant (Hidden)
   Psychic  Flying  Keen Eye
Sheer Force
Tinted Lens* (Hidden)
#0705 Sliggoo    Dragon  Sap Sipper
Gooey (Hidden)
   Steel  Dragon  Sap Sipper
Shell Armor*
Gooey (Hidden)
#0706 Goodra    Dragon  Sap Sipper
Gooey (Hidden)
   Steel  Dragon  Sap Sipper
Shell Armor*
Gooey (Hidden)
#0713 Avalugg    Ice  Own Tempo
Ice Body
Sturdy (Hidden)
   Ice  Rock  Strong Jaw
Ice Body
Sturdy (Hidden)
#0724 Decidueye    Grass  Ghost  Overgrow
Long Reach (Hidden)
   Grass  Fighting  Overgrow
Scrappy* (Hidden)

White-Striped Basculin

Basculin (White-Striped Form)

In the core series games, Basculin's White-Striped Form is considered an alternate form rather than a regional form, but bears many similarities with regional forms. However, some official media refers to it as a regional form. The status of White-Striped Basculin as a regional form is inconsistent between various Pokémon media.

Evidence for

  • In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Professor Laventon refers to White-Striped Basculin as a regional form in its Pokédex entry.
  • White-Striped Basculin is treated as a Hisuian form in Pokémon HOME.
  • In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Basculin cards featuring the White-Striped Form use the name "Hisuian Basculin".
  • In the video "One Thousand Pokémon!", which was made to commemorate the number of Pokémon in the National Pokédex surpassing 1000, the segment showcasing the Pokémon of Hisui shows White-Striped Basculin alongside Hisuian forms.[1]

Evidence against

  • White-Striped Basculin is not referred to as "Hisuian Basculin" or "Hisuian form" in the games, instead being referred to as "White-Striped Form".
  • In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, White-Striped Basculin is not considered a regional form internally, so does not function as one.
    • When breeding, a White-Striped Basculin or Basculegion parent is not required to hold an Everstone for the offspring to hatch into White-Striped Basculin.
  • In Pokémon GO, White-Striped Form Basculin do not appear when searching hisui, unlike other Hisuian forms.
  • White-Striped Basculin and its evolved form are found in the wild in Kitakami and are part of the Kitakami Pokédex; conversely, every other regional form and regional evolution are only naturally present in their home region and their home region's Pokédex.

In the core series games

Several Pokémon introduced in multiple generations have Hisuian forms. Notably, these forms were introduced after their region's debut, as Hisui is a version of the Sinnoh region from the distant past.

Generation VIII

A total of sixteen Hisuian forms were introduced in Generation VIII.

Generation IX

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, all Hisuian form Pokémon are transferrable from the previous generation.

In The Teal Mask, Perrin owns two Hisuian Growlithe. After helping her take photos of the Bloodmoon Beast, she will give one of them to the player.

The Hisuian forms of Decidueye, Typhlosion, and Samurott respectively were made available to encounter in limited Tera Raid Battle events in 2023. During the event, these three could only be caught once per save file. Hisuian Voltorb was made avavaible to encounter in a Mass Outbreak event from February 23 to 27, 2024.

In The Indigo Disk, Hisuian Qwilfish can be captured in the Terarium's Polar Biome, but due to not being located in Hisui, breeding them without the use of an Everstone will result in Johtonian Qwilfish.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon GO

On January 30, 2022, Hisuian Voltorb made its Pokémon GO debut with the addition of the Voltorb from the Hisui Region?! event. While Hisuian Voltorb could not initially evolve, Hisuian Electrode was added to the game on February 18, 2022 as a part of the GO Tour Poké Ball Prep Rally event. Hisuian Voltorb can be evolved into Hisuian Electrode using 50 Voltorb Candy.

Hisuian Growlithe, Arcanine, Qwilfish, and Sneasel, along with the evolved forms for the latter two, were introduced as part of the Hisuian Discoveries event, starting on July 27, 2022. Hisuian Growlithe, Qwilfish and Sneasel can be hatched from 7 km Eggs, although Hisuian Qwilfish can also be encountered in the wild. During the same event, Hisuian Braviary made its debut in raids on July 31, 2022.

