Elite Fast TM

The Elite Fast TM (Japanese: すごいわざマシン ノーマル Elite Normal Move Machine) is a type of TM in Pokémon GO.

Elite Fast TM

Using an Elite Fast TM on a Pokémon changes its Fast Attack to a different move of the player's choice, within the Pokémon's possible move pool. Most legacy and event-exclusive moves, such as Community Day moves, can also be learned this way. If an Elite Fast TM is used on a Pokémon that can learn Hidden Power, its Hidden Power type will be shown in the move selection list.

Moves exclusive to Elite Fast TMs

The following lists all the moves that can only be learned using an Elite Fast TM, outside of special in-game events. Shadow, Purified, and most Event Pokémon are also eligible to learn these moves.

# Pokémon Moves
0005   Charmeleon   Scratch
0006   Charizard   Ember
  Wing Attack
  Dragon Breath
0012   Butterfree   Bug Bite
0015   Beedrill   Bug Bite
0018   Pidgeot   Wing Attack
0025   Pikachu   Present
0028   Alolan Sandslash   Shadow Claw
0034   Nidoking   Fury Cutter
0036   Clefable   Pound
0038   Ninetales   Ember
0047   Parasect   Bug Bite
0049   Venomoth   Bug Bite
0057   Primeape   Karate Chop
0059   Arcanine   Bite
0065   Alakazam   Counter
0066   Machop   Low Kick
0068   Machamp   Karate Chop
0070   Weepinbell   Razor Leaf
0076   Alolan Golem   Rollout
0078   Rapidash   Ember
0083   Farfetch'd   Cut
0086   Seel   Water Gun
0087   Dewgong   Ice Shard
0089   Muk   Lick
0092   Gastly   Sucker Punch
0093   Haunter   Lick
0094   Gengar   Lick
0099   Kingler   Mud Shot
0101   Electrode   Tackle
0103   Exeggutor   Zen Headbutt
0107   Hitmonchan   Rock Smash
0119   Seaking   Poison Jab
0121   Starmie   Tackle
0123   Scyther   Steel Wing
0124   Jynx   Pound
0130   Gyarados   Dragon Tail
0131   Lapras   Ice Shard
0137   Porygon   Tackle
  Zen Headbutt
0139   Omastar   Rock Throw
0141   Kabutops   Fury Cutter
0143   Snorlax   Yawn
0145   Zapdos   Thunder Shock
0160   Feraligatr   Water Gun
0175   Togepi   Zen Headbutt
0176   Togetic   Steel Wing
  Zen Headbutt
0230   Kingdra   Water Gun
0238   Smoochum   Frost Breath
0245   Suicune   Hidden Power
0248   Tyranitar   Smack Down
0251   Celebi   Magical Leaf
0275   Shiftry   Bullet Seed
0292   Shedinja   Struggle Bug
0365   Walrein   Powder Snow
0398   Staraptor   Gust
0407   Roserade   Bullet Seed
0470   Leafeon   Bullet Seed
0663   Talonflame   Incinerate
0716   Xerneas   Geomancy
0737   Charjabug   Volt Switch
0738   Vikavolt   Volt Switch


Games Description
GO This Technical Machine lets you choose a Fast Attack to teach to a Pokémon.


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The first Elite Fast TMs obtained were given to players in New Zealand and Australia affected by a server-side error in which Alakazam did not learn Counter when evolved during Abra Community Day. Players who reported the issue to Pokémon GO Support received an Elite Fast TM as compensation.

An Elite Fast TM was included in the Community Day Box for  1,280 during Seedot Community Day.

An Elite Fast TM has been rewarded to players who reach Rank 7 in GO Battle League by the end of Seasons 2 and 4.

An Elite Fast TM is a possible, rare reward for completing a Route.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 厲害一般招式學習器 Laihhoih Yātbūn Jīusīk Hohkjaahphei
Mandarin 厲害一般招式學習器 Lìhài Yībān Zhāoshì Xuéxíqì
  French CT Attaque Immédiate d'élite
  German Top-Sofort-TM
  Indonesian MS Cepat Elite
  Italian MT attacco veloce fuoriclasse
  Korean 대단한 기술머신노말 Daedanhan Gisul Machine Normal
  Brazilian Portuguese MT elite de ataque ágil
  Spanish MT élite de ataque rápido
  Thai TM ท่าเร็วชั้นเลิศ TM tha Reo Chanloet

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