Professor Willow

Professor Willow
ウィロー博士 Dr. Willow
GO Professor Willow.png
Art from Pokémon GO
Gender Male
Birthday July 21[1]
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Unnamed mother, father
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation VI, VII, VIII
Games Pokémon GO
English voice actor Robbie Daymond
Japanese voice actor Nobuyuki Sakemoto

Professor Willow (Japanese: ウィロー博士 Dr. Willow) is a Pokémon Professor who appears in the Pokémon GO mobile game. Similar to Professor Birch, he specializes in Pokémon habitats and distribution. Unlike other Professors who directly give Trainers their first Pokémon, Professor Willow gives Trainers their first Poké Balls to capture their first Pokémon.

While Pokémon GO does not include vocal performances, in The Two Professors, he is voiced by Robbie Daymond in English and Nobuyuki Sakemoto in Japanese.

Background information

Professor Willow was an only child who learned his love of Pokémon and exploring from his parents. His mother researched Pokémon ecology and his father was fascinated by the outdoors.[2] Before setting out on his own exploration, he worked in a lab studying Pokémon under Professor Oak, whom he still looks up to today.[3].

Besides Professor Oak in Kanto, Professor Sycamore in Kalos as well as Professor Magnolia in Galar are also part of his known colleagues.

Despite his confident presentation, Professor Willow confesses to a shy side and values spending time alone outdoors for his research.[4] He always wears his lab coat to help himself focus on his research.[5] His dream is to explore uncharted lands and to examine and document new Pokémon species yet to be discovered in their natural habitat.[6]

Upon discovery of many Meltan-disguised Ditto by his assistants at the conclusion of the Chikorita Community Day, Professor Willow contacted Professor Oak to discuss the matter.[7] It was revealed during later Special Researches that Professor Willow has a Meltan as his Pokémon buddy.

While investigating Team GO Rocket take-overs, Professor Willow recovered some corrupted files from his computer, uncovering data about Team GO Rocket Leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo. He later found out that Team GO Rocket Grunts were dropping Mysterious Components behind them when defeated at invaded PokéStops. With the help of his assistants, the three team leaders, he was able to build an early Rocket Radar prototype to locate the Team GO Rocket Leaders and later the Super Rocket Radar to locate Giovanni himself.[8]

Transferring Pokémon

The player can transfer Pokémon to Professor Willow using the "Transfer" option on the status screen in exchange for one Candy for that Pokémon's evolutionary family. A Pokémon transferred to the Professor is permanently lost, equivalent to releasing a Pokémon in the core series games.


Candela, Blanche, and Spark

Professor Willow has three assistants who each are head of a team that research Pokémon in different ways. They perform this research inside Gyms owned by their respective teams, with each team's mascot being one of the Legendary birds. The leader of the teams will also appraise the Pokémon of trainers on their teams when asked to.

His assistants are:

  • Spark, the leader of Team Instinct (Japanese: チーム・インスティンクト Team Instinct), who is researching Pokémon breeding. Team Instinct Trainers believe a Pokémon's intuition is linked to how they are hatched. Team Instinct is represented by Zapdos.
  • Blanche, the leader of Team Mystic (Japanese: チーム・ミスティック Team Mystic), who is researching Pokémon Evolution. Team Mystic Trainers believe that by staying calm and analyzing every situation, they can't lose. Team Mystic is represented by Articuno.
  • Candela, the leader of Team Valor (Japanese: チーム・ヴァーラー Team Valor), who is researching Pokémon strength. Team Valor Trainers believe that their Pokémon are the strongest because they train to naturally enhance a Pokémon's power in search of true strength. Team Valor is represented by Moltres.


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In the TCG

TCG print of Professor Willow

On March 4, 2021, Niantic announced that they had reached an agreement with The Pokémon Trading Card Game and that Professor Willow would appear in the TCG starting summer 2021.[9] Professor Willow's TCG card art and availability were revealed on June 15, 2021.[10][11] Each card comes with a unique 16 digit code that can be redeemed in Pokémon GO from July 1, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. UTC to August 1, 2023 at 12:00 a.m. UTC to unlock a Special Research as well as a medal.

In Stores

On November 19, 2019, an extension to the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo called Pokémon GO Lab was unveiled. This space includes a life-size statue of Professor Willow, as well as Pokémon GO-related merchandise and a real-time monitor displaying trainer names and team scores for the Pokémon GO Gym attached to the lab.[12]

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 酒元信行 Nobuyuki Sakemoto
English Robbie Daymond
European Spanish Marc Zanni


  • Professor Willow is the only Pokémon Professor to be named after a tree outside of the core series games.
  • Professor Willow is the first Pokémon Professor from a spin-off game to have a colleague from the core series.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウィロー博士 Willow-hakase From willow
English, German, Italian,
Brazilian Portuguese
Professor Willow Same as Japanese name
French Professeur Willow
Professeur Saule*
Same as Japanese name
From saule (willow)
Spanish, Indonesian Profesor Willow Same as Japanese name
Korean 윌로우박사 Willow-baksa Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 維羅博士 / 维罗博士 Wéiluó-bóshì Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 維羅博士 Wàihlòh-boksih
Thai ศาสตราจารย์วิลโลว์ Satsatrachan Willow Transcription of his Japanese name
Turkish Profesör Willow Same as Japanese name
Russian Профессор Уиллоу Professor Uillou Transcription of his English name


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