Shadow Raid

A Shadow Raid is a special type of Raid Battle in Pokémon GO that feature Shadow Pokémon as the Raid Boss. It was introduced on May 22, 2023 as part of the Rising Shadows event.

A Gym taken over by a Shadow Raid in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO

Shadow Raids are the result of Team GO Rocket taking over a Gym using Shadow Pokémon as Raid Bosses. Shadow Raids have several characteristics that make them different from standard raids:

  • Shadow Raid Bosses deal and receive 20% increased damage, like other Shadow Pokémon
  • Three-star and five-star Shadow Raid Bosses become enraged partway into the battle, significantly increasing their Attack and Defense.
  • There are no bonus Premier Balls for team Gym control.
  • Shadow Raids are local only. Players cannot invite each other to Shadow Raids, and Remote Raid Passes cannot be used to join them.
  • Pokémon caught from a Shadow Raid have a minimum of 6 IV for each stat, instead of 10
  • Five-star Shadow Raids typically only occur on Saturday and Sunday.

Raid Eggs for Shadow Raids are the same as those for standard raids, but with the same flaming aura as Shadow Pokémon. Once a Shadow Raid Egg hatches, the Gym will be colored black, indicating control under Team GO Rocket. A Gym with a one-star or three-star Shadow Raid is controlled by a Team GO Rocket Grunt. A Gym with a five-star Shadow Raids is controlled by a Team GO Rocket Leader or Giovanni, depending on the Raid Boss. Once a Shadow Raid is completed, the Team GO Rocket member will leave the Gym.

Current Raid Bosses

The following lists all the available Shadow Raid Bosses as of November 1, 2023. The   icon indicates Raid Bosses that have a chance of becoming Shiny during the bonus challenge.

For a list of all past Shadow Raid Boss rotations, see List of Shadow Raid Boss changes.
Pokémon Boss CP Catch CP
2527 359 - 427

449 - 534

3666 638 - 730

798 - 913

1984 302 - 366

378 - 458

3526 550 - 633

688 - 791

Pokémon Boss CP Catch CP
16809 1212 - 1333

1515 - 1667

17238 1244 - 1367

1555 - 1710

13373 952 - 1061

1191 - 1326

Pokémon Boss CP Catch CP
40165 1604 - 1743

2005 - 2179

Difficulty ratings

Shadow Raids use the same difficulty ratings and stats as standard Raid Battles. But note that because Shadow Raid Bosses can become enraged, they are potentially more difficult than their standard counterparts.

Rating Egg Raid Boss HP Multiplier Time limit (s) Enraged
     1-star Shadow Raid 600 0.5974 180
       3-star Shadow Raid 3,600 0.73
         Legendary Shadow Raid 15,000 0.79 300


A three-star and five-star Shadow Raid Boss becomes enraged once its remaining HP falls to 60%, drastically increasing their base stats:


An enraged Shadow Raid Boss becomes subdued once its remaining HP falls to 15%. Alternatively, Purified Gems can be used to subdue it faster:

  • 8 Purified Gems, across all players, are required to subdue a Shadow Raid Boss
  • Each player may use at most 5 Purified Gems each raid. Therefore, it takes at least 2 players to subdue an enraged Shadow Raid Boss.
  • A Purified Gem has a 5-second activation time to take effect, during which the player cannot use another one.
    • With 2 players, it would take at least 20 seconds to subdue. With 8 or more players, it would take at least 5 seconds.


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Winning a Shadow Raid rewards the same possible items as standard Raid Battles, except they reward Shadow Shards instead of Fast TMs or Charged TMs.

  • One-star Shadow Raids reward a base 1 Shadow Shard
  • Three-star and five-star Shadow Raids reward a base 3 Shadow Shards.
  • All Shadow Raids may reward random bundles of 2 Shadow Shards.


  • Prior to September 2023, there was a bug that caused Purified Gems to cancel if the player uses a Charged Attack during the five-second activation time. A Purified Gem would not be removed from the Bag if this happened.[1]

In other languages

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Boss: Giovanni
Leaders: CliffSierraArlo
Lower members: Team GO Rocket Grunts
Pokémon: Shadow PokémonShadow Raid
Items: Mysterious Component
Rocket RadarSuper Rocket Radar
Shadow ShardPurified Gem

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