Space-time distortion

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A space-time distortion (Japanese: 時空 Space-time distortion) is a feature introduced in Generation VIII that allows the player to catch rare Pokémon that are otherwise unobtainable in the wild. Space-time distortions only appear in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

In the core series games

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From the beginning of the game, until after completing Mission 18: "The Counterpart", a massive space-time rift is visible above the peak of Mount Coronet from anywhere across the Hisui region, and is said to be the cause of the smaller distortions that periodically appear around the region.

The existence of smaller space-time distortions is first mentioned by Akari or Rei at the Wallflower after Mission 7: "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods". The player is reminded again of the distortions by Akari or Rei right before they set out to explore the Crimson Mirelands for the first time. At this point, space-time distortions will become available to spawn. The player is required to venture into the distortions in order to complete the Hisui Pokédex, as tasked by Arceus, due to the fact that several Pokémon in the Hisui Pokédex are not native to the Hisui region naturally and can only appear within the distortions.

The space-time rift over Mount Coronet was caused by Giratina, who wanted to draw Arceus out of hiding so it could get revenge for being sealed in the Distortion World, which it did with the help of Volo. The distortions and rift itself are capable of transporting objects, Pokémon, and humans through space and time, as happened to the player.


Space-time distortions begin to form in an area after the player spends a certain amount of time there without resting at a base camp, as any time the player rests or leaves the map (by entering a cave, building, or leaving to Jubilife Village), the timer will reset. The development of a space-time distortion will be broadcasted with the following message: "A space-time distortion seems to be forming!"

If the player is in a menu, pop-up dialogue, or a wild Pokémon battle the timer for space-time distortions to spawn will pause until they return to waiting in the overworld.[1] If the game is saved after a space-time distortion forms, it will not reappear when the game is closed and reopened, and any Pokémon that spawned within the distortion will also vanish. Space-time distortions will not spawn if the weather is intense sun, snowstorm, or thunderstorm.[2]

The spawning of a space-time distortion is unaffected by the player being targeted by aggressive Pokémon, riding on Ride Pokémon, being in the area that the distortion would spawn in at, or active mass outbreaks in the same zone.[3]

The percentages of distortions spawning based on time spent in an area are as follows:

Distortion chance
Distortion chance
(During Missions 13 - 18)
5 minutes 10% 20%
10 minutes 30% 30%
15 minutes 50% 50%
25 minutes 75% 75%
40 minutes 100% 100%

There is a period of time between a space-time distortion appearing on the map and the actual activation of the event. The waiting period is proportional to the distance between the distortion and the player, essentially giving the player more time to reach the distortion if it manifested further away from them.[4] The timer until the event activates is set at the moment the distortion appears on the map, and uses the players current position at that moment, the timer does not readjust to account for if the player moves after that point. The amount of time between a distortion first appearing, and the event activating, can be approximated as distance/2 + 60 seconds if the map is treated as a 1024 x 1024 grid. This means if the player is standing at the exact location of a distortion when it first appears, where "distance" is essentially zero, the wait-time for the event to begin is exactly 60 seconds. Once the timer runs out, the transition is marked by the following message: "A space-time distortion appeared!"

When a space-time distortion manifests, all wild Pokémon within the area of effect (except Unown) are despawned, and items that normally cannot be found in the overworld will appear, including shards, evolution items, and various valuable items. Within the bounds of a distortion, groups of up to three wild Pokémon will periodically spawn in front of the player. All Pokémon that spawn will be aggressive toward the player. If these Pokémon are not caught or engaged in battle within 20 seconds, they will despawn at that time, and new Pokémon will subsequently spawn. If a Pokémon is hit with a Poké Ball right before it is set to despawn, the Poké Ball will still attempt to capture it. If a battle with a Pokémon is initiated right as the space-time distortion disappears, the battle will still continue; running from the battle will cause the Pokémon to despawn. All Pokémon and items that spawned in the space-time distortion will disappear once the distortion fades.

There are three designated spots per distortion which contain a single rare Pokémon spawn each. These spawns will only appear when the player gets close, but once they have appeared, they will not despawn until they are captured, defeated, or the distortion ends. The Pokémon that can appear as rare spawns vary depending on the area.