Hisuian Pokémon in Pokémon GO
Ndex Name Pokémon Evolution Release date Notes
#0100 Hisuian Voltorb     January 30, 2022
  • Found by completing the Special Research mission, Voltorb from the Hisui Region?!.
  • Debut celebrated the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
  • Afterwards, available in 7 km Eggs.
  • Initially could not be evolved into Hisuian Electrode, but was later able to when Hisuian Electrode made its own debut on February 18, 2022.
#0058 Hisuian Growlithe     July 27, 2022
  • Available in 7 km eggs.
#0211 Hisuian Qwilfish     July 27, 2022
  • Available in 7 km eggs, or in the wild.
  • Afterwards, available in 7 km Eggs.
#0215 Hisuian Sneasel     July 27, 2022
  • Available in 7 km eggs.
#0628 Hisuian Braviary   July 31, 2022
  • Available as a Level 3 Raid Boss.
  • No Rufflet can evolve into Hisuian Braviary.
#0713 Hisuian Avalugg   December 24, 2022
  • Available as a Level 3 Raid Boss.
  • No Bergmite can evolve into Hisuian Avalugg.
#0503 Hisuian Samurott   December 3, 2023
  • Available as a Level 3 Raid Boss.
  • No Dewott can evolve into Hisuian Samurott.
#0157 Hisuian Typhlosion   January 14, 2024
  • Available as a Level 3 Raid Boss.
  • No Quilava can evolve into Hisuian Typhlosion.
#0724 Hisuian Decidueye   February 11, 2024
  • Available as a Level 3 Raid Boss.
  • No Dartrix can evolve into Hisuian Decidueye.

Please note that the availability of Pokémon in GO, such as from wild encounters, eggs, and Raid Bosses, is frequently changed. Due to this, the data listed above may not always be up-to-date.

Pokémon Masters EX

The following sync pairs use Hisuian form Pokémon:

Dex Trainer NDex Pokémon Type Weakness Role EX role Base potential Availability
#183   Akari #0503   Samurott  
Hisuian Form
    ★★★★★☆EX Poké Fair Sync Pair Scout
#184   Rei #0724   Decidueye  
Hisuian Form
    ★★★★★☆EX Poké Fair Sync Pair Scout
#167   Special Costume
#0571   Zoroark  
Hisuian Form
    ★★★★★☆EX Costume Sync Pair Scout

In the anime

Hisuian Growlithe and Hisuian Braviary in the anime
A Shiny Hisuian Zorua in Pokémon: Hisuian Snow

Main series

A Hisuian Growlithe and a Hisuian Braviary appeared in The Arceus Chronicles (Part 1) in a painting exhibited during the Sinnoh Festival.

Pokémon: Hisuian Snow

The story of Pokémon: Hisuian Snow centers around Alec and his encounter with a Shiny Hisuian Zorua as a child, which he re-encounters as a Hisuian Zoroark in the present day.

