Elite Charged TM

The Elite Charged TM (Japanese: すごいわざマシン スペシャル Elite Special Move Machine) is a type of TM in Pokémon GO.

Elite Charged TM

Using an Elite Charged TM on a Pokémon changes its Charged Attack to a different move of the player's choice, within the Pokémon's possible move pool. Most legacy and event-exclusive moves, such as Community Day moves, can also be learned this way. However, Elite Charged TMs cannot teach Frustration or Return, even if the Pokémon is Shadow or Purified. It cannot replace Frustration, except during specific events that allow this such as a Team GO Rocket takeover. An Elite Charged TM also cannot teach Smeargle any new moves.

Moves exclusive to Elite Charged TMs

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The following lists all the moves that can only be learned using an Elite Charged TM, outside of special in-game events. Shadow, Purified, and most Event Pokémon are also eligible to learn these moves.

# Pokémon Moves
0003   Venusaur   Frenzy Plant
0006   Charizard   Blast Burn
0009   Blastoise   Hydro Cannon
0015   Beedrill   Drill Run
0018   Pidgeot   Air Cutter
0021   Spearow   Twister
0022   Fearow   Twister
0023   Ekans   Gunk Shot
0025   Pikachu   Surf
0026   Raichu   Thunder
0027   Sandshrew   Rock Tomb
0028   Sandslash   Night Slash
0038   Ninetales   Fire Blast
0039   Jigglypuff   Play Rough
  Body Slam
0041   Zubat   Sludge Bomb
0042   Golbat   Ominous Wind
0052   Meowth   Body Slam
0053   Persian   Night Slash
0057   Primeape   Cross Chop
0059   Arcanine   Bulldoze
0061   Poliwhirl   Scald
0062   Poliwrath   Submission
0065   Alakazam   Dazzling Gleam
0067   Machoke   Cross Chop
0068   Machamp   Stone Edge
0075   Graveler   Rock Slide
0077   Ponyta   Fire Blast
0080   Slowbro   Surf
0080   Galarian Slowbro   Surf
0084   Doduo   Swift
0085   Dodrio   Air Cutter
0086   Seel   Aqua Jet
0087   Dewgong   Aqua Jet
  Icy Wind
0091   Cloyster   Blizzard
0092   Gastly   Ominous Wind
0094   Gengar   Sludge Wave
  Dark Pulse
  Shadow Punch
0095   Onix   Iron Head
  Rock Slide
0097   Hypno   Psyshock
0100   Voltorb   Signal Beam
0103   Alolan Exeggutor   Draco Meteor
0106   Hitmonlee   Stomp
  Brick Break
0107   Hitmonchan   Brick Break
0108   Lickitung   Body Slam
0112   Rhydon   Megahorn
0114   Tangela   Power Whip
0115   Kangaskhan   Brick Break
0117   Seadra   Blizzard
0119   Seaking   Icy Wind
  Drill Run
0123   Scyther   Bug Buzz
0124   Jynx   Ice Punch
0127   Pinsir   Submission
0130   Gyarados   Dragon Pulse
  Aqua Tail
0131   Lapras   Dragon Pulse
  Ice Beam
0133   Eevee   Last Resort
  Body Slam
0134   Vaporeon   Last Resort
0135   Jolteon   Last Resort
  Zap Cannon
0136   Flareon   Last Resort
  Heat Wave
0137   Porygon   Signal Beam
0138   Omanyte   Rock Tomb
0139   Omastar   Rock Slide
0144   Articuno   Hurricane
0146   Moltres   Sky Attack
0149   Dragonite   Draco Meteor
  Dragon Pulse
0150   Mewtwo   Psystrike
  Shadow Ball
  Hyper Beam
0150   Armored Mewtwo   Psystrike
0154   Meganium   Frenzy Plant
0157   Typhlosion   Blast Burn
0160   Feraligatr   Hydro Cannon
0173   Cleffa   Psychic
  Body Slam
0174   Igglybuff   Body Slam
0181   Ampharos   Dragon Pulse
0189   Jumpluff   Acrobatics
0186   Politoed   Earthquake
  Ice Beam
0196   Espeon   Last Resort
  Shadow Ball
0197   Umbreon   Last Resort
0199   Slowking   Surf
0199   Galarian Slowking   Surf
0239   Elekid   Thunderbolt
0240   Magby   Flamethrower
0242   Blissey   Wild Charge
0250   Lugia   Aeroblast
0250   Ho-Oh   Earthquake
  Sacred Fire
0254   Sceptile   Frenzy Plant
0257   Blaziken   Blast Burn
  Stone Edge
0260   Swampert   Hydro Cannon
0282   Gardevoir   Synchronoise
0286   Breloom   Grass Knot
0289   Slaking   Body Slam
0330   Flygon   Earth Power
0334   Altaria   Moonblast
0365   Walrein   Icicle Spear
0373   Salamence   Outrage
0376   Metagross   Meteor Mash
0377   Regirock   Earthquake
0378   Regice   Thunder
0379   Registeel   Zap Cannon
0380   Latias   Mist Ball
0381   Latios   Luster Purge
0382   Kyogre   Origin Pulse
0383   Groudon   Fire Punch