Obsidian Fieldlands

Common spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0093 Haunter 25-60 40-75  
0094 Gengar 25-60 45-80  
0095 Onix 20-55 35-70  
0108 Lickitung 20-55 35-70  
0133 Eevee 20-55 35-70  
0208 Steelix 25-60 45-80  
0217 Ursaring 30-65 45-80  
0454 Toxicroak 37-72 52-87  
0463 Lickilicky 25-60 40-75  
0470 Leafeon 25-60 40-75  
0700 Sylveon 25-60 45-80  
Rare spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0215 Sneasel
Johtonian Form
20-55 35-70  
0461 Weavile 25-60 40-75  

Crimson Mirelands

Common spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0133 Eevee 20-55 35-70  
0136 Flareon 25-60 40-75  
0143 Snorlax 30-65 50-85  
0197 Umbreon 25-60 45-80  
0214 Heracross 20-55 35-70  
0404 Luxio 20-55 35-70  
0405 Luxray 30-65 45-80  
0419 Floatzel 26-61 41-76  
0426 Drifblim 28-63 43-78  
0428 Lopunny 25-60 40-75  
Rare spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0137 Porygon 20-55 35-70  
0155 Cyndaquil* 52-55 67-70  
0156 Quilava* 52-55 67-70  
0157 Typhlosion*
Hisuian Form
68-71 88-91  
0233 Porygon2 25-60 45-80  
0474 Porygon-Z 30-65 50-85  

Cobalt Coastlands

Common spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0064 Kadabra 30-58 45-73  
0065 Alakazam 30-58 50-78  
0112 Rhydon 42-70 57-85  
0122 Mr. Mime 30-58 45-73  
0133 Eevee 30-58 45-73  
0134 Vaporeon 30-58 45-73  
0136 Flareon 30-58 45-73  
0435 Skuntank 34-62 49-77  
0455 Carnivine 30-58 45-73  
0464 Rhyperior 42-70 62-90  
Rare spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0081 Magnemite 30-58 45-73  
0082 Magneton 30-58 45-73  
0462 Magnezone 35-63 50-78  

Coronet Highlands

Common spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0126 Magmar 35-53 50-68  
0133 Eevee 35-53 50-68  
0135 Jolteon 40-58 55-73  
0224 Octillery 35-53 50-68  
0356 Dusclops 37-55 52-70  
0424 Ambipom 40-58 55-73  
0452 Drapion 40-58 55-73  
0467 Magmortar 40-58 55-73  
0477 Dusknoir 45-63 65-83  
0700 Sylveon 40-58 60-78  
Rare spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0408 Cranidos 50-53 65-68  
0409 Rampardos 55-58 70-73  
0410 Shieldon 50-53 65-68  
0411 Bastiodon 55-58 70-73  
0722 Rowlet* 50-53 65-68  
0723 Dartrix* 55-58 70-73  
0724 Decidueye*
Hisuian Form
60-63 80-83  

Alabaster Icelands

Common spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0025 Pikachu 45-58 60-73  
0026 Raichu 50-63 65-78  
0078 Rapidash 50-63 65-78  
0123 Scyther 45-58 60-73  
0125 Electabuzz 45-58 60-73  
0133 Eevee 45-58 60-73  
0196 Espeon 50-63 70-83  
0364 Sealeo 45-58 60-73  
0365 Walrein 50-63 65-78  
0465 Tangrowth 50-63 65-78  
0466 Electivire 50-63 70-83  
0471 Glaceon 50-63 65-78  
Rare spawns
# Pokémon Levels Alpha Levels
0212 Scizor 60-63 80-83  
0501 Oshawott* 55-58 70-73  
0502 Dewott* 60-63 75-78  
0503 Samurott*
Hisuian Form
65-68 85-88  

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

In the Travelers from a Distant Past story event, Adaman and Irida end up on modern-day Pasio through a space-time rift. A huge space-time distortion appears during the event and threatens the safety of the people of Pasio with wild Pokémon attacks, but is closed thanks to the powers of Lucas's Dialga, Cyrus's Palkia, and Cynthia's Giratina. Later, Professor Bellis mentions that the space-time rift itself is still open, and more space-time distortions keep appearing on Pasio, though smaller and less dangerous in scale than the earlier one.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 時空歪曲 Sìhhūng Wāaikūk
Mandarin 時空歪曲 / 时空歪曲 Shíkōng Wāiqū
  French Distorsion Spatio-Temporelle
  German Raum-Zeit-Verzerrung
  Italian Distorsione spaziotemporale
  Korean 시공의 뒤틀림 Sigong-ui Dwiteullim
  Spanish Distorsión espaciotemporal