Dex (Masters)

Dex (Japanese: ずかん illustrated encyclopedia) is a feature listing the sync pairs available in Pokémon Masters EX.


The term "Dex" is shown in the Poryphone menu and appears at the top of the Dex screen.

This is sometimes mentioned on the official website. For instance: "Added a new feature to the sync pair details screen on the Team and Dex menus for playing character animations and voice-over." (December 29, 2019 update)[1]

It is also mentioned in an official survey about this game: "What made you want to install Pokémon Masters EX? Please tell us the single biggest reason.", with one possible answer being "Being able to catch lots of Pokémon and complete the Dex."


The Dex is found in the Poryphone menu. The Dex becomes available once the player has finished the mission "The More the Merrier".

Main listing

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In the Dex page, there is a list of all sync pairs. This includes those obtained by the player as well as the available sync pairs that have not been obtained yet. The total number of sync pairs is shown at the top of this list.

In this list, there is an image of the Trainer's face and a smaller image of the respective Pokémon. If a sync pair has not been obtained yet, both the Trainer and Pokémon are obscured but are still recognizable. They also have the number of stars (base potential), the Pokémon's type (a single type symbol) and the sync move level (starting at 1 for all sync pairs).

There are three buttons at the bottom:

  • The first button is the "Filter" feature, which allows the player to filter this list by number of stars, type, role, EX role, and whether they have a master passive skill.
  • The second button is the sorting feature, which displays the current sorting method ("No." by default) allows the player to sort the sync pairs by Dex number, number of starts, sync move, HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, role, or weakness.
  • The third button is an arrow pointing down or up, which changes the sorting direction.

Sync pair page

The player is able to access the page for a specific sync pair by tapping them on the main listing. It is also possible to go to the previous or next sync pair (in the current sorting order) by using the < > arrows or by scrolling left or right.

This appears for all sync pairs, including those that have not been obtained yet:

  • A large image of the Trainer (with an upper body view) and their Pokémon. They are obscured if the sync pair has not been obtained.
  • The Dex number of the Trainer (which is the same for all sync pairs of the same Trainer).
  • The current number of the sync pair (which is different for each sync pair and changes when new sync pairs are introduced in the game).
  • The name of their sync move.
  • The type symbol.

This appears once the sync pair has been obtained:

  • Trainer name (including outfit variations)
  • Pokémon species
  • Trainer's Dex entry
  • Pokémon's Dex entry

If the sync pair has been obtained, there is also a "+" link to the summary of the sync pair. This includes additional information such as the moves, stats, role, weakness. The summary page also has a feature to display the character's full body 3D model, animations, and voice clips.

In other languages

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  Italian Dex
  Korean 도감
  Spanish Dex


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