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Charged TM

The Charged TM (Japanese: わざマシンスペシャル Special Move Machine) is a type of TM in Pokémon GO. It first became available on June 22, 2017.

Using a Charged TM on a Pokémon changes its Charged Attack to a random, different move in the Pokémon's current move pool. If it has multiple Charged Attacks, the player chooses which move to replace upon using the item. Legacy and event-exclusive moves, such as Community Day moves (except during the first ever Community Day), cannot be learned this way. It cannot replace Frustration, except during specific events that allow this such as the Team GO Rocket takeover in March 2020.


Charged TMs can be repeatedly obtained from:

  • Winning a Raid Battle (starting Lv. 25)
  • Participating in a Trainer Battle
  • Completing certain Field Research tasks (event)
  • Winning battles in the GO Battle League
    • Potential reward for winning at least 2/5 battles in the basic reward tier
    • Potential reward for winning at least 1 battle in the premium reward tier
      • Guaranteed reward for winning at least 4/5 battles in the premium reward tier (x5)

Charged TMs can also be awarded for completing various Special Research tasks.


Games Description
GO This Technical Machine teaches the Pokémon a new Charged Attack.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 特殊招式學習器
France Flag.png French CT Attaque Chargée
Germany Flag.png German Lade-TM
Italy Flag.png Italian MT attacco caricato
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기술머신스페셜
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese MT ataque carregado
Spain Flag.png Spanish MT de ataque cargado

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