ガラナ Garana
Legends Arceus Palina.png
Art from Legends: Arceus
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Purple
Hair color Brown
Hometown Pearl Settlement
Region Hisui
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus
Member of Pearl Clan
Rank Warden
Anime series Pokémon: Hisuian Snow
Debut Two Hues
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

Palina (Japanese: ガラナ Garana) is a warden tasked with watching over the noble Arcanine, Lord of the Isles, found in the Cobalt Coastlands of Hisui. She is a member of the Pearl Clan.

In the core series games

Palina is a tall woman with a slim build and wavy hair. She wears a large pair of goggles around her neck and a bandana over her head; in concept arts, she is shown wearing these to cover her head completely when diving. Overall, her outfit resembles that of real-life Japanese pearl divers, also known as 海女 ama.

An unknown amount of time before the events of the game, she competed with Irida to become leader of the Pearl Clan, but ended up losing to her.[1] Instead, Palina was assigned as the warden of the noble Arcanine that lived on Firespit Island in the Cobalt Coastlands. Some time after she became warden, the noble Arcanine died at sea while trying to save his Growlithe pup from drowning. Palina herself was involved in the incident, though she was saved by Iscan of the Diamond Clan and his Basculegion. After the incident, she was tasked with raising the son of the previous Lord to be the next noble for the Pearl Clan. She ultimately decided against that idea, instead letting Growlithe choose to live his life as he pleased after his traumatic experience. This decision caused many within her clan to have doubts about her shirking her duties as warden.

The player first meets Palina at the top of Veilstone Cape at the grave of the late noble Arcanine. Palina, with the help of Iscan, assist the player in their investigation of the strange happenings on Firespit Island. The group is later ambushed by the Miss Fortune sisters and witness another Growlithe under Palina's care get kidnapped to Firespit Island. After arriving on Firepit Island with the player and Iscan, she witnesses the son of the late noble Arcanine evolve when defending the kidnapped Growlithe. The newly-evolved Arcanine is struck by lightning from a space-time rift and enters a frenzied state much to the dismay of Palina. Once the player has quelled Arcanine's frenzy with balms, Palina thanks the player and vows to watch over the new Lord Arcanine as his warden.

She has known Diamond Clan warden Iscan since they were children after Iscan saved her with Basculegion, and the two have formed a romantic relationship in secret.


Like most members of the Pearl Clan, Palina does not keep her Pokémon partner in a Poké Ball.


In service to

As a warden, Palina cares for a noble Arcanine, Lord of the Cobalt Coastlands' Firespit Island. In order to quell Lord Arcanine, Palina and Irida provide the player with Volcano Balms.

Mission Rematch
Fire Rock
Arcanine Lv.36
Fire Fang
Fire Physical
Rock Slide
Rock Physical
Raging Fury
Fire Physical
Dark Physical
Fire Rock
Arcanine Lv.70
Raging Fury
Fire Physical
Stone Edge
Rock Physical
Dark Physical
Wild Charge
Electric Physical



Concept art from Legends: Arceus Illustration from Two Hues


On the Pearl Clan Special Set from the TCG by
Raita Kazama [2]


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In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Palina or her Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Other related cards
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Rarity #
Irida Su Crown Zenith   GG63/GG70 VSTAR Universe   236/172


Language Name Origin
Japanese ガラナ Garana From ガラナ garana (guarana)
English Palina From Paullinia cupana (scientific name of guarana)
German Rana Partial transcription of her Japanese name
Spanish Nina From Paullinia cupana (scientific name of guarana)
French Garana Transcription of her Japanese name
Italian Guaran From guaraná (guarana)
Korean 라나 Rana Partial transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 瓜娜 Guānà From 瓜拿納 / 瓜拿纳 guānánà / gwānàhnaahp (guarana)
Chinese (Cantonese) 瓜娜 Gwānàh
Russian Палина Palina Transcription of her English name


  1. "But Lina—that is to say, Palina—she's very dear to me, no matter what anyone might say. We were both in the running to become leader of the Pearl Clan." -Irida
  2. Kazama confirming he drew the art for the Diamond & Pearl Clan Special Sets.

Leader: Irida (Masters)
Wardens: LianCalabaPalinaIngoGaeric
Former members: Coin
Locations: Pearl Settlement

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