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キャンデラ Candela
GO Candela.png
Art from Pokémon GO
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Trainer class Team Valor Leader
Generation VI, VII
Games Pokémon GO
Member of Team Valor
Rank Leader

Candela (Japanese: キャンデラ Candela) is the leader of Team Valor (Japanese: チームヴァーラー Team Valor) in Pokémon GO. Team Valor is researching Pokémon strength, and is represented by Moltres. Team Valor Trainers believe that their Pokémon are the strongest because they train to naturally enhance a Pokémon's power in search of true strength.

She is one of Professor Willow's assistants, along with Spark and Blanche. She is the oldest of the three team leaders.[1]



"I'm Candela — Team Valor's leader! Pokemon are stronger than humans, and they're warmhearted, too! I'm researching ways to enhance Pokemon's natural power in the pursuit of true strength. There's no doubt that the Pokemon our team have trained at the strongest in battle! Are you ready?"
Team GO Rocket invasion (before battle)
"I've been hearing reports of some myterious characters near PokéStops. You should take charge and go investigate. Be careful, and make sure you're prepared for a battle!"
Team GO Rocket invasion (after battle)
"You opponent fled...and left their Pokémon behind. That really burns me up. There seems to be an ominous aura around the Pokémon, too. Could you try to catch it and see what's so different about this Pokémon?"'
Team GO Rocket invasion (after capture)
"I think we can help this Pokémon. Purification is a process that makes certain Pokémon stronger by tapping into their inner power. Let's give it a try."
Appraisal (before 0.149.0)
"Hi <player>! Let's take a look at your <Pokémon>, shall we?"
IV total
37-45: "Overall, your <Pokémon> simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!"
30-36: "Overall, your <Pokémon> is a strong Pokémon. You should be proud!"
23-29: "Overall, your <Pokémon> is a decent Pokémon."
0-22: "Overall, your <Pokémon> may not be great in battle, but I still like it!"
Best stat
First: "Its <stat> is its strongest feature."
If tie: "I'm just as impressed with its <stat>."
Highest IV
15: "I'm blown away by its stats. WOW!"
13-14: "It's got excellent stats! How exciting!"
8-12: "Its stats indicate that in battle, it'll get the job done."
0-7: "Its stats don't point to greatness in battle."
XS: "Your <Pokémon> is so tiny, I almost didn't notice it!"
S: "Aww, what a small <Pokémon>! It's rather cute, I'd say."
L: "Your <Pokémon> is rather sizable, that's for sure!"
XL: "Your <Pokémon> is gigantic—the largest I've ever seen!"
"Hope I was able to help. Take care!"
Prior battle
"A challenge from you is what I’ve been waiting for! Don’t hold back, because I won’t!"


Team Valor emblem

Candela uses the following Pokémon in Battle Training. Her Pokémon's moves will be randomly chosen from their current move pool.

League Pokémon
Great League GO.png
Great League
GO256.png GO219.png GO351S.png
CP 1487
CP 1483
(Sunny Form)
Ultra League GO.png
Ultra League
GO136.png GO157.png GO467.png
CP 2423
CP 2476
CP 2416
Master League GO.png
Master League
GO244.png GO373.png GO146.png
CP 3473
CP 3749
CP 3465

Prior to July 19, 2019

League Pokémon
Great League GO.png
Great League
GO218.png GO037.png GO004.png
CP 895
CP 883
CP 980
Ultra League GO.png
Ultra League
GO105A.png GO229.png GO392.png
Alolan Marowak
CP 1835
CP 2484
CP 2491
Master League GO.png
Master League
GO392.png GO466.png GO146.png
CP 2683
CP 3079
CP 3465


  • Candela is left-handed.[1]


Language Name Origin
Japanese キャンデラ Candela From candela (Latin for candle)
English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Candela Same as Japanese name
Korean 칸델라 Candela Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 坎迪拉 Kǎndílā Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 坎迪拉 Hámdihklāai Mandarin-based transliteration of her Japanese name

Team Valor

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 武勇隊 Móuhyúhng Déui
Mandarin 武勇隊 Wǔyǒng Duì
France Flag.png French Équipe Bravoure
Germany Flag.png German Team Wagemut
Italy Flag.png Italian Squadra Coraggio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 팀 발로 Team Valor
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Valor
Spain Flag.png Spanish Equipo Valor


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