  Precipice Blades

0384   Rayquaza   Hurricane

  Breaking Swipe

0389   Torterra   Frenzy Plant
0392   Infernape   Blast Burn
0395   Empoleon   Hydro Cannon
0399   Bidoof   Shadow Ball
  Ice Beam
0407   Roserade   Weather Ball
0445   Garchomp   Earth Power
0463   Lickilicky   Body Slam
0464   Rhyperior   Rock Wrecker
0468   Togekiss   Aura Sphere
0470   Leafeon   Last Resort
0471   Glaceon   Last Resort
  Water Pulse
0473   Mamoswine   Ancient Power
0474   Porygon-Z   Tri Attack
0475   Gallade   Synchronoise
0477   Dusknoir   Shadow Ball
0485   Heatran   Magma Storm
0487   Giratina   Shadow Force
0487   Giratina
Origin Forme
  Shadow Force
0488   Cresselia   Grass Knot
0491   Darkrai   Sludge Bomb
0497   Serperior   Frenzy Plant
0500   Emboar   Blast Burn
0503   Samurott   Hydro Cannon
0526   Gigalith   Meteor Beam
0609   Chandelure   Poltergeist
0612   Haxorus   Breaking Swipe
0635   Hydreigon   Brutal Swing
0638   Cobalion   Sacred Sword
0639   Terrakion   Sacred Sword
0640   Virizion   Sacred Sword
0641   Tornadus
Therian Forme
  Bleakwind Storm
0642   Thundurus
Therian Forme
  Wildbolt Storm
0643   Reshiram   Fusion Flare
0644   Zekrom   Fusion Bolt
0645   Landorus
Therian Forme
  Sandsear Storm
0646   Kyurem   Glaciate
0649   Genesect   Techno Blast
0652   Chesnaught   Frenzy Plant
0655   Delphox   Blast Burn
0700   Sylveon   Last Resort
0715   Noivern   Boomburst
0717   Yveltal   Oblivion Wing
0760   Bewear   Drain Punch
0809   Melmetal   Double Iron Bash
0862   Obstagoon   Obstruct
0901   Ursaluna   High Horsepower


Games Description
GO This Technical Machine lets you choose a Charged Attack to teach to a Pokémon.


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An Elite Charged TM was first available as part of the Community Day Box for  1,280 during Abra Community Day. Since then, it has been available in Community Day Boxes for Community Days that featured an event-exclusive Charged Attack. Oddly, despite Abra Community Day featuring a Fast Attack Counter, an Elite Charged TM was included in its Community Day Box.

An Elite Charged TM has been rewarded to players who reach Rank 7 in GO Battle League by the end of Season 1 and Season 3.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 厲害特殊招式學習器 Laihhoih Dahksyùh Jīusīk Hohkjaahphei
Mandarin 厲害特殊招式學習器 Lìhài Tèshū Zhāoshì Xuéxíqì
  French CT Attaque Chargée d'élite
  German Top-Lade-TM
  Indonesian MS Super Elite
  Italian MT attacco caricato fuoriclasse
  Korean 대단한 기술머신스페셜 Daedanhan Gisul Machine Special
  Brazilian Portuguese MT elite de ataque carregado
  Spanish MT élite de ataque cargado
  Thai TM ท่าชาร์จชั้นเลิศ TM tha Charge Chanloet

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