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A Shadow Charmander (left) and the same Charmander immediately after purification (right)

Shadow Pokémon (Japanese: シャドウポケモン Shadow Pokémon) are Pokémon in Pokémon GO that have been modified by Team GO Rocket through unnatural means, resulting in them having dark, flaming auras and angry, red eyes. By defeating members of Team GO Rocket, players can capture Shadow Pokémon and restore them to a more normal state through purification.

In the Pokémon Box, Shadow Pokémon have a GO Shadow icon.png icon at the bottom left of their image, and Purified Pokémon have a GO Purified icon.png icon. Similar to Lucky Pokémon, the Pokédex will keep count of the number of Pokémon that the player has purified of that species; evolving a Purified Pokémon will not increment the evolution's purified counter.

The Charged Attacks Frustration and Return are exclusive to Shadow Pokémon and Purified Pokémon, respectively. Unlike all other moves, these are not rerolled upon evolution. On Community Days, eligible Purified Pokémon may learn event-exclusive moves, replacing Return upon evolution, even if that Pokémon already knows a second Charged Attack. Shadow Pokémon, however, cannot learn their event-exclusive moves unless Frustration is first forgotten, either by purification or using a Charged TM during certain events. Once forgotten, Frustration and Return cannot be relearned, even if an Elite Charged TM is used.



According to the research of Candela and Professor Willow, Shadow Pokémon are the result of having been artificially overpowered by Team GO Rocket, causing them frequent pain from their uncontrollable strength. During a Team GO Rocket battle, Shadow Pokémon used by Team GO Rocket members have significantly inflated stats, especially in Attack, potentially attaining CP values much higher than the maximum possible by powering up. The CP of Team GO Rocket's Pokémon increases with each player's Trainer level. For further information about how CP is calculated for Team GO Rocket's Pokémon, see Team GO Rocket → Pokémon. Their Shadow Pokémon's moves, including Charged Attacks, are randomly selected from the current move pool.

If a Team GO Rocket member is defeated, they will flee from the PokéStop and leave behind one of the Shadow Pokémon used in battle, which the player can then "rescue" by capturing it in a bonus challenge using Premier Balls. During the capture encounter, Shadow Pokémon attack more frequently than their normal counterparts[1]. Although their target rings are colored red to indicate a 5% base capture rate, their actual catch rates appear to be no different from that of their normal forms. Since November 7, 2019, all Shadow Pokémon are caught at an initial Power Up level of 8, or 13 with a Weather Boost, and their IVs are randomly determined the same way as in standard wild encounter. Currently, only Shadow Pokémon left behind by Team GO Rocket Leaders have a chance of becoming Shiny.

In addition, Shadow and Purified Pokémon cannot be transferred to Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.

Shadow Pokémon all have the following characteristics:

  • Have Frustration as a Charged Attack, which normally cannot be replaced using a Charged TM
  • Cost ×1.2* Candy and Stardust to power up and to learn a second Charged Attack
  • Have the following stat modifiers (not factored into CP):
    • ×6/5 Attack
    • ×5/6 Defense
  • Not be eligible for trades (since July 25, 2019)


Through a process discovered by Blanche and Professor Willow, players can Purify (Japanese: リトレイン Retrain) Shadow Pokémon using Candy and Stardust, restoring them to a stronger, more normal state. Purified Pokémon have almost same appearance as their normal forms, but surrounded by a misty, white aura.

Upon purification, the Pokémon will:

  • Power up to the player's Trainer level, up to level 25 (if currently at a lower level)
  • Have each of its IVs increased by 2 (up to the maximum 15)
  • Have Return replace the Charged Attack in the first slot
  • Cost 0.9× Candy to evolve (rounded down)
  • Cost 0.9× Stardust and Candy to Power Up (rounded up)
  • Cost 0.8× Stardust and Candy to learn a second Charged Attack
  • Lose its Shadow stat modifiers
  • Be eligible for Special Trades, which do not cost extra Stardust if the receiving player already has the purified form registered

List of Shadow Pokémon

The cost to purify a Shadow Pokémon is proportional to its Buddy distance. The following is a list of all currently possible Shadow Pokémon grouped by the costs to purify them:

Purification cost Pokémon
GO Stardust icon.png1,000 + GO Slowpoke Candy.png1 WeedleKakunaBeedrillRattataRaticateZubatGolbatMagikarpGyaradosCrobat
GO Stardust icon.png3,000 + GO Slowpoke Candy.png3 BulbasaurIvysaurVenusaurCharmanderCharmeleonCharizardSquirtleWartortleBlastoiseSandshrewSandslashVulpixNinetalesOddishGloomVileplumeVenonatVenomothMeowthPersianPsyduckGolduckGrowlitheArcaninePoliwagPoliwhirlPoliwrathAbraKadabraAlakazamBellsproutWeepinbellVictreebelMagnemiteMagnetonGrimerMukDrowzeeHypnoExeggcuteExeggutorCuboneMarowakPorygonBellossomPolitoedMisdreavusWobbuffetSneaselHoundourHoundoomPorygon2StantlerMudkipMarshtompSwampertSeedotNuzleafShiftryMawileCarvanhaSharpedoCacneaCacturneShuppetBanetteDuskullDusclopsTurtwigGrotleTorterraMismagiusSnoverAbomasnowWeavileMagnezonePorygon-ZDusknoir
GO Stardust icon.png5,000 + GO Slowpoke Candy.png5 HitmonleeHitmonchanScytherElectabuzzMagmarPinsirLaprasOmanyteOmastarSnorlaxDratiniDragonairDragoniteMareepFlaaffyAmpharosScizorDelibirdLarvitarPupitarTyranitarRaltsKirliaGardevoirSableyeTrapinchVibravaFlygonAbsolBagonShelgonSalamenceBeldumMetangMetagrossElectivireMagmortarGallade
GO Stardust icon.png20,000 + GO Slowpoke Candy.png20 ArticunoZapdosMoltresRaikouEntei

Unobtainable Shadow Pokémon

These Shadow Pokémon have never been obtainable by players, but have been used by Team GO Rocket members. Game data for their purification costs still exist, and they are grouped accordingly.

Purification cost Pokémon
GO Stardust icon.png1,000 + GO Slowpoke Candy.png1 Infernape
GO Stardust icon.png3,000 + GO Slowpoke Candy.png3 DugtrioCloysterOnixKinglerRhydonKangaskhanSteelixHippowdonRhyperior
GO Stardust icon.png5,000 + GO Slowpoke Candy.png5 Garchomp


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 暗影寶可夢 Amyíng Pokémon
Mandarin 暗影寶可夢 Ànyǐng Pokémon
France Flag.png French Pokémon Obscur
Germany Flag.png German Crypto-Pokémon
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon ombra
South Korea Flag.png Korean 그림자 포켓몬 Geurimja Pokémon
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon Sombroso
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon oscuro


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 淨化 Jihngfa
Mandarin 淨化 Jìnghuà
France Flag.png French Purification
Germany Flag.png German Erlösung
Italy Flag.png Italian Purificazione
South Korea Flag.png Korean 정화 Jeonghwa
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Purificação
Spain Flag.png Spanish Purificación


Boss: Giovanni
Leaders: CliffSierraArlo
Lower members: Team GO Rocket Grunts
Pokémon: Shadow Pokémon
Locations: Rocket Radar

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