Professor Laventon

Professor Laventon
ラベン博士 Dr. Laven
Legends Arceus Professor Laventon.png
Artwork from Legends: Arceus
Gender Male
Eye color Lavender
Hair color Black
Hometown Jubilife Village
Region Hisui
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus
Member of Galaxy Team
Rank Member, Survey Corps

Professor Laventon (Japanese: ラベン博士 Dr. Laven) is a travelling Pokémon Professor who studies in the Hisui region. He is a member of the Galaxy Team's Survey Corps and specializes in Pokémon's modes of life.

In the core series

Professor Laventon finds the player on Prelude Beach after they have fallen through the space-time rift. The appearance of the player has attracted the interest of the Professor's three Starter Pokémon. After the player awakens, the Pokémon run away and the Professor tasks the player with recapturing them. Impressed by their skill he takes the player to Jubilife Village to recruit them into the Galaxy Team's Survey Corps.

For most of the game, Professor Laventon can be found at all base camps or his laboratory in Galaxy Hall. The player can report their latest survey results by speaking to Laventon, which entails any Pokémon caught and research tasks completed since the last report. He will then reward the player with money and research points based on these results.


Gives to the player

Professor Laventon gives the player their choice of starter Pokémon from Pokémon he collected while traveling the world. After the player has beaten the main story of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, he will give the player the remaining two starter Pokémon once spoken to at his lab.

Grass Flying
Held item:
Rowlet/ Lv.5
Flying Special
Fire Unknown
Held item:
Cyndaquil/ Lv.5
Quick Attack
Normal Physical
Water Unknown
Held item:
Oshawott/ Lv.5
Normal Physical


Illustration from Two Hues


  • The Pokédex entries in Pokémon Legends: Arceus are written in first person by Laventon.
    • Incidentally, Laventon is also the person who coined the term "scalchop" for Oshawott's signature seashell, and the term "aura" for Lucario's signature energy wave control power.
  • There are several hints in the game that Professor Laventon may be from the Galar region:
    • In the Pokédex entry for Raichu he mentions Copperajah that live in his homeland. Currently, Copperajah are only known to live in Galar.
    • The writing on the blackboard in his office uses the alphabet from Pokémon Sword and Shield instead of the style of writing used elsewhere in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
    • He often uses stock British phrases such as "jolly good". In other translations of the game such as German, he will sometimes speak in English instead.
  • As the Galaxy Expedition Team is comprised of foreigners to Hisui, Laventon is the only known Pokémon Professor in the core series not to be from the region he resides in.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラベン博士 Dr. Laven From lavender
English Professor Laventon From lavender
German, Italian Professor Laven From his Japanese name
Spanish Profesor Lavender From lavender
French Professeur Lavande From lavande (lavender)
Korean 라벤박사 Raben-baksa Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 拉苯博士 Dr. Lāběn Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 拉苯博士 Dr. Lāaibún Transcription of his Japanese name
Russian Профессор Лавентон Professor Laventon Transcription of his English name

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