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Elite Fast TM

The Elite Fast TM (Japanese: すごいわざマシン ノーマル Elite Normal Move Machine) is a type of TM in Pokémon GO.

Using an Elite Fast TM on a Pokémon changes its Fast Attack to a different move of the player's choice, within the Pokémon's possible move pool. Most legacy and event-exclusive moves, such as Community Day moves, can also be learned this way. If an Elite Fast TM is used on a Pokémon that can learn Hidden Power, its Hidden Power type will be shown in the move selection list.


Moves exclusive to Elite Fast TMs


Games Description
GO This Technical Machine lets you choose a Fast Attack to teach to a Pokémon.


One Elite Fast TM will be included in the Community Day Box in the Shop for Seedot Community Day.

The first Elite Fast TMs obtained were given to players in New Zealand and Australia affected by a server-side error in which Alakazam did not learn Counter when evolved during Abra Community Day. Players who reported the issue to Pokémon GO Support received an Elite Fast TM as compensation.


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 厲害一般招式學習器
France Flag.png French CT Attaque Immédiate d'élite
Germany Flag.png German Elite-Sofort-TM
Italy Flag.png Italian MT attacco veloce fuoriclasse
South Korea Flag.png Korean 대단한 기술머신노말
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese MT elite de ataque ágil
Spain Flag.png Spanish MT élite de ataque rápido

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