In the TCG

Hisuian Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Hisuian Growlithe   Astral Radiance   070/189 Time Gazer   029/067
Hisuian Growlithe   Lost Origin   083/196 Dark Phantasma   032/071
      VSTAR Universe   069/172
Hisuian Arcanine   Astral Radiance   071/189 Time Gazer   030/067
Hisuian Arcanine   Lost Origin   084/196 Dark Phantasma   033/071
Lost Origin   TG08/TG30 Dark Phantasma   075/071
      VSTAR Universe   070/172
Hisuian Arcanine    Silver Tempest   090/195 Paradigm Trigger   046/098
Silver Tempest   173/195 Paradigm Trigger   179/098
Hisuian Voltorb   Astral Radiance   002/189 Space Juggler   002/067
      S-P Promotional cards   307/S-P
      VSTAR Universe   003/172
Crown Zenith   GG01/GG70 VSTAR Universe   173/172
Hisuian Electrode   Astral Radiance   003/189 Space Juggler   003/067
      VSTAR Universe   004/172
Hisuian Electrode    Lost Origin   172/196 Dark Phantasma   078/071
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH294 Dark Phantasma   003/071
      VSTAR Universe   005/172
Hisuian Typhlosion   Astral Radiance   052/189 Time Gazer   023/067
Hisuian Typhlosion    Astral Radiance   053/189 Battle Region   028/067
Astral Radiance   169/189 Battle Region   076/067
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH237 S-P Promotional cards   308/S-P
Hisuian Typhlosion    Astral Radiance   054/189 Battle Region   029/067
Astral Radiance   193/189 Battle Region   085/067
Hisuian Qwilfish   Astral Radiance   088/189 Battle Region   047/067
Hisuian Qwilfish   Astral Radiance   089/189 Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set   004/020
Hisuian Overqwil   Astral Radiance   090/189 Battle Region   048/067
Hisuian Overqwil   Astral Radiance   091/189 Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set   005/020
Hisuian Sneasel   Astral Radiance   092/189 Space Juggler   042/067
Hisuian Sneasler   Astral Radiance   093/189 Space Juggler   043/067
Hisuian Sneasler    Astral Radiance   094/189 Space Juggler   044/067
Astral Radiance   174/189 Space Juggler   074/067
Astral Radiance   175/189 Space Juggler   075/067
Radiant Hisuian Sneasler   Lost Origin   123/196 Dark Phantasma   046/071
Hisuian Samurott   Astral Radiance   100/189 Time Gazer   041/067
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH207      
Hisuian Samurott    Astral Radiance   101/189 Battle Region   052/067
Astral Radiance   176/189 Battle Region   078/067
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH239 VSTAR Universe   086/172
Crown Zenith   GG51/GG70 VSTAR Universe   229/172
Hisuian Samurott    Astral Radiance   102/189 Battle Region   053/067
Astral Radiance   197/189 Battle Region   087/067
Astral Radiance   209/189 Battle Region   091/067
      VSTAR Universe   087/172
Crown Zenith   GG52/GG70 VSTAR Universe   230/172
Hisuian Lilligant   Astral Radiance   016/189 Time Gazer   006/067
Hisuian Lilligant   Silver Tempest   010/195 Incandescent Arcana   008/068
Hisuian Lilligant    Astral Radiance   017/189 Time Gazer   007/067
Astral Radiance   162/189 Time Gazer   068/067
Astral Radiance   163/189 Time Gazer   069/067
Hisuian Lilligant    Astral Radiance   018/189 Time Gazer   008/067
Astral Radiance   190/189 Time Gazer   080/067
Hisuian Basculin   Astral Radiance   043/189 Battle Region   023/067
      VSTAR Universe   030/172
Hisuian Basculin   Lost Origin   044/196 Dark Phantasma   012/071
Hisuian Basculin   SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH273 S-P Promotional cards   279/S-P
Hisuian Basculegion   Astral Radiance   044/189 Battle Region   024/067
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH205      
Hisuian Basculegion   Lost Origin   045/196 Dark Phantasma   013/071
      VSTAR Universe   031/172
Hisuian Zorua   Lost Origin   075/196 Dark Phantasma   029/071
Hisuian Zoroark   Lost Origin   076/196 Dark Phantasma   030/071
Hisuian Zoroark    Lost Origin   146/196 Dark Phantasma   061/071
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH297 Dark Phantasma   083/071
      VSTAR Universe   128/172
Hisuian Zoroark    Lost Origin   147/196 Dark Phantasma   062/071
Lost Origin   203/196 Dark Phantasma   092/071
Lost Origin   213/196 Dark Phantasma   097/071
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH298 VSTAR Universe   129/172
Crown Zenith   GG56/GG70 VSTAR Universe   234/172
Hisuian Braviary   Astral Radiance   132/189 Time Gazer   056/067
Hisuian Braviary   Silver Tempest   149/195 Paradigm Trigger   085/098
Hisuian Braviary         S-P Promotional cards   318/S-P
Hisuian Sliggoo   Lost Origin   133/196 Dark Phantasma   054/071
      VSTAR Universe   113/172
Hisuian Goodra   Lost Origin   134/196 Dark Phantasma   055/071
      VSTAR Universe   114/172
Crown Zenith   GG21/GG70 VSTAR Universe   196/172
Hisuian Goodra    Lost Origin   135/196 Dark Phantasma   056/071
Lost Origin   187/196 Dark Phantasma   082/071
Hisuian Goodra    Lost Origin   136/196 Dark Phantasma   057/071
Lost Origin   202/196 Dark Phantasma   091/071
Hisuian Avalugg   Astral Radiance   048/189 Space Juggler   025/067
Hisuian Decidueye   Astral Radiance   082/189 Space Juggler   039/067
Hisuian Decidueye    Astral Radiance   083/189 Battle Region   044/067
Astral Radiance   173/189 Battle Region   077/067
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH238      
Hisuian Decidueye    Astral Radiance   084/189 Battle Region   045/067
Astral Radiance   195/189 Battle Region   086/067


In other languages

Hisuian form

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 洗翠的樣子 Sáicheui-dīk Yeuhngjí
Mandarin 洗翠的樣子 / 洗翠的样子 Xǐcuì-de Yàngzi
  Dutch Hisuian-vorm
  French Forme de Hisui
  German Hisui-Form
  Indonesian Wujud Hisui
  Italian Forma di Hisui
  Korean 히스이의 모습 Hisui-yi Moseup
  Malaysian Bentuk Hisui
  European Portuguese Forma Hisuian
  Russian Гисуйская форма Gisuyskaya forma
  Spanish Forma de Hisui
  Turkish Hisui Formu

Hisuian <Pokémon>

Language Title
  Dutch Hisuian <Pokémon>
  French <Pokémon> de Hisui
  German Hisui-<Pokémon>
  Indonesian Hisuian <Pokémon>
  Italian <Pokémon> di Hisui
  European Portuguese Hisuian <Pokémon>
  Russian Гисуйский <Pokémon> Gisuyskiy <Pokémon>
  Spanish <Pokémon> de Hisui
  Turkish Hisuili <Pokémon>


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